US budget deficit, $ 1.9 trillion for 7 months until April

US budget deficit, $ 1.9 trillion for 7 months until April
Washington Treasury

On the 12th, the US Treasury said that the total fiscal balance for the seven months from October 20 to September 2009 was about $ 1.931.8 trillion (about 210 trillion). Announced that it was in the red (yen). The deficit increased by 30% from the same period of the previous year, reaching a record high for the cumulative total of 7 months.

Revenues increased 16% to $ 2,143.1 billion, while expenditures increased 22% to $ 4,075 billion, expanding the deficit. In response to the impact of the new coronavirus, social security-related spending such as unemployment insurance benefits and food subsidies has increased, and with the addition of economic measures such as SME support and cash benefits, expenditure growth has exceeded revenue growth. It was.

In April, the deficit was $ 225.6 billion, a decrease of 69% from the same month of the previous year. Revenue was $ 439.2 billion, an increase of 82%. In 20 years, the tax payment deadline was extended to July, which reduced the tax payment in April, but in 21 years, the tax payment in April increased because the extension of the tax payment deadline was shortened. The U.S. economy is recovering, and tax revenues may have begun to increase due to increased employment and increased corporate activities, but senior Treasury officials said that the overall picture of revenues is accurate for the time being, mainly due to the delay in tax payment periods. He pointed out that it was difficult to grab. Meanwhile, monthly spending in April was $ 664.8 billion, down 32%. A year ago, in April 2008, the Trump administration provided the first cash benefit for the Corona economic stimulus package, while the Biden administration’s maximum of $ 1,400 was distributed mainly in March 2009. Therefore, there was a difference in expenditure compared to the same month of the previous year.

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