Water Saver Drought Relief Strategy Everyone can live a green life, save money, protect the environment

“If you have water, you should think about the suffering of no water.” If no measures are taken, the human water shortage in 2030 will reach 40%. Recently, some counties and cities in Taiwan continue to pull water shortage alert, section water save resources has become more pressing in the Meiji. This article summarizes the suggestions of provincial water experts, sharing family water saving strategies, and helping readers live a green life that saves money and is environmentally friendly.

Stop leaking purse and no longer lose blood

When it comes to saving water, everyone immediately thinks about saving water. In fact, preventing water leakage is also an indispensable part.

Leaking is leaking money. The Water Resources Department of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs listed common water leaks at home. Once these phenomena are discovered, they must be dealt with immediately.

․ When there is no water, the pointer of the water meter is still moving.

․ The faucet doesn’t close tightly, and the water drips constantly.

․ Moisture appears on the wall, underground or ceiling.

․ The water in the toilet keeps shaking or cannot stop the water.

The following 2 situations indicate that the toilet is leaking:

Situation 1. Open the lid of the water tank and hear the sound of water flow or overflow.

Situation 2. Colored liquid is dripped into the water tank, and after a few minutes, stained water flows out of the toilet.

2 points for saving water

As for water conservation, we can start from two aspects: one is ” water recycling ” and the other is ” water reduction .”

1. Water recycling and reuse to create an environmentally friendly and green life

How to achieve “water recycling”? Cleaner water can be recycled and used in daily life. E.g:

★ Collect the cold water before the hot water flows out of the bath for washing fruits and vegetables and dishes.

★ Wash the dishes with rice water and noodle water.

★ Rice washing water can be used for watering plants and shampooing hair. (Recommended reading: 3 kinds of “natural shampoos” to improve hair loss and gray hair )

★ Collect recyclable water and apply it to secondary domestic water, such as bath water (large washbasin or bathtub in shower station), washing water, condensed water from dehumidifiers and air conditioners, washing dishes, washing fruits and vegetables, and washing face water (The small washbasin puts the sink), used for flushing the toilet, mopping the floor, washing the car, watering the flowers, etc.

2. Reduce water use

As for “reducing water use”, it means to reduce the frequency or amount of water use by changing the way or habits of water use.

The top 3 water consumption in household life is nothing more than flushing the toilet, washing, and bathing. You may wish to start with these three aspects first.

★ Install water-saving equipment : Both the Water Resources Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan and the National Environmental Protection Agency of the United States advocate the equipment of the provincial water mark. By installing such products, people do not need to change their water consumption habits and can save a lot of water resources . Considering the top 3 water-consuming households, Taiwanese residents may wish to give priority to water-saving products such as toilets, washing machines, shower heads, and faucets. In the long run, water-saving benefits are considerable:

productGeneral-level provincial water mark saves waterAnnual water saving benefits
Toilet6 liters/time32.9 tons(Based on a family of 3, each person goes to the toilet 5 times a day)
washing machine18 liters/kg18.7 tons(Calculated on the basis that each household washes 5 kilograms of clothing at a time and washes 4 times a week)
Shower head5 liters/time27.4 tons(Based on a family of 3, each person uses 5 minutes per day)
Faucet3 liters per minute26.3 tons(Based on a family of 3, each person uses 8 minutes per day)

water-saving toilets, urinals, flushers, washing machines, shower heads, faucets, water-saving equipment accessories and other 11 categories. For more detailed information, please refer to the official website of the Water Resources Department and the video introduction of ” Water Saving Equipment “.

U.S. products affixed with watersense include:

․ Household sanitary equipment: toilet, shower head, faucet, cation exchange water softener.

․ Flower garden watering service: soil moisture controller and landscape watering sprinkler adjusted with the weather.

․ Commercial and public water equipment: urinals, pre-flushing wetting spray valves, toilets, steam sterilizers.

For more detailed product information, please refer to the official website of the Environmental Protection Agency .

★Flush the toilet:

․ Another simple and economical option is to modify the non-water-saving toilet with two-stage flushing accessories; when flushing the toilet, you can choose between small and large flushing volume.

․ Using baking soda powder instead of detergent to clean the toilet, the former has high detergency and is not easy to remain, and it saves water. The method is to spray the upper edge of the toilet with baking soda solvent, and then rinse with the collected circulating water.

★ Cleaning clothes: abandon the standard laundry schedule, and pour “appropriate” laundry detergent in accordance with the amount of laundry to choose a suitable laundry schedule. It is best to wait until the washing machine is 8 minutes full before washing clothes.

★ Bath: Use soap instead of shower gel, install a shower head, and use a shower instead of bathing. Do not rinse too long. These actions can save rinse water.

Is it troublesome to save water? Life without water is more difficult

Many people find it troublesome to save water. Once there is no water in their lives, life will be even more difficult. To avoid falling into the dilemma of water cuts, it is essential to save water. In addition to attacking from the top 3 households in terms of water consumption, the following water consumption habits can also be changed in order to save water.

Is it troublesome to save water? Once the water is cut off, life will be more difficult.

★ Car washing: Use buckets and sponges to wipe the car instead of flushing directly with a hose.

★ Household cleaning : cleaning the home environment, first remove the dust, and then wet wipe, can reduce the number of repeated wipes. It can be wiped with old clothes and thrown away if it gets dirty. A cloth with strong detergency can also be used to avoid the use of chemical cleaners.

★ Clean the dishes :

․ Clean up the dining table after the meal, do not stack the dishes, so as not to consume more water to clean the greasy bottom of the dishes.

․ When washing dishes and fruits and vegetables, do not rinse directly under the faucet. Instead, wash them in the sink with an appropriate amount of water.

․ Choose a dish cloth with strong degreasing to clean dishes; do not use detergent to wash dishes that are not greasy.

․ If you must use detergent, soak the dishes in the detergent first, instead of squeezing the detergent on the gourd cloth. After washing with water for the first time, put it into an empty basin, wash it twice with running tap water, and recycle the collected clean water for secondary purposes.

★ Brush your teeth: Do not turn on the tap, rinse your mouth with water in your hands, instead use a mouthwash cup to brush your teeth to avoid water loss.

★ Washing hands: When washing hands, rubbing soap and rubbing, remember to turn off the faucet. It can also be replaced with a water-saving valve or water-saving tap to control the water flow.

★ Food defrosting: Don’t rinse the defrosted food with water, change it to microwave defrosting or take it out early to remove the ice.

★Home Garden:

․ Garden watering: Due to evaporation and wind direction, automatic watering devices used in homes are likely to waste a lot of water. It is best to water them in accordance with the weather. For example, avoid watering during strong wind or rain. Water in the morning and evening when the sun is weak to avoid unnecessary water evaporation.

․ Garden soil improvement: If the water retention of the soil is poor, the Water Resources Department recommends mixing organic soil with better water retention, adding moisturizing media or water-retaining polymers, such as vermiculite, snake sawdust, rice, wood chips, peat soil, etc., to improve the water permeability and storage of the soil. Water capacity.

United tide over difficult times hand in water-saving pioneer move

As long as every household can implement water-saving actions, everyone can become a water-saving leader. In the home life, the water-saving benefits brought by changing the following water habits should not be underestimated:

Water saving habitsWater saving benefits
Car cleaning instead of water flushing180 liters/time
Bathtub changed to shower55 liters/time(Take 5 minutes as an example)
Two-stage flush30 liters/day
Use water-saving process for laundry15 liters/person
Reuse of cold water before hot water9 liters/time
Wash your face with water in a basin7 liters/time
Wash vegetables with water in a basin5 liters/time
Mouth cup for brushing teeth5 liters/time
Turn off the water when washing hands and rubbing soap5 liters/time
Water the flowers with vegetable washing and rice washing water3 liters/time

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