Declining metabolism and getting fat after 40 years of age? 5 kinds of food eat metabolic power

With the age increase, especially after the age of 40 this level, you may find that, although did not eat more than the original, but it becomes easier to gain weight. In fact, this is your new Chen Metabolism force declined. As long as you change your diet and eat more food to improve your metabolism, you can lose weight.

As they age metabolic three causes of deterioration force

Metabolism is an important mechanism of the human body. Its main function is to excrete old waste, fat and excess substances from the body, and then replenish the new energy and nutrients ingested from food.

The basal metabolism that people often mentioned is also included in the metabolism . The slower basal metabolism will also reduce the metabolism and cause obesity.

Weight control is closely related to metabolism. When the body can metabolize more calories than the food you eat, you will lose weight; if you eat more calories than the body can metabolize, you will be prone to obesity.

This is why it is important to control your diet. However, middle-aged people may find that their appetite has not increased, but their weight has increased. Zhu Ruijun, a dietitian who specializes in weight loss , pointed out that with age, there are three main reasons for the deterioration of metabolism:

● Deterioration of body function: body function will be degraded with age, and metabolism will become worse.

● muscle mass reduction: high muscle mass, basal metabolic rate will be high, but easy muscle mass with age, growth, improper diet and reducing the basal metabolic rate followed fall down.

After the age of 40 , muscle mass will decrease by 8% every ten years. The American health care website “Web MD” pointed out that after the age of 40, weight loss must be practiced, especially for women after menopause.

● Accumulation of toxins in the body: fat cells store toxins of organic compounds and accumulate more and more with age. If these toxins are not eliminated, it is difficult to metabolize fat.

Five foods like green tea and cinnamon contribute to metabolism

To improve metabolism, not only must maintain exercise habits, but diet is also an important part.

Among the weight loss trainees under the guidance of Zhu Ruijun, people with metabolic problems usually start to adjust their diet first. For example, add a lot of fruits and vegetables to the diet or fast for fruits and vegetables, eat 10 bowls of vegetables and 2 to 3 bowls of fruits a day. A porcelain bowl with a capacity of 240ml, each bowl is filled with different types.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can help eliminate the accumulated feces in the body and reduce the accumulation of toxins. The fruits and vegetables contain a lot of phytochemicals and also help detoxification.

In addition, you can also eat more foods that can improve metabolism:

1. Green tea, Oolong tea: Containing catechins can help metabolism, and caffeine can diuresis and increase the basal metabolic rate.

2. Capsicum: Capsaicin can help metabolism.

3. Cinnamon: Cinnamon can balance blood sugar and help reduce belly fat. Cinnamon can be used to make tea, coffee or soak in boiling water, or as a spice to marinate meat. The braised pork sauce that the ingredients can absorb is limited, which has no effect on fat accumulation. However, people with edema are not recommended to consume cinnamon in the form of braised pork.

4. Turmeric: can slow down the growth of fat cells.

5. Fermented enzymes: not only have trace amounts of nutrients for fruits and vegetables, but also contain organic acids that can adjust the intestinal flora. Zhu Ruijun pointed out that if the total number of intestinal bacteria is more, and they are all good bacteria, the metabolism can be improved. When choosing commercially available fermented enzymes, it is recommended to choose a certified manufacturer, which is more secure.

There are other health foods that can improve metabolism, such as bitter orange, African mango, garcinia cambogia, bitter gourd peptide, fucoidan, green coffee extract, guarana extract, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), etc. . Different people eat these health products, their body will react differently. Some people may take it effectively, and some people don’t feel it, so you can try more.

Other foods, such as meat (protein), kelp (iodine), banana (potassium), etc., are all easily ingested foods. Lack of nutrients such as protein, iodine and potassium will slow metabolism, and it is not easy to eat a balanced diet. lack of.

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Drink plenty of water to allow normal metabolism to burn fat

Drinking water is important for metabolism. Zhu Ruijun emphasized that drinking water is not to help “improve metabolism”, but “the body cannot metabolize without drinking water.” In the body, three molecules of water are needed to burn one molecule of fat. If you don’t drink water or drink less water, the metabolism of fat will be blocked.

However, it is not better to drink more water, and you should not drink a large amount of water at once. The recommended amount of water to drink is different for different body weights:

Daily water consumption per person: weight × 40

Drinking method: drink small amounts and drink several times, 100cc to 200cc at a time, share the amount of water throughout the day, and drink it evenly. For example, a person weighing 50 kg should drink 2000 cc of water a day, and drink 200 cc of water every 1 to 2 hours.

Drinking water is not limited to any time period, but people who are prone to frequent urination at night should try to drink in the daytime as much as possible.

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