20 best stimulating foods to lose weight without a lot of exercise

After the British song, Ai Daier used the ” Slimming Food and Fat Burning Diet ” to lose 19 kilograms in 6 months. Sports nutrition expert Aiden Goggins and nutritional medicine expert Green Madden jointly researched this diet method to help people activate fat-burning genes by stimulating lean foods.

The benefits of stimulating lean food: substances with weak toxicity

To truly understand the benefits of skinny foods, we need to look at foods such as vegetables and fruits from a very different perspective, as well as the reasons why they are good for human health.

The reason why healthy food is so beneficial to human health has nothing to do with the nutrients we know. Yes, those nutrients are indispensable and precious elements in our food, but the skinny food itself also has a very unique characteristic.

If we tell you, the reason why lean foods are good for health is not because they contain essential nutrients or provide antioxidants that remove harmful free radicals in the body, but because they are full of weakly toxic substances? In a world where “superfoods” are touted and their antioxidant content is a selling point, this sentence may sound a little absurd. But this is an innovative concept, which deserves us to understand it well.

The weight-loss principle of fasting and exercise: what can’t beat you will make you strong

As we have seen, studies continue to prove that calorie restriction can bring great benefits to weight loss, health, and even longevity. Similarly, various studies have confirmed that exercise not only has countless benefits for the body and mind, but also found that regular exercise can greatly reduce mortality. But, what exactly do fasting and exercise have in common?

The answer is “stress”. Fasting and exercise will cause slight stress on the body, and this stress will promote the body to become healthier, more efficient and more adaptable. In other words, in the long run, the human body’s response to these slightly oppressive stimuli will make us healthier and leaner.

In addition, as we know at the moment, these adaptive responses that are of great benefit to the human body are all controlled by the acetylase gene; because the acetylase gene is activated in the face of these stresses, and triggers a series of beneficial changes to the human body.

The human body’s adaptive response to these stresses is termed “hormesis” (hormesis) in academic circles. The concept of this effect is that a certain substance or pressure is beneficial to the human body under a small amount of conditions, but a large amount will be toxic or fatal to the human body.

Or, if you like, you can also use the sentence “If you can’t kill you, it will make you stronger” to express the core concept of this effect, because this is indeed the principle of fasting and exercise. Being too hungry can be fatal, and over-exercising can also be harmful to your health. However, as long as you can manage fasting and exercise properly and allow them to exert appropriate and controllable pressure on your body, you can get a lot of benefits from them.

Unveil the veil of polyphenols: to achieve the effect similar to fasting and exercise

All moving organisms produce the so-called “toxic stimulant effect”, but until recently, scientists knew that plants would also respond in this way. Although we generally do not regard plants as the same type of other living organisms, in terms of chemistry, the reactions to the environment are indeed quite similar. Because all living things need to face various pressures common in the environment, such as lack of water, sun, lack of nutrients, and the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

In fact, the response mechanism of plants against stress is more complicated than ours. If you think about it, if we are hungry or thirsty, we can find food and water; if it is too hot, we can find a shaded place; if we are attacked, we can still run away. On the other hand, plants, because they can only stand in place, no matter what kind of pressure and threat they face, they must alleviate and allow plants to develop a highly complex and exciting pressure response system.

They produce a lot of natural phytochemicals, namely polyphenols, to help them successfully adapt to the environment and survive. When we ingest these plants, we also eat these polyphenol nutrients together. These polyphenols will have a very profound impact on us, because they will also activate our innate stress response pathways. Yes, this path is the acetylase gene that can be activated through fasting and exercise.

In this way, let the stress response system of plants benefit us, which is called “xenohormesis” (xenohormesis). This means a lot to us. This means that we don’t have to suffer to activate the acetylase gene, and we can let plants do the chores for us first.

Studies have now pointed out that the intake of these natural plant compounds can achieve a similar effect to calorie restriction, because they can have the same positive effects on our cells, such as the fat-burning mode seen during fasting . Furthermore, their signal compounds that activate our stress response pathway are more sophisticated than those generated by fasting or exercise alone, and can activate our acetylase genes more effectively.

The best lean foods: soybeans, cocoa, and strawberries are all selected

Although all plants have these stress response systems, only certain plants produce large amounts of polyphenols that can activate the acetylase gene. We call these plants stimulant food. The discovery of these plants means that we no longer need to rely on strict fasting and a large amount of exercise plan to activate the acetylase gene, because now we can do this with a revolutionary new method, namely: eating rich Excitement of lean food.

The best part is that this meal will not ask you to remove the food from the plate, it will only ask you to add more stimulating food! Many people who have tried those extreme foods know that those foods will make you lose weight quickly at the beginning, but it will not take long for your body to resist that way of eating and make your weight rise again; no wonder there are people. I have some scruples about this food, worrying that this will be another book about food.

But please remember this: any modern food method has at most 150 years of development history, but lean food is the product of one billion years of tempering by nature. Knowing this, now you probably can’t wait to know what kind of foods are considered “extremely thin foods.”

So let’s first list the 20 best stimulating foods.

Lean foodThe main nutrients that activate the acetylase gene
1Sesame LeavesQuercetin, kaempferol
3CapersKaempferol, Quercetin
4Celery (including its leaves)Apigenin, luteolin
5chiliLuteolin, Myricettoflavonoids
7coffeeCaffeic acid
8Extra virgin olive oilOlive polyphenols, hydroxytyrosol
9garlicAllicene, myricetin
10Green tea (especially matcha)Epigallocatechin gallate
11KaleKaempferol, Quercetin
12Imperial datesGallic acid, caffeic acid
13BasiliApigenin, myricetin
14Red chicoryLuteolin
15Purple onionQuercetin
16Red wineResveratrol, leucosterol
17SoybeansLignin isoflavones, formononetin isoflavones
20walnutGallic acid

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