One Piece: Zoro Will Resurrect as a Sword God?

Zoro Will Resurrect as a Sword God

The Wanokuni Arc is indeed widely touted as an arc where Roronoa Zoro can appear more. On the other hand, Zoro is also widely touted as a figure who will become the new sword god – after Ryuma. And the latest chapter of the One Piece manga series yesterday seems to provide new clues about this.

As shown in chapter 1012, Zoro was seen bandaged and carried by Sanji. Zoro was indeed badly injured after being hit by Kaido’s attack. Law and Zoro then climbed down from the roof and met Sanji. Law then handed the injured Zoro to Sanji and asked him to treat him immediately. Following Law’s orders, Sanji then treated Zoro which resulted in that as we saw yesterday, Zoro was completely covered by bandages.

Even though it looks very cute and interesting, there are those who think that the moment also has a clue from Oda Sensei about the birth of a new god. In fact, this is not the first time Zoro has been crucified like in chapter 1012 yesterday. In chapter 3, we also saw Zoro tied to a pole and in a helpless state.

Zoro and the theme of the cross itself did not stop there. Approximately 50 chapters later, Zoro met the figure he had been wanting to meet, Dracule Mihawk. Mihawk appears with a small ship, shaped like a coffin and has a cross on it. Mihawk also has a powerful sword with the handle and armor shaped like a cross. The small sword around his neck was also in the shape of a cross.

Another Shichibukai associated with Zoro, Bartholomew Kuma, is always shown carrying a Bible (bible). In essence, this theory that emerged among fans concluded that Zoro had never been far from the theme of the cross. There are so many things that show Zoro is always sticking to this theme.

Law himself asked Sanji specifically to treat Zoro’s wounds, which resulted in Zoro looking like he was being crucified. In fact, it could be that Zoro was wrapped in bandages in his usual position, just like the mummies. Comedy-wise, it might be very entertaining and funny. However, Oda Sensei seems to have other thoughts and ideas.

The story about Jesus in Christianity seems to be an inspiration for Oda to portray the figure of Zoro, who will be a savior for the residents of Wano. And maybe Zoro’s awakening as Wano’s new “sword god” will happen at dawn. We have already been shown how Conqueror Haki Zoro’s abilities are twice in the Wano arc, in chapters 997 and 1010.

Oda might show how the Conqueror Haki in Zoro will “explode” and become his savior, as happened to Luffy at Marineford where he could not reach the execution stage in time, but his Conqueror Haki can help Ace. Zoro is currently being bandaged, and with time he may recover quickly.

This concept is similar to the concept of a cocoon that will turn into a butterfly in a certain time. Or if Geeks remember the film Kung Fu Hustle, starring Stephen Chow, the main character is also seriously injured and ends up being wrapped in bandages like Zoro. However, thanks to the strength within him, he was able to recover faster than imagined.

Zoro Will Resurrect as a Sword God

This is also what is predicted to happen to Zoro. The difference is, Zoro will present the enormous power of Conqueror Haki. However, before that happens, there needs to be a situation that triggers it to occur. One example is that Zoro is surrounded by his enemies, and Sanji himself is in danger. That would force him to then release Conqueror Haki and maybe give him a surprise by recovering faster.

Then, when will Zoro’s revival occur? It is possible for this to happen before sunrise, around 3-5 a.m., which is often considered the time the sun appears in Japan. Bringing a new dawn to Wano is a prophecy previously uttered by Toki and is the last testament of Kozuki Oden.

All the symbols seem to be clues about the existence of the legend of the new sword god from Wano. Zoro’s Asura technique was enough to surprise Law and Kaido, but he didn’t react much. Maybe different things will be shown when the Red Scabbards who witness this technique. They might think of Zoro as a new sword god to become a “substitute” for Ryuma. Let’s just look forward to what will happen to Zoro next geeks .

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