Tips for Using Skincare before Moderate and after Exercising

Usually women tend to ignore skincare problems when exercising. even some people, there are those who feel natural not to use make up or skincare before, during and after exercising.

Even though skincare has an important role in maintaining healthy skin, anytime and anywhere, including when exercising. So try to always use skincare, either at home or leaving the house. As well as when doing any activity.

The following are guidelines for using skincare before, during and after exercise:

Before Exercising

Before exercising, you must use a facial wash, moisturizer and sunscreen. These three skincare include the minimum standards that you need to use before exercising.

Facial Wash

Facial wash functions to clean the skin from various impurities and is useful for leaving the skin feeling light and fresh. So using a facial wash can help prevent facial pores from clogging with dirt and avoid acne and acne.


Moisturizer plays a role in keeping the skin dry and moisturized during exercise. Especially if you exercise outdoors with the possibility of being exposed to air pollution, hot sun and others. Make sure to choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type to be effective at moisturizing your skin.


Lastly is sunscreen. Sunscreen includes skincare products that must be used and cannot be negotiated. Because sunscreen contains SPF and PA ++ which protects your skin from sunburn. It doesn’t matter if you exercise outdoors or indoors, you have to keep on wearing sunscreen!

When Exercising

When exercising, you also still need to pay attention to facial hygiene and health.

Not Holding Face

After using skincare when you are about to exercise, you must avoid touching your face during exercise. Because when exercising, hands are very likely to be contaminated with dust and germs.

Especially if you actively use your hands as a sport, for example, badminton, volleyball, basketball and others. So as much as possible, keep your hands away from your face. If you want to hold your face with your hands, scratch or wipe your sweat, make sure you wash your hands first. Or at least apply a hand sanitizer.

Dry your sweat with a towel

Next, prepare a dry and clean towel to wipe sweat during exercise. This dry towel is a must-have for those of you who sweat easily. But for those of you who don’t sweat too much, you can let the sweat dry out and then wash it off with a facial wash and shower.

After Exercising

Finally, after exercising, you shouldn’t miss the routine of using skincare. Among them is cleaning the face with micellar water or cleansing milk. Then proceed with washing your face with a facial wash. Next, use your daily skincare routine. Starting from toner, serum, moisturizer, and others.

So that’s skincare and tips for maintaining facial health and cleanliness during exercise. Good luck, ladies!

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