Country style bedroom must have 4 elements to create a quiet and private space

Country style bedroom
The layered white and natural light can further highlight the “country bedroom” style. 

The bedroom is a private space for a good rest. The rustic design makes the whole room permeated with a natural and peaceful atmosphere and feels very comfortable; only a few minutes An iconic element can present your “country style” in your mind. There are many different typical exotic country styles, such as southern French manor, English, American, Nordic, retro or fashion, and they are different and have many common interests. point.

The main tone of the country style is soft, calm and simple and warm. The use of characteristic elements and matching furniture can create a romantic and exquisite feeling in the simplicity and tranquility. The layout of the bedroom furniture materials and accessories is also very important, and the material is single-pointed. Display or matching can change different country styles.

Main elements of country style

Element 1: Natural light

Bright light makes people have a good mood in the bedroom. If the indoor lighting is good, the main furniture can be arranged without excessive decoration, let the light become the protagonist, and “borrow light to view” with nature, using screen curtains or shutter doors and windows as the space The light and shadow or tree shadow outside the window changes with the weather, and the room will also change different visual effects.

Place a sofa chair in a suitable position in the room, and the moving light during the day will be projected on the back of the chair, which will produce different light and shadow effects at different times, adding a little “liveness” to the bedroom.

Element two: wooden furniture , building materials

Country style bedroom must have 4 elements to create a quiet and private space
The soft beige tone, matched with logs and rattan furniture, is a classic rustic element. (Shutterstock)

Raw wood is an essential element of rustic style. Wood furniture is indispensable for authentic pastoral villages or fusion of fashion and elegance. Headboards, cabinets, floor to wall, dark coffee to natural wood colors, clever matching can create a variety of design style.

Element Three: Chandelier

Hanging a French country chandelier on the ceiling of the bedroom, or an American-style painted retro modeling lamp, can give the country atmosphere of the entire bedroom a finishing touch; or install an old-fashioned barn chandelier on the bedside, and the distinctive chandelier can be integrated Different styles of accessories in the overall space.

Element 4: Fireplace

The fireplace in the bedroom can also highlight the country style. The real fire fireplace or electronic simulation fireplace with embedded brick and stone walls will light the raging fire to warm the whole bedroom in winter. Make a cup of hot tea and sit in front of the fireplace to enjoy the red sparks and before going to bed. Reading, what else can compare to a warm bedroom and quilt!

Creative design


Country style bedroom must have 4 elements to create a quiet and private space
The off-white space is matched with floor-to-ceiling panes and country-specific accessories. The whole room is very charming. (Shutterstock)

The sense of tranquility in the bedroom mostly comes from harmonized colors, earth colors, light colors, white and so on. In particular, white walls or white wooden floors can “let the space speak”. White emphasizes country-style furniture and accessories, and white paint has a variety of colors-ivory white, bright white, milky white, gray or eggshell white, etc. The difference is subtle, but the combination of different white degrees will bring a completely different atmosphere to the room.

The white bedroom is equipped with simple furniture, grain sack cushions and soft color design, which can add a sense of leisure to the space; if the beige wall and bleached white oak floor design are extended to the open glass bathroom cubicle, with white Classic bathtub, the entire white “country bedroom” will present a touch of luxury.

White walls can also make the “original” beams or brickwork more appealing. If necessary, you can also use modern lighting, modern beds, artwork and modern floating bedside tables to make your “country bedroom” more stylish.

If you feel that the tone is too white, just change the bedding or add vibrant color decorations, you can bring a new look to the room, such as cream, blush lampshade, pink curtains or carpet to add fun to the calm space.

How to maintain the plain style of the white wall without feeling monotonous? Panels and line boards can make a rustic bedroom look new, or white painted walls and ceilings, paired with white rattan high bed boards and human-shaped brown wooden floors, are particularly outstanding.

The off-white tones embellish the “country bedroom” are quite fresh. You can paint the walls in off-white and buy a large bed in the same off-white to add a sense of fashion to the rustic atmosphere; the warm white walls give people a soothing feeling, and The simple extra-large bed frame and matching gray bed sheets add a refined masculinity.

The earth-tone walls are very elegant, and if you bring the ocean blue into the warm “country bedroom”, the effect is very good. You can put a colorful checkered carpet in front of the bed or a bedside table decorated with mosaic tiles to create a southern European Mediterranean country style. .

Wood decoration

Modern country style will often increase the sense of detail in the design, and it is best to avoid excessive “heavy” with the overall quality materials. The wooden beams and columns, wooden headboards, wooden cabinets, wooden tables and wooden floors in the room have strong rustic characteristics. You can use different shades of wood to match or create the direction of the panel arrangement to make changes.

1. Fresh ” Chalet “

A large number of log panels with gray neutral tones can create a fresh ” 
small wooden house”. (Shutterstock)

The walls and floors are covered with solid wood panels like a “small wooden house”. It can be matched with a black metal bed frame, a white bed set, and the gray striped carpet on the floor echoes the off-white ceiling. The warm wood color of the entire space is refreshing. Gray and white, it makes people feel very casual and relaxing.

You can also use oak to lay the ceiling and floor, with a soothing gray wall, a large amount of wood and neutral tones can fully present the country style, even if the modern bed set and side table are set up, the combination of the two styles is also very good. There is a “country style”.

2. Decorative wood

On the lower part of the wall, the wall around the head of the bed can be decorated with wooden boards. The arrangement of horizontal stripes resembles the taste of “exquisite hotel”; vintage wood chips, distressed wood or weathered wood with good materials are also popular materials. It can be arranged upright on the whole wall behind the headboard, and the height of the ceiling is very imposing. In addition, the closet and floor-to-ceiling windows and doors can also be designed with louvered wooden doors that are very unique.

Use natural materials

1. Linen

The use of linen for the bedding or floor mats can best set off the natural simplicity of the country style; or the pure cotton sheets with special weaves to add delicate taste to the soft space.

The curtains and sheets in the room are made of cotton and linen, which is very textured. 

2. Compilation

Rattan chairs, headboards, or lampshades are also common decorations in “country bedrooms”. Natural materials can make people feel cordial and comfortable.

3. Brick Wall

The exposed brick wall design can create a rough country style, if the fireplace is embedded, it will add a retro taste; the wall paintings or artworks on the brick wall make the space more artistic. The contrast between brick walls and wooden shutters is very old-fashioned European country style.

Exotic characteristics

1.  Southern French country style

Change the wall of the room to pale pink, and match it with antique carpets, chandeliers, solid wood beams and rattan woven chairs. It feels like you are in a southern French country and settle your mind and body in a warm and elegant bedroom.

2.  English country style

Most of the English country style bedrooms have fireplaces, exquisite chandeliers, solid wood beds, picture frames and other log accessories. (Shutterstock)

To create an authentic English country bedroom, hand-made wooden furniture with texture: headboard and dressing table are indispensable. The room is mainly in light colors, white and beige. The “waist wall” can be designed with small pink floral patterns. Or striped wallpaper.

With retro-style candlesticks, table lamps, fireplaces and wall lamps, replace drawers, cabinets or door handles with hardware or ceramic handles, and design a decorative brick wall or divide the dressing room with a brick wall to give the classic English country style More complete.

3.  Nordic country style

Nordic people like to use bright and warm colors in indoor spaces, especially those that are connected to nature, such as forest green, sky blue, ocean blue or cloud white; room furnishings emphasize simplicity, leaving more space “blank” “, to make the vision more comfortable and open.

4.  American country style

The light earth tone is the main tone of the American country style, and wood furniture and line boards are also essential and important elements. If you like a warm and lively feeling, you can use lamps similar to dovetail stained glass, or small floral curtains to add life.

The key to a rustic style bedroom design is natural and simple. The less clutter, the more peaceful it can be. If there are too many colors or dazzling design elements in the bedroom, then the concentration of people will be more easily dispersed, and naturally less Easy to relax and rest.

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