Follow these 3 things strictly even after vaccination,To avoid infection

Even after applying the vaccine, you will have to strictly follow the habits such as applying a mask and following social distancing and washing hands. Only then will you avoid infection and even from bad situation. Do not make the mistake of taking it lightly.

Masks, sanitizing, and social distress are the biggest things to protect against the corona virus, which can be fatal if you take both doses of the vaccine. Experts are also saying that due to some of our mistakes, we can become a victim of the virus even after getting the vaccine.

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Wear a mask

The mask is your biggest protective shield at the moment. After vaccination, if you feel that you no longer need to wear a mask, then you are in a big confusion here. But wearing a mask is not enough, it is necessary to wear it in the right way. Wearing a mask is the right way to cover your nose as well as your nose. Do not make the mistake of repeatedly touching the mask. 

Follow social distancing

As you will know, the effect of corona is also present in the air, so do not think about how much social distancing is maintained, it will happen. This is a wrong attitude, even if you have not had this infection once, you have also taken both doses of the vaccine, yet you keep distance while talking to someone. The advice would be that people should get as little as possible at this time.  

Clean hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitis

When coming from outside, do clean hands after touching any surface. Before and after eating, before making, before touching the eye or nose, the necessity of washing hands is further increased. 

So even after vaccination, if you take care of these things then only you will be able to stay safe.

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