What to wear to Yoga Class? Best Yoga Outfit for beginners

What to wear to yoga class? It is a very common question asked by people who are new to yoga. When doing yoga for the first time, there are many people who have trouble choosing clothes.

In conclusion, if it’s a trial lesson, you can use your own clothes. Even beginners who have just joined a yoga class can substitute the clothes they have at home to reduce their initial investment.

Do I need to buy yoga wear?
What are the characteristics of clothes suitable for yoga?
I want to know the points and precautions for choosing yoga clothes.

There are clothes that are suitable for yoga and clothes that you want to avoid if possible. So we will solve your worries and questions one by one.

Is it mandatory to purchase yoga wear? Beginners can wear hand-held clothes

As I mentioned at the beginning, for the time being, beginners’ yoga clothes are fine with hand-held clothes.

However, it is a major premise that the clothes are suitable for exercise. So it is necessary to select materials and designs that take yoga movements into consideration.

Many of the recent yoga wears are colorful and fashionable. And when you wear them, you will be more motivated and look forward to attending a yoga class.

If you can expect this kind of change in feelings, I highly recommend purchasing yoga-specialized clothing.

Understand that it is not essential to buy yoga wear suddenly before joining the yoga class, so feel free to start yoga.

Three features of clothing suitable for yoga

Here are some specific points to keep in mind when wearing yoga clothes. Make sure your clothes don’t interfere with your yoga movements and use them as a preparatory list before you experience yoga.

1. Choose elastic and easy-to-move clothing

Since yoga takes advantage of the flexibility of the body to take various poses, elastic and easy-to-move clothes are suitable.

Clothes that stick to the body, such as leggings and tights, are resistant to those who are concerned about the silhouette of the body.

In such a case, we recommend wearing a skirt and tights that are used for jogging, and shorts with elastic waist and stretch for training.

2. Choose a material that dries easily even if you sweat

Even in yoga other than hot yoga, it works on muscles that you do not normally use. So you will sweat and fall off.

Assuming you sweat, the quick-drying polyester material is perfect for yoga outfits.

In terms of touch, cotton material is more competitive. But in the case of 100% cotton, it takes time to dry when it absorbs sweat. So choosing polyester over cotton can reduce the discomfort when practicing yoga.

As a side note, yoga is basically done with bare feet, so you don’t have to worry about the material of the socks.

3. Choose clothes that do not open your chest

Choosing clothes that do not open your chest is also an important point in yoga clothes.

Choose clothes that are close to your skin so that you can raise your arms, lie down and take a stretch pose, or bend forward so that you cannot see your chest.

If the chest opens each time you lean forward, people’s eyes will be worrisome, and if you wear clothes that fit your body, it will be easier to move and pose.

3 NG points you want to avoid when choosing yoga outfits

Beginner yoga outfits can be used in yoga poses as long as they are made of quick-drying stretch material.

However, there are three outfits that I would like you to avoid if possible. So I will explain the NG points in detail.

1. Clothes with easy-to-turn hem

Avoid clothing with hem turned up on both the top and bottom.

In yoga, you often raise your legs and arms and bend and stretch your joints. So if you have a loose design with your hem turned up, your stomach, calves, and thighs will be exposed when you pose, and you will not be able to concentrate on your movements.

If you are worried about your body line, put a long T-shirt in your shorts or tights so that your abdomen and back do not come out.

2. Hooded clothing

Avoid hooded clothing, as yoga clothing should be lightweight if possible.

One of the reasons for lying yoga poses is that the hood narrows the range of motion of the neck and back of the head, halving the stretching effect.

After exercising, sweat runs off your sides, back, and neck, so clothes with a clean neck, such as T-shirts and tank tops, are suitable for yoga.

3. Gray clothes with noticeable sweat

Even with slow movements that are conscious of the trunk, yoga has a high sweating effect, and light gray and beige T-shirts have noticeable side sweat.

If the armpits are sweaty and the color changes clearly when both arms are raised, the eyes of other students are worrisome, and there is a feeling of resistance to raising the shoulders and arms, and movement tends to be restricted.

Choose clothes that don’t stand out even if you sweat.

It is also ant to buy yoga wear after graduating from beginners

There are many types of hot yoga, power yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga and yoga.

For example, hot yoga has a high room temperature and sweats.

If you experience hot yoga and feel that it suits you, let’s continue, consider purchasing yoga wear that is suitable for hot yoga.

After graduating from beginners, be sure to choose yoga wear that suits your yoga characteristics.


The yoga outfit is made of stretchy material and the hem does not turn over.

Do I need to buy yoga wear? If it’s an inn, you can use your own clothes.

If you continue to attend yoga classes, buy yoga wear that suits your yoga style.

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