How to wash a hat? Correct washing procedure and care

Do you think “hats can’t be washed” or “special professional care is required”? Some hats can be washed by yourself. In addition, daily care is important to keep the hat beautiful. In this article, we will introduce how to wash your hat by hand or in the washing machine. How to dehydrate and dry it. How to care for golf and fur hats, fashionable hat hangers, boxes and stands, and hat keeper recommendations.

It’s a hat that works as a fashion item and to prevent UV rays, but it’s very convenient if you can wash it at home.

Therefore, in this article, we checked the hats that can be washed in the washing machine and the hats that cannot be washed by material, and summarized three points of preparation required before washing the hat.

In addition, how to wash and dehydrate hats by hand? how to dry? precautions for washing, how to care for various hats such as golf hats, straw hats, fur hats, hat boxes and hats that can store hats beautifully. We will also introduce hangers and hat keepers.

How to wash a hat

Hats can be washed in the washing machine or by hand!

You can wash your hats with the help of machine or hand.

Hats get dirty little by little with sweat and dust.

You can send it out for cleaning and take care of it regularly. But many people may find it a little troublesome.

Some hats are machine washable and hand washable. Why don’t you take care of your favorite hat at home, so that you can use it carefully for a long time?

What hats can’t be washed? Check the laundry display!

To determine if your hat is washable at home or not, first check the laundry sign on the hat tag.

If it has a laundry mark or “hand wash”, you can wash it at home and clean it.

On the other hand, items marked with an “x” for washing or cleaning are signs that they cannot be washed.

Laundry symbol mark of “No washing at home (left)”, “No ironing (middle)”, “No dry cleaning (right)”

In addition, the “F” and “P” on the laundry label are indications of how to handle the laundry for specialists such as dry cleaners, so it is not an indication of whether or not they can be washed at home.

Laundry symbol mark of “Dry cleaning with petroleum solvent (left)” and “Dry cleaning with perchloroethylene and petroleum solvent (right)”

If there is an “F” or “P” mark and there is a mark that it cannot be washed with water, send it out for cleaning. 

Preparing to wash the hat

When you wash your hat at home, make sure to check three things in advance.

Preparation before washing 1: Check the material

First, check the washing label to see if it can be washed with water. If it is marked as washable or washable, you can wash it at home.

Also, let’s pay attention to the material of the hat itself. Basically, cotton, knit, polyester materials can be washed, but linen, synthetic leather, leather, fur, etc. cannot be washed.

Preparation before washing 2: Check if the hat does not lose its shape

When washing a hat, it is also important to make sure that the shape peculiar to the hat does not collapse.

Many outdoor hats, such as caps, are made of solid materials and do not easily lose their shape, so many of them can be washed at home.

If your hat has removable accessories such as belts or ribbons, remove them before washing.

Preparation before washing 3: Check for discoloration

As with washing hats, I’m just as worried about the discoloration of hats.

Therefore, it is safe to simply check whether the color fades on the inconspicuous part such as the back side.

Apply a small amount of undiluted detergent solution to the hat, wipe it off with a white cloth, and check that the color of the hat has not been transferred to the white cloth.

If it gets colored, you shouldn’t wash it.

How to wash your hat by hand

How to wash your hat by hand

If you are worried about washing your hat in the washing machine suddenly, we recommend that you first try hand washing. Here’s how to wash your hat by hand, which you can easily do at home.

Items that can be washed are those with the washing marks of “Washing with water” and “Hand wash OK”.

Hat washing method 1: Washing

Put lukewarm water in a container such as a washbasin and dissolve the fashionable detergent or liquid neutral detergent well.

Put a hat here and wash while gently pressing the whole.

In the case of a cap, the brim part absorbs sweat and is very dirty, so scrub it with your hands.

If you bend the brim, it will easily lose its shape, so wash it gently.

Hat washing method 2: Rinse

When the detergent foam is low and the dirt is removed, the next step is rinsing.

Rinse repeatedly, changing the lukewarm water in the basin 2-3 times. Rinse thoroughly until there are no detergent bubbles, leaving no detergent behind.

Hat washing method 3: Wipe off moisture

After rinsing, wrap your hat in a dry towel to remove any water.

For hats that cannot be dehydrated in the washing machine, it is important to absorb the water well here. Put a towel inside the hat to keep as little water as possible.

Do not squeeze your hat forcibly as it may cause it to lose its shape.

How to wash in the washing machine?

If it’s machine washable, try washing it in the washing machine.

Turn the hat over and put it in the laundry net, and you’re ready to go. Be sure to turn the hat over and put it in the net, especially if you have small decorations such as embroidery.

Select the “hand wash course” or “dry course” of the washing machine to start washing.

Also, try to set a short dehydration time, which can easily cause the hat to lose its shape.

How to dehydrate and dry hats

When washing hats at home, the process of dehydration and drying tends to cause the hat to lose its shape.

Let’s organize the points of dehydration after washing the hat and how to dry it.

Dehydration method when washing hands

After washing your hat by hand, it is basic to gently dehydrate it with a towel.

Wrap your hat in a dry towel, hold it gently, and transfer the water to the towel. Put a towel inside the hat, which tends to collect water, to absorb the water well.

Dehydration method in the washing machine

If you wash your hat in the washing machine, it’s easier to dehydrate it in the washing machine.

However, it is important to set the washing machine dehydration in a short time because the hat tends to lose its shape.

Try to keep the dehydration time to about 1 to 2 minutes.

How to dry

When you dry a hat that has been dehydrated, it is essential to dry it in a well-ventilated shade.

To keep the round shape of the hat clean and dry, it’s a good idea to pack a dry towel or newspaper inside the hat.

Place it on a plastic bottle or colander, or place it on a towel or hat keeper to dry.

Be careful not to leave it in the sun as it may cause discoloration.

Precautions for washing hats

Precautions for washing hats
Precautions for washing hats

Here are some things to keep in mind when washing your hat at home.

Be careful of the following points so that your favorite hat will not be damaged by washing.

There will be marks of clothespins …

When you hang a washed hat, it’s not good to use clothespins in the same way you hang socks and towels.

Clothespins will be left on the hat, and knitted hats will stretch and lose their shape.

When you hang your hat, use a plastic bottle, colander, hat keeper, etc. as a base, or put it on a towel to hang it.

Can I use starch?

You can also use starch to make it crisp, such as the brim of the cap.

When using starch, after washing and rinsing, soak the brim in water containing the starch for a few minutes, remove the water with a towel, and then dry it for a crisp finish.

What if the brim is wide?

Wide-brimmed hats tend to lose their shape when washed.

Therefore, if possible, it is recommended that you wash your hands gently or wipe the brim.

If it is machine washable, change the washing course to a hand washing course and be careful to shorten the dehydration time.

How to care for and wash hats by use and type

There are various types of hats, such as golf hats and straw hats, but let’s summarize the care and washing methods for each.

Golf hat

Golf hats tend to get dirty by sucking a lot of sweat while playing.

After using it, easily remove dust and other debris and wash your hands gently.

If your hat is very dirty, gently rub it with a washing brush to remove it.

After that, wipe off the water with a towel and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

Straw hat

Straw hats are not water resistant materials, so it is strictly forbidden to wash them with water.

Use a hat brush to remove dust and dirt from the seams, then moisten a towel with a towel diluted with mild detergent and squeeze it firmly to gently wipe the entire hat.

Finally, wipe it with a tightly wrung towel and dry it in a well-ventilated place.

Fur hat

Fur hats that are active in winter cannot be washed with water.

If you accidentally try to wash your clothes at home, you may cause damage such as discoloration. Ask for care at a dry cleaner.

As a usual care method, after using it, gently tap it so as not to damage the hair and remove dust.


Depending on the material, hats that are indispensable for dandy style and fashionable clothing cannot be washed by hand.

However, depending on the care after use, you can keep it clean for a long time.

It is better to brush counterclockwise with a brush to remove dust and dirt, and apply a care spray that has deodorant and sterilizing effects.

The “slip” part that comes into direct contact with the skin of the face is easily soiled by foundation and sweat, so if it is dirty, wipe it off with a well-wrung cloth.

A hat keeper and hat box are indispensable to keep your precious hat in shape.

Those who are particular about hats should be careful about storage. Please take advantage of it.

“Hat box with mirror”

Hat box with mirror
“Hat box with mirror”

It is a hat box made in Italy with a portable handle, a mirror and a key inside.

From a small size like a vanity case to an L size that can accommodate a wide-brimmed hat, it is likely to be the interior of your room.

“Pole hanger for hat”

Pole hanger for hat
Pole hanger for hat

A pole hanger for hats that is perfect for hat lovers and prevents them from getting out of shape.

With 10 hooks, you can store a lot of hats and take them out immediately when you want to use them. The hook has a round shape and will not wrinkle even if you wear a hat.

You can also put on a stall or muffler.



No matter how high the grade of the hat, Panama hats and felt hats will shrink. You can prevent it from shrinking and maintain the size that fits your head.

“Hat stand”

Hat stand
Hat stand

The hat stand of “TAYA”, which has been manufacturing and developing discerning steel hangers since its establishment in 1957.

The height can be adjusted and the head part that supports the hat is large enough, so how about it for a special hat?

“PASCO Hat Box”


A durable hat box of the fiber board “Pasco” developed in Europe.

It also has a glossy and luxurious feel, and keeps your precious hat in shape.

Think about how to care for your hat

This time, we introduced how to wash hats by hand or in a washing machine, how to dehydrate and dry them, how to care for golf fur hats, fashionable hat hangers, boxes, stands, and hat keeper recommendations.

Even if you think that it is the same as when you bought it, hats tend to collect invisible stains.

In particular, sports hats and children’s hats absorb sweat and sebum and easily get dirty, so washing at home is important.

When choosing a hat, pay attention to the washing label, and depending on the application, you can choose a hat that is easy to wash at home.

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