One Piece: Luffy, a descendant of an ancient kingdom?

One Piece: Luffy, a descendant of an ancient kingdom?

Despite being the main character, there are still many mysteries about Luffy that have not been revealed, especially those related to his family. Fans only know that Luffy’s father is the person the World Government is looking for, Monkey D. Dragon. The lack of information about Luffy’s family tree has made many fans guess with various theories. One of them mentions, that Luffy is a noble descendant from the past. Why is that? You can read or watch the video below:

Noble Ribbons

You can see the Noble Ribbons in the Fish-Man Arc, at that time you will see almost all the nobles from Fish-Man Island using a kind of ribbon that is behind their backs. This kind of aspect also appeared in the Skypiea Arc, when Enel, who claimed to be a god, also appeared using ribbons like those of the mermaids on Fish-Man Island.

Such a ribbon Luffy also wore when he was at point Gear 4, so that through the similarity of these symbols, make fans believe that Luffy is a descendant of nobility. Because the ribbons used by Enel or the nobles are similar to those used by Luffy, it seems that Luffy also has a relationship as a noble descendant in the past.

Will of D

Will of D is one of the mysteries that until now there is no definite answer in the One Piece series But what is clear, the owner of the name D is the person most wanted by the World Government. According to the World Government, the owners of D are very dangerous people, so it is for this reason that the World Government hunts those who have the name D.

The World Government’s actions against those with the name D raise suspicion. It could be that the owner of the name D is actually a noble family that lived during the void century and possessed tremendous power as kings. If this theory is true, then Luffy really is a descendant of nobility, because Luffy’s full name is Monkey D. Luffy. But unfortunately until now, the reason the World Government is hunting for the owner of the name D  has not been revealed.

Monkey D. Dragon Tattoo

Luffy’s father is the leader of the Revolutionary Army who is most wanted by the World Government. Monkey D. Dragon has quite interesting details with a tattoo that covers almost half of his face. But unfortunately, until now, information about Dragon as the father and leader of the Revolutionary Army is still relatively small. But looking at the tattoo that is the hallmark of Dragon, some argue that the tattoo shows that Dragon is part of a noble family.

This theory is developing, so there are those who match the form of the tattoo with one of the characteristics of the Indian tribes who inhabited the interior of America in the past. According to some people who believe in this theory, the tattoo symbolizes a god who rules over the sky and everything, so that those who have such a tattoo are definitely not just anyone.


In conclusion, seeing some of this compatibility, it is possible that Luffy and his family have royal blood. However, the three theories have not been proven true. To be sure, we have to wait for another clue from Oda sensei to find out the true background of Luffy and his family.

The reason is that Oda sensei quite often gives some signs about the mysteries that occur in the One Piece series So that fans will certainly not miss anything about the signs that they think are interesting and important. Especially if the sign has a pattern that always seems to be the same and needs to be broken.

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