Natural sweeteners: these 5 natural sweeteners are more beneficial than sugar, know how

Natural Sweeteners Consumption of sugar increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. You can use sugar candy and coconut sugar instead of sugar. With this sugar, your craving to eat sweets will be calm, and your health will also be benefited.

Sugar is an important part of our diet without which our day would not have started. People first consume sweet tea and milk as soon as they wake up in the morning. Throughout the day, we consume many such things which are made of sugar. But you know that dissolving sugar in the mouth is harmful to health. High intake of sugar increases the hormonal blood fats, triglycerides in the blood. These increase the risk of stroke and heart disease. If you are fond of eating sugary, then there are many other options in place of sugar which will calm your craving for sugary food. You can remove the risk of health by taking other things instead of sugar.

Disadvantages of sugar:

You know that sugar is called ‘foodless food’. It is empty in the name of calories, it does not contain any vitamins or minerals, which are necessary for us. Consumption of sugar increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Due to this, serious problems like heart attack, cancer, brain stroke can occur later. Let us know what things you can take instead of sugar to keep yourself fit and healthy. We are telling you about 5 such options that will fulfill your desire to eat sweet as well as will not affect your health.

Khand and Mishri:

Khand and mishri are healthy alternatives to sweetness that give you plenty of nutrients as well as sweetness. It is rich in calcium and mineral which is not refined. They benefit your health.

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Coconut sugar:

Coconut sugar is also a good substitute for sugar, it is made by collecting the sweet liquid from the coconut tree. Although the calories in it are equal to sugar, the glycemic index is less than sugar. The body digests it easily.

Dates sugar:

Dates have always been a healthy alternative to sweetness. Toast dry dates and grind them and use it instead of sugar. Though it cannot be used in tea coffee but you can use it in chocolate, pastry, pudding, cake or elsewhere. This also makes bones stronger.


Jaggery is not refined so it gives you all the nutrients. Jaggery also contains vitamins and minerals, as its effect is warm, so it gives special benefits in colds and phlegm.

Raw honey:

Raw honey will be very beneficial in place of honey found in the market. This will not only give you sweetness, but will also help in weight control. 

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