Bad Things That Can Happen When Your Skin Barrier Is Damaged

Skin problems that occur continuously often irritate you, right? Especially if you keep your skin clean and live a healthy lifestyle, but you still experience skin problems. If this happens, it is possible that your skin barrier is damaged.
The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin that protects the skin from damage caused by external factors such as sunlight, pollution, and dirt. If your skin barrier is broken, something bad can happen to your skin. Here are some of them:

1. Inflammation appears on the skin

A damaged skin barrier makes the skin more susceptible to irritation. This is because the skin will be more easily exposed to sunlight, pollution, and dirt. As a result, your skin becomes inflamed more easily. Your skin will flush faster, feel sore and itchy when you are exposed to the sun for too long or the pollution outside the house.

2. Acne Easier

Acne is one of the most susceptible skin problems to occur when your skin barrier is damaged. Usually, acne that occurs because the skin barrier is broken will appear continuously. Instead of subsiding, the number of pimples can actually increase more and more every day.

In addition, acne can also appear in many places at once, in contrast to hormonal acne which usually only appears at certain points on the face.

3. Skin Easily Experience Sunburn

When the skin barrier is damaged, our skin is more sensitive to sunlight. As a result, the skin experiences sunburn more quickly if it is exposed to the sun’s heat for too long. Using sunscreen can indeed help reduce the effect of sunburn on the skin. However, sunscreen performance will be maximized if you have a healthy skin barrier .

4. Dehydrated Skin But Excess Sebum Production

Have you ever produced a lot of sebum on your skin, but your skin still feels dry and attractive? If you experience this, then your skin barrier is most likely damaged. The sebum that is produced by the skin is a self-defense mechanism due to the lack of hydration in the skin. But even if your skin is oily, you will still feel “dry” due to dehydration.

Then what needs to be done when the skin barrier is broken?

You need to calm the skin that is already experiencing problems due to the damaged skin barrier by using a soothing cream .

You can choose Dermaluz Soothing Cream with cactus extract that can soothe reddish faces due to minor irritations. This soothing cream is also moisturizing and can help repair the skin barrier.

Dermaluz Soothing Cream

Dermaluz Soothing Cream has a cool gel texture, making it very light and easy to absorb on the face. This soothing cream is free from parabens and is suitable for all skin types, especially for those of you who have dry skin.

Don’t forget to protect your skin from UV rays using sunscreen to avoid more serious damage to your face. Use Dermaluz Hydrating Sunscreen which can not only protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but also improve your skin barrier.

Dermaluz Hydrating Sunscreen

This sunscreen can also brighten the face, help even out facial skin tone, disguise pores, and moisturize the face. Dermaluz Hydrating Sunscreen is suitable for all skin types and can be recommended for acne prone skin.

Repairing the skin barrier is the first step to problem-free skin. Before anything bad happens to your skin, fix the damaged skin barrier immediately , Ladies !

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