23 Ways To Make Money Online In India 2022 (Earn from scratch)

Do you want to know how to make money online in India? If yes, you are in the right place.

Making money online is not rocket science. There are millions of people using online to make millions of dollars each year. Some successful affiliate marketers, like Pat Flynn, earn $ 100,000 a month on their website alone.

So when it comes to online, there’s no shortage of passive income. But that’s all we want you to know. Don’t look for shortcuts.

There is always something to remember. Don’t give money to people or websites who say they can make $ 1,000 (about 74,000 rupees) within 24 hours. These are online scams and should definitely be avoided.

That said, we’ll talk about some of the legitimate ways you can use to make additional money online in 2022.

Now that the number of companies that have lifted the ban on side businesses has increased, I think that the number of people who want to start a side business is increasing.

In a survey on side businesses conducted in 2020, 41.8% of the respondents answered, “I have no experience of side businesses or side businesses, but I would like to do it in the future.” 

It’s okay to think that “side jobs are difficult because you don’t have special skills …”, but there are many side jobs that even beginners can earn with just one computer and an internet environment.

In this article, I will introduce side jobs that office workers and housewives who are busy with their main business can make money online by using the gap time.

It also explains the difficulty level and the amount of money you can earn depending on the content of each side job, so let’s find a side job that suits you.

To summarize the contents briefly …

  • 20 types of side businesses that can be earned online
  • Three points that beginners should be aware of when earning online
  • Advantages and disadvantages of side business beginners making money online

What is a side job that you earn online?

There are various types of side businesses that you earn online.

For example, writing reviews for cosmetics on a blog to earn advertising revenue, or writing articles as a web writer.

Some people who like handmade goods sell their own miscellaneous goods online.

Selling things at flea market sites such as Mercari is also a good side job.

Many of the side jobs that you earn online can be done by yourself while you are at home, so you can earn money even after returning from work or during child-rearing gaps.

Hopefully you can make a lot of money, and finding a side job that suits you can be rewarding and fun.

However, there are many people who think “let’s start a side job” but stop before making money.

It is important to “continue” in order to succeed in the online side business, so choose one that is easy to continue with less burden.

It depends on your personal skills and abilities. But the trick is to start little by little within a reasonable range for a long time.

23 Ways for Beginners to Earn Online

Now, I will tell you 23 ways for beginners to earn money online.

There are various side jobs, so let’s challenge the side jobs that you are interested in.

Most of the side businesses on the Internet can be done with just one computer. As a result, many side businesses can easily get started without having to hold inventory, borrow money, or set up an office.

You may be worried, “But I just can use a computer and I don’t have any skills or knowledge …”.

But don’t worry. There are also side jobs that you can earn without any special abilities or skills.

You can start with a side job that you can do and gradually improve your level.

Take the first step with courage!

Earn from scratch

First of all, I will introduce the side business that can be started without skill or experience.

Some of the side jobs that even beginners can easily achieve are as follows.

  • Web writer
  • Data entry
  • Questionnaire, point site
  • Auction, individual sale

We explained in detail how to earn and what each job is, and expressed the difficulty level on a 5-point scale, so please use it as a reference when choosing a side job.

1. Earn money by writing as a web writer

Difficulty: ★★ ☆☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹20,000

A web writer is a job of writing blog articles, product review articles, and experiences.

It is becoming very popular as a side business that can be started with just one computer.

If you are looking for a job as a web writer, registering on a crowdsourcing site such as “Lancers” or “CrowdWorks” will help you. Crowdsourcing sites have a lot of web writing jobs.

The flow is to find a writing project that you like, propose and apply for it, and receive an order for a web writing job.

Another option is to get a job as an outsourced writer for a writing company or sell directly to the media.

You may think that web writing cannot be done without writing skills and special knowledge, but the level required for each project varies.

There are also many applications such as “welcome beginners” and “write your own experience”.

For example

  • Read manga and write impressions and spoiler articles
  • Write your own experience
  • Write a brief review article for your product

There are surprisingly many projects that do not require specialized knowledge or writing skills.

The disadvantage of projects for beginners is that the unit price is low, but there are merits such as “you can work in the gap time” and “you can aim for high unit price projects if you improve your skills”.

As you get used to it, you will be able to handle the number of cases, so it is perfect for making a small amount of pocket money.

2. Earn by data entry

Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹15,000

Data entry is a side job of entering fixed information such as product registration for online shops and entry of company names.

Uniquely, there are data entries in various fields such as sports match data and seminar attendee list entry.

If you look for job sites such as crowdsourcing or Indeed, you will find a lot of data entry jobs.

You don’t need writing skills like Web writing because you enter information according to the rules. Anyone can take on the challenge if they can enter characters on their computer.

If the work is not an hourly wage system but a system where you can get a reward according to the number of entries entered, you can work in the gap time and it can be said that it is suitable for side jobs.

However, since the unit price is low, it is not suitable for people who want to make a lot of money.

3. Earn from questionnaires and point sites

Difficulty:  ☆☆☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹10,000 to ₹20,000 

It is a side business where you can get paid just by answering a questionnaire from a company.

You can do it on your smartphone without a PC, and you don’t need any special skills or experience, so it’s attractive to be able to get started easily.

As a work flow,

  1. Register on the survey site
  2. Choose a questionnaire that you can answer
  3. You can get points that can be converted into cash

And it’s very easy.

There are many survey sites such as “ySense“, “Your Surveys“, and ” PrizeRebel“.

Completing a survey takes only 5 to 30 minutes. You will get paid 1$ to 20$ for completing each surveys.

You can only earn as much as pocket money with a regular questionnaire, but there are also high-priced questionnaires such as product monitors and roundtable discussions.

In addition, the point site has a mechanism that you can get points by clicking or purchasing an advertisement item on the point site, and you can cash it when it reaches a certain amount.

4. Earn on monitor sites

Difficulty: ★★ ☆☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹20,000

On the monitor site, you can get points by monitoring the products offered by the company and sending your impressions.

The system is such that points can be redeemed when a certain amount is accumulated.

Since product monitoring can be done without skills or experience, anyone can start as a side job.

Areas that can be monitored

  • Food
  • Sweets and sweets
  • Kitchen/daily necessities
  • Cosmetology and hair products
  • Health food/diet food
  • Interior/miscellaneous goods
  • fashion
  • Pet Supplies

And various.

The flow of how to earn

  • Register on the monitor site and apply
  • Participate in the monitor if you win the lottery
  • Send your impressions and get points

It will be the flow.

It is recommended for people who want to have fun while doing side jobs, as they can get rewards by trying out their favorite genres and products.

5. Earn by auction or individual sale

Difficulty: ★★ ☆☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹30,000

This is a way to earn money by selling used items and used items at auction flea market sites such as Yahoo Auctions and Mercari.

In the auction format, you take a picture of the item you want to sell and put it up with a PR text. It is a mechanism to sell to the person who made a successful bid at the highest price at the auction.

There is a possibility that the disused items that were sleeping at home will sell at unexpectedly high prices .

Mercari is a flea market format system that sells used items and disused items that you have used at a price. Since it is not an auction format, you can decide the price yourself and sell it.

Many people make money as a side business because they can turn their disused or second-hand goods into money.

However, there is a resale act as a caveat.

When you sell, you will be accused of “resale” if you sell tickets, masks, imported cosmetics, counterfeit brand products, or liquor. Please be careful not to purchase and sell these items for resale.

6. Earn by utilizing special skills and skills

From here, I will introduce how to make use of special skills and skills for those who want to earn more income from side jobs.

Even if you don’t have the power now, there are many things that you can wear from now on, so please refer to it even if you are a beginner in a side job.

7. Earn money with writing as a professional web writer

Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹30-45,000 (Experienced)

In the previous section, I introduced how to earn money as a web writer.

It is a method of earning rewards by writing comic spoiler articles and product reviews, but there are many low-priced jobs such as $0.013 per words and 10 to 15 USD per article, and you can only earn a small amount of pocket money. Is the neck.

However, even if you work as a web writer, if you improve your writing skills and expertise, you can receive orders for high-priced projects of $0.30 or more per character or $105-$150 or more per article.

For example

  • Make an article about know-how about web marketing.
  • Write an article detailing manufacturing subsidies.
  • Write detailed explanations and review articles on beauty and cosmetic products.

This is a project that requires more specialized knowledge than general web writing.

Writing and composition skills are also required, but as we have introduced a lot on this site WeiV, Web writing is a skill that you can still acquire if you try to learn from yourself.

As the difficulty of high-priced Web writers increases, there are cases where you will be asked to continue working if you build a good relationship with the client, and it is attractive to be able to realize stable income.

In addition to web writing, I also have jobs such as editing and proofreading web media.

For example, in IT-related specialized media, work such as checking whether sentences written by Web writers are correct from a professional point of view, teaching how to write sentences, and giving instructions by considering the composition of sentences. is.

It’s a rather difficult job because it requires specialized knowledge and editing skills, but it is possible to earn more than ₹30,000 a month.

Many people start their own businesses as freelance web writers, and it can be said that it is a job that can make a lot of money by improving writing skills and expertise.

8. Earn money from illustrations and design production

Difficulty: ★★★★
Estimated monthly earning: 10,000 to ₹ 30,000 ( ₹80,000 Experienced)

If you can do illustrations and designs, this is a recommended side job.

In crowdsourcing such as Lancers, CrowdWorks, and Coconala, there are many projects for illustration and design production.

If you can use Photoshop or Illustrator, you can receive orders for corporate logo production and leaflet design, and it is also a feature that there are many high-priced jobs.

Nowadays, more and more people work on tablets, so it can be said that the hurdles are lower than before.

In addition to creating LINE stamps, caricatures, and icons, it is attractive to have a wide range of work such as designing catalogs, pamphlets, posters, and T-shirts.

However, most of the projects are in competition format or project format, and we compete with many rivals to receive orders, so we need to improve our design and proposal capabilities.

A standard site for selling illustrations and designs

9. Earn with photos

Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹10,000

If you like photography, just register your photos on the photo sales site and you will have more chances to make money.

The photo sales site has a system in which the photographer is rewarded when the photo is sold or downloaded.

For example, on a photo download site called “Photo AC”, you can earn $0.027 worth of points each time a registered photo is downloaded, and you can redeem it when you earn 45 points. In addition, at “Image Mart”, 30% of the sales amount is the reward amount, and if you accumulate 45 USD or more, you can receive the reward.

The photos in demand are wide-ranging, such as people, businesses, animals, flowers/plants, food/drinks, townscapes/buildings, etc. It is a nice point that even casually taken photos may be downloaded.

Although the amount of money you can earn is not large, you can register even if you are not a professional, and even if you have a main business, you can easily earn pocket money.

Classic photo sales site

10. Earn money from video production

Difficulty: ★★★★
Estimated monthly earning: $2,000

For those who like “video production” and “enjoy editing memorable videos as a hobby”, there is a way to sell and earn video production skills.

For example, some crowdsourcing site called “Vimeo” and “Uscreen’ are popular as a site where you can buy and sell “good things” such as knowledge, skills, and experience, but there is also “video production” among them.

Each video creator has a PR page, and the requester can place an order with a person who likes it from this PR page.

It is a unique point that you can decide the price of the skill by yourself in the style of listing the skill you are good at as a product like an online shop.

As a work flow

  1. Exhibit video production skills
  2. After purchasing, discuss the length and contents with the purchaser
  3. Produce a video
  4. Delivery

It will be.

Video production, including videos for YouTube, is a job that will continue to grow in demand, so it is possible to make a lot of money depending on your efforts.

11. Earn by hand

Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: ₹20,000

Those who are good at making handmade accessories, clothes, accessories, miscellaneous goods, etc. can earn money by selling their own handmade works.

The most popular handmade apps are “QTrove” and “Coppre”. You can sell handmade items in many categories such as furniture, household goods, accessories, food, accessories such as wallets, fashion, and stuffed animals.

If you’re a handmade as a hobby, why not try also with a view to the exhibition as a sale. There is a possibility that you can unexpectedly join the ranks of popular writers.

Also, since you can do it at your own pace, it is suitable for side jobs.

There is no listing fee for both “QTrove” and “Coppre”, and if you sell it, you will get good commission, so you can sell your work without risk.

12. Earn by selling other skills

Difficulty: ★★★★★
Estimated monthly earning: ₹25,000

A consultant, online stylist, diet teacher, English teacher, etc., how to use your skills to do business.

Due to the influence of Corona, online learning that can be taken at home is becoming more popular. And it will be an area that will continue to grow in the future.

You can work all day, or you can work only once a week (about 30 to 60 minutes), so even housewives can work using the gap time for childcare and housework.

With an hourly wage of ₹200 to ₹300 for beginners. It is also attractive that if you become a popular teacher, your income will increase.

These jobs are mainly sold on recruitment websites, skill sales websites and apps.

Knowledge that is obvious to you can be valuable know-how for inexperienced people. It’s basically a thankful job, so it will be rewarding.

13. Earn money by sending (blogging and video distribution)

Now that we have tools such as blogs, videos, and SNS that can be sent by individuals, it is also possible to send useful information to people, create an attractive world view, and acquire fans.

If you can get a lot of access regardless of whether you are a side business or a full-time business, it will not be difficult to make money using that power

14. Earn on a blog

Difficulty: ★★★★★

For those who want to earn freely in the side business, it is also recommended to try blogging.

You don’t get a fixed income, but if you learn how to do it, you can make a lot of money.

People who like to delve into and disseminate their favorite genres are also suitable for bloggers.

When starting a blog, it is important to choose a blog service that suits your purpose, so if you are considering making money from a blog, please also read the following article.

15. Earn with Google AdSense

Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: $1000

Google AdSense is one of the advertisements posted on blogs, and blogs with a lot of access can make a lot of money.

Simply paste the Google Adsense tag on your blog and the ads that match the content of your blog will be displayed automatically, and you will receive a reward from Google each time the ad is clicked.

Normally, in order to display an ad on a blog, you must select the ad and write an article that matches the ad. However, in the case of Google Adsense, the advertisement will be displayed automatically.

All you have to do is write an article that will please your users.

Advertising costs per click will vary depending on the genre of the blog and the content of the article, but it will be around ₹0.28 to ₹0.69 on average.

If you increase the number of articles and the number of accesses, you can earn more than $1000 a month.

16. Earn with affiliates

Difficulty: ★★★★★
Estimated monthly earning: $2,000 to $3,000

Affiliate advertising introduces the advertiser’s products and services on your blog or website and places the advertisement there.

If you click on an ad to make a purchase or contract, you will be rewarded according to the results .

Google Adsense will automatically display ads, but affiliates will select the ad by themselves, obtain the permission of the advertiser, and then paste the ad tag.

You can search for many advertisers and products / services by registering with a service provider called ASP. Such as “Reseller Club”, “
Amazon Associates”, and “Flipkart Affiliate“. Select the ad you want to introduce.

High skills are required, such as writing ability to introduce products well on blogs and ability to attract customers by displaying them on search engines and gaining access.

Since there are many rivals, it is not a world where you can easily earn money, but the advantage is that the reward amount is higher than Adsense.

There are advertisements that you can get a reward of 20 USD or more if you sell one, so depending on the method, you can get a reward of hundreds of thousands of USD a month.

17. Earn by paying note sales

Difficulty: ★★★★
Estimated monthly reward: $100

You may find articles written in “note” while searching the net.

Like free blogs such as Nexus Notes and Course Hero, “note” is a service that allows individuals to send information, but it has the feature of being able to sell articles for a fee.

However, the internet is full of content that can be read for free, so at least to get people to think “I want to read even if I pay”

  • Information scarcity
  • How to solve your worries
  • Writing ability that attracts people

You will need one of them.

At first glance, it may seem difficult, but what I took for granted is often valuable to people.

For paid notes, for example, the following articles are purchased.

You can specify whether the note is free or paid when you publish the article, and you can decide the selling price yourself. First of all, it is a good idea to set a cheap amount such as one coin and adjust while watching the reaction.

18. YouTuber

Difficulty: ★★★★
Estimated monthly earning: $1000-$2000( Depend on popularity of the channel)

Many people think of “YouTube” as a way to earn money from videos and distribution.

Recently, entertainers are steadily advancing to YouTube, and the number of personal distribution channels is increasing. It will be difficult until the number of subscribers increases, but once it becomes popular, it is easy to earn money.

YouTube videos such as “I tried it”, “Interesting”, and “Game commentary” are popular, but there are also various channels such as English conversation, communication techniques, and business information. Such learning genres are easy to make into a series, and it will be easy to make videos that make use of experience and skills .

YouTube is a system in which an advertisement is placed on your video and a reward is paid when the user watches it.

It is said that the revenue of YouTube ads is Rs 200-300 per 1,000 views. So you can receive a monthly reward of $1500.

When it comes to popular channels, it is possible to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

19. Live distribution site

Difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆
Estimated monthly earning: $2000

A live distribution site is a site for live distribution on the Internet.

YouTube uploads and edits videos for viewing, but in the case of live distribution, it is a so-called “live broadcast” that is distributed in real time.

The content of the broadcast varies depending on the distributor, such as live distribution by making the best use of one’s special skills such as singing and dancing, distribution of talks that are not like talking with friends, and live broadcasting of games. Like YouTube, it is suitable for people who like to be seen and noticed by people.

The main source of revenue for livestreaming is the “throwing money” of the audience.

For example, in “Twitch”, which can be easily live-streamed on a smartphone, the viewer who sees the live streamer (river) sends a gift (throwing money). It is a mechanism that the gift certificate can be exchanged for cash.

Some sites offer rewards based on the number of views, and those sites also increase their income according to the number of views of the live stream.

Also, you can earn money by singing.

20. Earn with crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a site that is widely called for funding on the Internet.

Kickstarter” and “GoFundMe” are famous.

Crowdfunding includes “investment type” with monetary return, “donation type” without return, and “purchase type” to purchase goods and obtain the right to purchase, and “purchase type” is the most major. In purchase-type crowdfunding, individuals, groups, companies, etc. come up with ideas on the site, and supporters support the money. Supporters receive goods and services as a return.

Crowdfunding is recommended when “there is a new idea that will be useful to many people when it is commercialized” or “there is something that you really want to achieve”.

However, if you try to use crowdfunding with the idea that you just want money, you won’t get any help.

21. Earn by investing

There has been a way to earn money by investing. But with the spread of the Internet, the number of services that can be traded with a smartphone has increased. Now it has become a familiar presence.

There are many ways to invest in a bite, so make sure you fully understand the characteristics of each.

22. Day trading

Day trading is an investment style in which you trade stocks and bonds in one day.

You should always check the daily price movements to aim for the variable price margin of the day. I can’t trade a little during the gap time, so I have to stick to my computer all day and stare at the chart.

In addition to stock and bond trading, foreign exchange margin trading (FX), futures trading, etc. require a high degree of specialized knowledge.

With a high-risk, high-return investment style, there is a chance of making a big profit. But there is also a risk of making a big loss, so it is recommended to do it after gaining solid knowledge.

23. Cryptocurrency

Have you ever heard of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple?

In 2017, a series of people who made huge profits from cryptocurrency trading were called “billionaires” and became a hot topic.

Cryptocurrencies are also called crypto assets and are electronic data assets managed by a mechanism called blockchain on the Internet.

One of the characteristics of virtual currencies is that they have high volatility. Volatility is the range of price movements of stock prices and virtual currencies. The larger the volatility, the larger the profit margin and the more you can earn.

On the contrary, the amount of loss will be large, so you should invest after considering the risk.

“Coincheck”, “BitFlyer”, “GMO Coin”, etc. are famous as virtual currency trading sites.

Three points that beginners should be aware of when earning online

Here, I would like to talk about points to note when beginners make money online.

Is the service you use safe?

When doing a side business online, most of them register on the service provider site to request a job, sell it, or make an investment.

The vendors introduced in this article are mostly users and can be trusted, but please be aware that there are also bad vendors on the net.

The criteria for identifying bad actors are as follows.

  • It costs a lot of money to register as a member
  • Company information is not written
  • Personal information protection policy (privacy policy) and notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions are not written
  • How to unsubscribe is not written
  • A site I’ve never heard of

Sites that can be trusted as a side business service naturally spread by word of mouth, and there is a lot of information on the net.

Make sure to choose a place that is used by many people and has a good track record.

Do not overdo it

The side business is done only during the gap time.

Neglecting your main business is a mess and has a negative impact on your main business.

No matter how easy it is to earn a side job, if you try too hard at the expense of your family and your time, you will definitely be overwhelmed.

Since the purpose of doing a side job is to have multiple stable sources of income, it is important to continue for a long time even if you earn a small amount of money.

Also, when investing in stocks, FX, virtual currency, etc., it is important to invest in an amount that will not hinder your life even if all the investment amount disappears.

There are risks associated with investing, so you may make a lot of money or you may lose a lot. Be careful not to spend your living money on investment.

Keep your promise

For example, when making a web writer or illustration / design production as a side business, we make various promises with clients such as delivery date, number of characters, and design points.

Of course, be sure to keep these promises (contracts).

Even if it is a side job, it is a “work” if requested by a client.

If you do not keep the promise, it will bother the client and the service provider site. Work firmly and responsibly.

Also, if you make Adsense blog or YouTube a side business, you tend to be frustrated because there are no compulsory restrictions such as contracts with clients.

In such a side job, it is important to “make a promise with yourself.”

For example, make sure to devote one hour a day to writing a blog, edit videos once a week, and set your own rules to do your best.

Benefits of making money online for beginners

Thanks to the evolution of the Internet environment, even beginners can make money by doing side jobs.

If you have a source of income other than your main business, it will lead to stable living and risk diversification.

There are three advantages to making money online for beginners in the side business.

Not tied to time or place

Until now, when it came to side jobs, I could only work in a fixed time and place, such as working part-time at a supermarket or convenience store.

However, the side business introduced in this article can be done anytime, anywhere with a single computer and an internet environment.

Not being tied to time is a big advantage.

It will be possible to work in the office during the day and work as a side business online at night.

Recently, the work style of “nomad work” has been attracting attention, but in the online side business, you are not tied to a place. As long as you have an internet environment, you can work at home, in a cafe, or at your travel destination.

You can also choose to work on your laptop on holidays while gazing at the ocean. Being able to work as a nomad worker is also a big attraction.

Gain skills and experience

It is also a great advantage that you can acquire skills and experiences that you did not have before if you continue to work online as a side business.

For example, a web writer is a side job that welcomes beginners and is easy to take on challenges, but as you accept requests, your writing skills will improve and you will gain specialized knowledge.

Then, it will be easier to acquire high-priced projects with high difficulty, and your income will increase.

You will be able to master various tools and improve your knowledge and skills on the Internet, so you can use it for your main business.

In addition, some people start their own businesses using the skills and knowledge gained from their side jobs.

Acquiring the skills to earn by yourself other than working with a salary from the company will be a great weapon for building a better future.

Free to start at low cost

Since you can start an online side business for free or at a low cost, it is attractive that even beginners can start without risk.

All you need is an internet environment, a computer, your skills and time. It is no exaggeration to say that there has never been a side business with such low risk.

Most of the service providing sites for earning money online can be started with no registration fee. A rental server fee is required to operate the blog, but it can be done at a monthly cost of about $10.

You can start investing from a small amount without overdoing it, and you can improve your investment skills while reducing risk.

Disadvantages of making money online for beginners

So far, I’ve written only the good points of the online side business, but of course there are also disadvantages.

The most important thing to be aware of when starting a side job is this disadvantage. If you don’t understand this well, you will often be frustrated on the way.

There are two disadvantages:

Less free time

The advantage of online side business is that you can do it in a short amount of time, but conversely, the disadvantage is that your free time is reduced because the gap time is filled with side business.

This can’t be helped as long as you have a side job, but be prepared to run out of time spent on TV, reading, and playing games.

However, I don’t recommend doing too much side business so that you don’t have any free time.

Unless you keep feeling very strong, you will be mentally exhausted and frustrated on the way. Sometimes you run out of time with your family and your family gets squeaky.

The key to success in your side business is to use your time in a well-balanced and long-lasting manner.

Easy to feel lonely

Most of the online side businesses are done by one person at home.

It’s also a disadvantage that you can easily feel lonely because you don’t have colleagues or colleagues.

Basically, you have to solve the problem yourself, so it can be daunting.

Some people can’t stand the feeling of loneliness and get frustrated, so it’s important to say “that’s it” in advance.

For those who tend to feel lonely, we recommend communicating with people who are doing the same side job on SNS. Sharing your worries and know-how can be beneficial to your side business.

However, be careful not to spend too much time on SNS and neglect your side business.


So far, I’ve told you how to make money online for beginners, but did you find a side job that suits you?

An era in which it is becoming commonplace to have multiple sources of income other than the main business.

If you have a side job on the internet, you can start by yourself without risk if you have an internet environment and one computer.

Moreover, since it can be done using the gap time, it is attractive that even those who are busy with their main business and housewives who are busy with housework and childcare can do it.

An online side business that you can start right away and earn money depending on your motivation.

If you’re interested, don’t leave it alone and take specific steps.

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