The relationship between blood type and marriage

According to surveys and statistics of relevant persons, the relationship between blood type and marriage roughly has the following 13 combinations.

1. Type A husband and Type A wife. Both husband and wife are very conservative and cautious, but in occasions such as welcoming and welcoming with neighbors, the wife will bear it with one hand. They rarely have emotional disputes, and they are a very suitable couple.   

2. A-type husband and O-type wife. On the outside, it seems that the wife is more conspicuous, but on the inside, the husband is actually holding the rope controlled tightly. Because of being too conservative, it tends to cringe.   

3. Type A husband and type B wife. An honest and well-mannered husband is easy to be led by a free-spirited wife, especially when the wife has done something that destroys her husband’s face, these things will always become a grudge between the two of them.   

4. Type A husband and AB type wife. Wives often act coquettishly to their husbands, and they are strong, so they will have ample mood to appreciate the unexpected actions of their wives. The husband is easy to fall into the real environment, and the wife is the stimulant of his life.   

5. O-type husband and O-type wife. This is the same stubborn and too rigid couple. Soon after marriage, this couple will continue to fight to suppress each other, but no matter what, they usually end up with a wife-dominated situation.   

6. Type O husband and type A wife. Suddenly, this is a husband and wife type with a man in power, but in fact, it is this type A wife who helped her husband stand up. The husband of the weak in blood type is unknowingly fighting hard for his wife.   

7. Type O husband and type B wife. A steady husband and a hardworking wife. In short, a man has the spirit of a man, and a woman has the appearance of a woman, but if the husband suppresses his wife too much, the relationship between them will be cracked.   

8. O type husband and AB type wife. This is a couple without any emotional connection, like a combination of a dull husband and a keen wife. The most important thing is to be able to accommodate each other and not to be critical of each other.   

9. Type B husband and Type B wife. This is a couple who want to do whatever they want, worry-free and happy. Sometimes they fail because they don’t plan in advance. Therefore, the wife seems to have to spend a little more effort to control certain actions.   

10. Type B husband and type A wife. Wives are easily played around by husbands who are good at reasoning. Husbands ignore worldly conventions and wives with a little vanity, so there is nothing wrong with them, and disputes between the two can easily occur.   

11. Type B husband and type O wife. It is usually a couple in which the wife is in power, and a very realistic wife is not deceived by a type-B husband who likes to play tricks. It is best for the wife not to oppress her husband too much, so as not to make the host of the family fearful.   

12. Type B husband and AB type wife. This is a couple full of individuality and creativity. They will never be restricted by those secular conventions and forms. It is the wife who holds the dominant power. There are also many wives who use their interests in work to achieve success.   

13. AB type husband and AB type wife. This is a couple that is difficult for others to understand. They always feel that each other is their best partner. Special attention must be paid to the fact that the relationship between the two becomes suffocated because they are too close.


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