Upcoming English Dubbed Anime Release Dates 2021

 Upcoming English Dubbed Anime Release Dates
Upcoming English Dubbed Anime Release Dates

As you know, some anime fans don’t prefer subbed version like my self. We have to wait for the the dubbed version for long time which is quite a pain. Here is the complete list of 2021 upcoming English dubbed anime release date with studio information and format.

Upcoming English Dubbed Anime Release Dates

05/04/2021Viz MediaBleach Set 10BD
05/04/2021Nozomi EntertainmentEmma: A Victorian Romance Season 1BD
05/04/2021Viz MediaPokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Legends The First Alola League ChampionDVD
05/04/2021Sentai FilmworksGATE: Complete CollectionBD
05/11/2021FunimationInfinite DendrogramBD
05/11/2021FunimationInfinite Dendrogram Limited EditionBD/DVD
05/11/2021FunimationOne Piece Collection 25DVD
05/11/2021FunimationOne Piece Season 11 Part 2BD/DVD
05/11/2021Viz MediaNaruto Set 3BD
05/11/2021Sentai Filmworks7 Seeds Part 2BD
05/11/2021Sentai FilmworksBabylon: Complete CollectionBD
05/18/2021FunimationCannon Busters: The Complete SeriesBD
05/18/2021FunimationCannon Busters: The Complete Series Limited EditionBD/DVD
05/18/2021Viz MediaInu Yasha Set 5BD
05/18/2021FunimationNekopara: The Complete SeriesBD
05/18/2021FunimationSakura Wars The Animation: The Complete SeasonBD
05/25/2021Funimation-CrunchyrollAce Attorney Season 1 – EssentialsBD
05/25/2021Viz MediaBoruto Naruto Next Generations Set 9BD/DVD
05/25/2021Funimation-CrunchyrollNEW GAME! The Complete Series – EssentialsBD
05/25/2021FunimationPlunderer Part 1BD/DVD
05/25/2021FunimationPlunderer Part 1 Limited EditionBD/DVD
05/25/2021Sentai FilmworksAhiru no Sora Collection 2BD
05/25/2021Sentai FilmworksAhiru no Sora Complete Collection Premium Box SetBD
05/25/2021Sentai FilmworksBAKI: Complete CollectionBD
05/25/2021Discotek MediaGrimm’s Fairy Tale Classics Season 1BD
05/25/2021Discotek MediaKashimashi Girl Meets GirlBD
05/25/2021Discotek MediaMedabots: The Complete 3rd SeasonBD
06/01/2021Funimation-CrunchyrollBlack Clover Season 3 Part 4BD/DVD
06/01/2021Nozomi EntertainmentEmma: A Victorian Roamnce Season 2BD
06/01/2021FunimationLast Exile: Fam The Silver Wing – EssentialsBD
06/01/2021Funimation-CrunchyrollMob Psycho 100: Season 1 – ClassicsBD
06/01/2021FunimationShachibato! President It’s Time for Battle! – The Complete CollectionBD
06/01/2021Sentai FilmworksMysterious Girlfriend X: The Complete CollectionBD
06/01/2021Viz MediaPokemon Pikachu & FriendsDVD
06/08/2021FunimationFruits Basket Season 1: The Complete SeriesBD
06/08/2021FunimationWave Listen to Me! The Complete SeasonBD
06/08/2021Sentai Filmworks-CrunchyrollWorld Trigger: The Complete Collection Season 1BD
06/08/2021Media BlastersNana Seven of Seven: The Complete CollectionBD
06/08/2021Media BlastersAtomic Anime Blast Volume 1BD
06/08/2021SONY PicturesFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children4K HDR/BD
06/15/2021FunimationOne Piece Collection26BD/DVD
06/15/2021Sentai FilmworksQueen’s Blade Rebel Warriors CollectionBD
06/15/2021Sentai FilmworksTo Love Ru Darkness: The Complete CollectionBD
06/15/2021Viz MediaNaruto Triple FeatureBD
06/22/2021FunimationNo Guns Life Season 2BD
06/22/2021FunimationSmile Down the Runway: The Complete SeasonBD
06/22/2021Aniplex of AmericaSword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Box SetBD
06/22/2021GKIDSThe Secret World of Arrietty SteelbookBD/DVD
06/22/2021GKIDSThe Wind Rises SteelbookBD/DVD
06/29/2021FunimationA Certain Scientific Railgun T Part 2BD/DVD
06/29/2021FunimationHatena Illusion: The Complete SeriesBD
06/29/2021Sentai FilmworksDororo: The Complete CollectionBD
06/29/2021Sentai FilmworksSWORDGAI: The Animation The Complete CollectionBD
06/29/2021Aniplex of AmericaFate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Box Set IIBD
6/29/2021Discotek MediaMemoriesBD
07/06/2021Funimation-CrunchyrollALL OUT!! The Complete Series – EssentialsBD
07/06/2021FunimationGleipnir: The Complete SeasonBD
07/06/2021FunimationOne Piece Season 11 Part 3BD/DVD
07/06/2021FunimationShironeko Project: Zero Chronicle The Complete SeasonBD
07/06/2021FunimationThe Vision of Escaflowne: The Complete Series – ClassicsBD
07/06/2021Sentai FilmworksKnights of Sidonia: The Complete Series CollectionBD
07/13/2021FunimationA Certain Magical Index: Season 1 – EssentialsBD
07/13/2021FunimationIsekai Quartet 2BD
07/13/2021Viz MediaJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Set 1BD
07/20/2021FunimationListeners: The Complete SeasonBD
07/20/2021FunimationTenchi Muyo! War on Geminar: The Complete Series – ClassicsBD
07/20/2021FunimationUzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! The Complete SeasonBD
07/20/2021FunimationUzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! The Complete Season Limited EditionBD/DVD
07/20/2021Sentai FilmworksRahXephon – SteelbookBD
07/27/2021FunimationArte: The Complete SeasonBD
07/27/2021FunimationDiary of Our Days at the BreakwaterBD
07/27/2021FunimationPlunderer Part 2BD/DVD
07/27/2021Sentai FilmworksChihayafuru Season 3BD
07/27/2021Sentai FilmworksMM! The Complete CollectionBD
07/27/2021Discotek MediaBlack Rock Shooter: The Complete TV SeriesBD
08/03/2021Nozomi EntertainmentEl-Hazard The Magnificent World OVA 1 + 2 CollectionBD
08/03/2021FunimationFire Force Season 2 Part 1BD/DVD
08/10/2021FunimationOne Piece Collection 27BD/DVD
08/10/2021FunimationUltimate Otaku Teacher: The Complete Series – EssentialsBD
08/17/2021FunimationA Certain Magical Index Season 2 – EssentialsBD
08/17/2021FunimationDeca-Dence: The Complete SeasonBD
08/17/2021Aniplex of AmericaStay Night Heaven’s Feel III. spring songBD
08/17/2021Aniplex of AmericaStay Night Heaven’s Feel III. spring song Limited EditionBD
08/17/2021Sentai FilmworksMaria-Holic! The Complete SeriesBD
08/24/2021Sentai FilmworksMy Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU ClimaxBD
08/24/2021FunimationShow By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!BD/DVD
08/31/2021FunimationKakushigoto: The Complete SeasonBD
08/31/2021Sentai FilmworksVinland Saga: The Complete CollectionBD

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