How to choose a summer dress? Cool and thin, wear a new style every day

summer dress
British fashion brand Paul Smith walks the catwalk during London Spring/Summer Fashion Week.

In a blink of an eye, summer , green leaves are becoming more and more verdant, white days are getting longer, brilliant flowers blooming, hot summer is coming.

It’s time to start preparing for the summer of 2021 ! When it comes to wear, in addition to light and light colors, bright floral and other elements, the most important thing is to choose a relaxed and cool style of clothing. In this article, I will introduce four styles of dresses : tank top dress, suspender dress, shirt dress and cross V-neck dress. At the same time, I will give you fashionable and simple summer style dressing suggestions. Let’s fight back the gloomy mood together!

Although the dress looks simple in one piece, the selection technique is very important. As long as you choose the right style, you can wear it with a slim and fashionable look even without losing weight .


Vest skirts are definitely the first choice in summer. The sleeves are missing, allowing the wind to flow directly into the clothes, which is very cool. There are also many changes in style: waist design, plain face, pencil skirt is more elegant and solemn, with a simple coat, low-heeled shoes or bag shoes, it can become one of the choices for work, cool enough to not be soaked by sweat It’s wet, but it’s warm enough to withstand the air-conditioning in the office.

Loose vest skirts look casual and casual and can be matched with hats. It is recommended to add straw hats, strappy sandals and sunglasses when going out to play to increase the integrity of the look.

summer dress
London Spring/Summer Fashion Week, British brand Matthew Williamson
2021 Rome Haute Couture Week (Altaroma)

Sling dress

The sling is cooler than the vest. The difference lies in the lack of fabric from the chest to the shoulders and the upper half of the back, which brings a full summer style. The sling part can be roughly divided into two styles, thin shoulder strap and wide sling. Both can be worn alone, but the thin shoulder strap may be more suitable for inner clothing. For example, thin knit, plain T, horizontal striped T look good, or Put on an oversize T-shirt, shirt, etc. If you choose a tulle coat, you can retain the attractiveness of the thin shoulder straps without losing the dignity.

The wide sling can also be used for clothing. It is also beautiful when worn alone. It looks fresh and refined. You can consider putting it in your bag when you travel, especially when you are walking on the beach with lovers wearing elegant white sling skirts, set against the blue sea. romantic.

Italian brand Valentino walks the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week in Spring and Summer.
New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week, American design brand Tory Burch. 

Shirt dress

Shirts and dresses can be said to be the simplest item that does not choose body shape. It is worth storing one in each wardrobe. The shirt collar and material are slightly formal, and the elegant skirt seems to be free and easy. The comparison between the two enhances the fashion and handsomeness of the shirt and dress. It is worth mentioning that depending on the accessories and occasions, sometimes a natural V-neck is created. , Revealing the clavicle line, very eye-catching.

Buttons are also the focus of shirt skirts. Although small, they play a great role in embellishing dresses, especially plain dresses. Chic buttons can create beautiful and low-key details for dresses; more importantly, as long as the buttons are fully opened, the shirt The dress immediately turned into a long blouse. In summer, you can also have a multi-layered choice of dressing, with plain T and jeans inside, which is simple and attractive.

summer dress
New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week, New York brand Mansur Gavriel.
summer dress
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, brand GOGA NIKABADZE.
2021 Rome Haute Couture Week (Altaroma)

Wrap Dress

I just mentioned the use of unbuttoned buttons to create a V-neck, now let’s take a look at another V-neck dress made with fabric cross. Wrap Dress was carried forward by Belgian designer Diane von Fürstenberg in the 70s, about half a century ago, and it is said that it was inspired by Japanese kimonos. She let the fabric follow the curve of the body, naturally wrap the upper body, and then use the same color tie to close the waist, and the remaining fabric will naturally sag and spread to complete an intellectual and self-cultivating skirt.

This classic style can bring out the unique temperament of the wearer while exuding a feminine charm. It is widely loved by fashion ladies, actresses and celebrities, and can be seen on many important occasions.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Turkish brand Ozlem Erkan.
New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week, American design brand Tory Burch.

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