Why is it healthier for couples to sleep separately? What the British doctor said

British doctor Karan Raj said that sleeping separately will not affect sleep. 
The picture shows a schematic diagram of a couple sleeping in the same bed.

Most couples sleep in the same bed after they get married. If they sleep in separate rooms, it may be regarded as a red light in the marriage relationship. After all, this It is related to the culture and customs of the entire society. However, some British doctors argue that, from a health point of view, couples sleep separately and adopt a ” sleep divorce ” (sleep divorce), which is good for both.

As an internet celebrity, the British National Health Service (NHS) doctor Karan Raj often uses short videos to share common medical knowledge or treatments for certain problems, which is quite popular among netizens.

Although it is taken for granted that couples sleep in the same bed, Raj said in a recent short film that two people sleeping in the same place will greatly affect the quality of sleep , which is not good for health. He suggested that couples adopt a “sleep divorce ” approach.

He said straightforwardly in the short film: “You should always sleep alone. If another person moves or snores while sleeping, it will prevent you from entering the deep sleep required for recharging the body, which will affect the quality of sleep.”

He explained: “Not everyone’s sleep cycle .. (Sleep cycle) are the same for two people at the same time to sleep can cause one or two long-term lack of sleep.”

He also mentioned that sleeping in the same bed will increase body temperature, which will make it more difficult for both parties to fall asleep.

He said: “One of the keys to you being able to fall asleep is the decrease in core body temperature. Sleeping in the same bed with someone increases the body’s heat, which makes it take you more time to fall asleep.”

In response to Raj’s remarks, some netizens agreed and said: “Excuse me, can we normalize this? I love my husband, but I hate sleeping with him. He thinks it is terrible for me to have this idea. “

Another netizen said: “My husband and I have our own bedrooms. After 31 years of marriage, we finally have the best sleep.”

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