When to change the pot? the right way to choose flower pots for raising seeds

When to change the pot? the right way to choose flower pots for raising seeds
According to the growth of the plants, change the pots at the right time to make the plants grow healthier

Everyone likes flowers. It is good to be able to fold the branches and put in a bottle. Potted ornamental flowers are even better. The beautiful potted flowers are placed on the doorstep, and guests can feel the host’s life interest before entering the door. From potted flowers and potted green plants to large fruit tree seedlings, it is important to choose suitable flower pots. Only when the home is settled, can the flowers and saplings grow well and blossom and bear fruit.

Let’s first take a look at how the flower nursery experts in the nursery generally choose flower pots. Generally speaking, small pots with a diameter of 5 cm are generally used for small seedlings in the first year of growth; in the second year, they are replaced in pots with a diameter of 10 cm. Due to the development of the root system of the plant, the diameter of the flower pot used in the third year should be increased to 20 or 30 cm. But knowing these is far from enough, let’s take a look at the other things to pay attention to when choosing a flower pot.

flower pot
Violin fig tree (Fiddle leaf fig tree) belongs to the root system of the tree, to choose large bowl

See the root selection basin

Plants are also life, each with its own characteristics. For saplings with well-developed roots, choose large pots, otherwise choose small pots. Both fig trees and lemon trees have large root systems. Shallow pots are not suitable. Large and deep pots are needed to allow the root system to grow. When the root system grows well, the leaves can be oily, the flowers bloom more, and the fruit bears well.

Succulents are different. Small pots should be used. If you do not use large pots, you can easily cause waterlogging. Because potted plants are different from ground plants, ground plants have no boundaries. If you pour too much water on plants, they will flow away. Potted plants are different. The pottery basin is better, even if the water is poured too much, the excess water will leak out. But plastic pots and flower pots with an enamel layer on the surface will not work. The bottom of such deep flower pots is long-term stuffy, airtight, and easy to cause rotten roots. Therefore, tall flowerpots with high enamel layers that look very stylish are not necessarily suitable, and the requirements for what to grow and how to care for are higher.

Can the air permeability of the flowerpot be improved? Of course you can, for example, you can put a net piece in the pelvic floor to prevent the drainage hole from being blocked. When making bonsai, how to fix the mesh gasket on the bottom of the pot is one of the basic learning content. If there is no professional gauze sheet, it can be replaced by tiles and ceramist. In short, it can help the bottom drainage.

When to change the pot? the right way to choose flower pots for raising seeds
Choose a pot that fits the size of the plant.

See flower selection pot

Flower pots are not as big as possible. As the saying goes, “big pots grow big flowers, small pots grow small flowers”, it does make sense. Shallow pots and small pots are suitable for low-rise herbaceous flowers with rich hairy roots, such as Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, Common Petunia, Calibrchoa Million Bells and Verbena Hybrida.

Shrubs and flowers refer to those trees that have no obvious backbone and are in a clumped state, such as roses, rhododendrons, peonies, roses, and jasmine. The shrubs are not tall, just choose a pot with a moderate depth.

For flowering trees that are taller than shrubs, such as white orchids, Osman thus and woody crabapples, deep pots are suitable. The roots have room for growth, and the trees are not easy to fall when they grow tall without changing pots in time.

The violin fig tree was repotted 

Change basins at the right time

It is inevitable for potted plants to change pots, otherwise the root system will not grow in a small space, the soil quality will get worse and worse, and then the leaves will start to turn yellow, let alone flowers and fruits. Flower pots do not have to be purchased. The old stainless steel soup pot at home can be changed to be used as flower pots. The key is to have the right size.

Not long ago, my friend thought that there should be more fruit trees in my backyard, so I sent a potted cutting (cutting) fig tree for more than one year. After watering the wet soil and pouring it out of the pot slowly, the light-colored roots have filled the pot. If you see roots growing on the bottom of the basin, it is time to change the basin immediately. The small space is suffocated and it can’t stretch.

On the other hand, if the soil in the pot is hardened, you should also change the pot, otherwise the drainage will not be smooth and the plants will easily rot or wilt.

It is best to avoid rainy weather when changing basins. Sunny weather is the best. Spread cardboard or plastic sheets in the backyard, pour out the soil in the basin, break it up, and expose it to the sun to help deworming and disinfection. Use some new good soil when you continue potting, and add enough fertilizer.

Generally speaking, young trees after three years can be transplanted to the ground and allowed to grow freely, or they can be kept in pots of 30-60 cm long, but the roots of the plants need to be pruned every three to five years (root prune). ), if necessary, change to a larger pot depending on the situation.

All kinds of beautiful potted flowers are placed in the home to show the owner’s life interest

There are so many considerations when choosing pots. It seems that planting flowers and trees is not an easy job. It is true that different flowers and trees have different habits. Choosing pots is only one of the steps. Behind the beauty and harvest, there is always hard work and dedication. But when you see new seedlings break through the ground, and when you see the buds smiling on the branches, you are always relieved, and feel that the joy of life lies between this effort and hard work.

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