How to Read Minds? Is it possible to Learn by Yourself

How to read minds? How to read minds of others? how to read people? mind control techniques? mind manipulation or brain control. These are the most common question that asked by the people on the internet. Many people want to learn it because it is kind of cool and it is one of a trick that make you one step ahead in any situation. It kind of make you a super human to be honest. But is it possible??? Is it real??? Can we actually learn it ? Every body want to know that is it possible or just a myth? lets find out.

But to be honest it is possible and it is real. Don’t immediately think you have to be telepathic in order to read someone’s mind. You don’t have to think that you have to be a psychic to be able to read people’s minds. Because this ability can be learned and trained without the help of magic.

Many believe that reading someone else’s mind is some sort of control mechanism. If you can determine a person’s next move, you can manipulate them or anticipate their future actions. In reality, it can be a practical thing or a personal thing.

Reading someone else’s mind allows you to be there for them, understand their point of view, and bond on a deeper level.

So how to read minds easily??? or how to read minds of others for real??? or what are the Mind control techniques

Here are some mind reading tricks to read people

1) body language

Body language is another clear indication of what to think. If someone has a furrowed forehead, it is a sign of stress. The way he / she stands, sits or positions is also revealing.

When primates demonstrate strength, their arms are wide open. They stretch and punch against their chest. In addition, there is a decrease in the levels of cortisol (stress indicator hormone). Likewise, if you get nervous, your cortisol levels will rise. When cortisol levels rise, there is a series of other problems that follow, such as sleep deprivation and weight gain.

Caffeine has many medicinal properties, but when abused it can lead to increased cortisol levels as well as weight gain and sleep deprivation.

So you can learn a lot about a person’s mental state through their body language, posture and energy.

Positive body language :

  • Leans toward you
  • Sit back and relax
  • Make eye contact
  • His smile was loose, not forced

Negative body language :

  • His body was directed away
  • Cross your arms or legs
  • Moving fingers or feet
  • Look away when talking

2) Observe breathing

“I have the impression of not being able to breathe, as if I were sinking”

How does he breathe? If someone is breathing through their chest, it means they are relaxed. If his breathing is shallow, then he is tense. If you want to know someone’s mental state, watch their breath.

If his breathing is choppy, he’ll be more likely to be nervous, which means there’s something he doesn’t want you to know. The reason could be shyness, anxiety, or that he is hiding something from you. If someone is breathing through their stomachs, then you know their mental state is calm, which usually means they are sincere.

3) read his eyes

The eyes can also be revealing. It is said that the pupil is the portal of the spirit. Some studies have shown that when you think a lot, the pupils dilate. Oddly enough, when the brain is overloaded with information the pupils contract.

Also, when you first meet someone, their pupils dilate. If these dilate and contract immediately, it means that you do not interest him more than that. If they stay dilated, that means that person is happy to meet you.

4) spend time in their company

If you want to know how someone works, hang out with them. Spend an afternoon together and you will learn a lot. Spend a week, month, or year, and you’ll be able to read each other’s minds. Over time, it will become obvious how he will react to certain situations.

When you know someone well, it’s easy to tell if they’re nervous, brave, happy, or sad.

This is why it is amazing when a parent claims they were unaware of a possible disorder caused by their child.
This is usually a sign that the parent is not spending enough time with their child. If this were the case, the parent would not need to be told that there is something wrong.

However, we could be in a relationship for years with someone and never have a clue what’s on their mind. This can create tension between partners, as it is difficult to know what to do when you are unsure of what the other is thinking or feeling.

However, speaking time in general is a factor in exploring the brain of another.

5) See Inconsistencies

A person’s habits will definitely be carried out routinely and in a pattern. This means that when something is different than usual, you should be able to read the changes early.

There must be something going on with him.

However, you will never get a direct answer about these different conditions when you ask, “Why?” or “What’s up?”.

Because people will immediately “hide” when someone asks like that.

If you engage in regular interactions, you will definitely know what conditions other people experience when doing something out of the ordinary.

6) Watch How He Touches You

Under normal conditions, every time you meet a friend, you will at least shake hands. Can even cuddle with each other for close friends.

So when this is not done when meeting them, it is certain that something is going on.

Feel if his grip is weaker or stronger than usual. Or maybe your best friend doesn’t even want to shake hands when they meet you?

this indication that something bad is happening.

To further reinforce your suspicions, see if or she does same to other people or just you.

7) Look at facial expressions

When you are talking to someone, take a look and pay attention to the expressions they show.

The expression on someone’s face can be your aid in reading people’s minds.

He may not show displeasure with the topic you are discussing, but the expression on his face can’t lie.

An indentation at the edge of the lips when smiling or arched eyebrows could be an indication that he disagrees.

Even though it happened in just a second. But it can show a different attitude from you.

8) Listen to the tone of his voice. Not the words, just the tone.

The speaking tone is not the same as the volume level. More to the intonation of the sentence the person utters.

When they speak faster or louder than usual, then there must be “something else” in their mind.

In an effort to read people’s minds, you can also pay attention to tone of voice like “Hmm” or “Uh”.

When he said this often, it was certain that he was in a nervous state.

Listen and also pay attention to whether the tone of his speech matches the expression he shows or not.

It may be that they will try to hide their expression or tone of voice, but they cannot get rid of both.

9) Pay attentions to response

Don’t miss the response given by the person you are talking to.

A short or short response could mean that he is feeling lazy or frustrated.

A long response shows their interest in the topic you are talking about.

Combine that with seeing facial expressions and body language you can start reading the direction of their thoughts.

10) Listen to the choice of words

The words spoken can also be a tool for you to see someone’s thoughts.

Because this choice of words will show they support or reject something.

For example, your friend always replaces someone’s name with something that tends to be negative.

This shows that he doesn’t like that person.

11) Look for Clues to His Personality

Every human being is born different. Both physically and spiritually.

Even if they are identical twins, there will definitely be differences in their traits and personalities.

Here are some pointers you can use to get to know someone’s personality better:

  • Does he tend to be introverted or extroverted?
  • How did he deal with the problem?
  • What is his attitude when he is under stress?
  • What is his attitude when he is relaxed?

When you get answers or hints to these questions, you will have a much better picture of him.

12) Make sure you are not fueling their mind with your energy

Everything depends on you. If you approach a situation nervously, that tension will reflect on the person you are interacting with. Approaching a situation in a relaxed state allows us to absorb another person’s energy and recognize them for what they really are, without much effort.

Notice that we all have the ability to ask someone how they are feeling.

Beyond the politeness of “how are you,” whose typical response is usually “good,” it’s okay to dig a little deeper.
Maybe you can try reading her mind and asking specific questions like, “Do you look relaxed and in a good mood …?” “

Observations and open-ended questions like this can establish a real dialogue, unlike simple jokes.
To practice: If someone asks you how you are doing, feel free to give them a real answer.
Take a moment, pay attention to your own feelings, and then respond.

Self-awareness is essential when trying to be more aware of what is going on around us.

If you are less aware and less focused on yourself, you are more likely to be unable to read another person’s mind.


In order to read people’s minds or to be a mind reader, you don’t have to be psychic or psychic. The capital is that you know the person deeply.

So you will be about his state of mind through a number of certain signals that can be known if you know the person deeply. Needless to say, you can already tell what he’s thinking.

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