Re: Zero Season 3 Release Date, Cast, & Plot

Re: Zero season 3

Subaru’s suffering doesn’t end in Season 2 of Re: Zero, either. Another sequel should be in the works for sure, but when is the Re: Zero season 3 coming out ?

Subaru, a simple youngster, is one day teleported to a fantasy world. There, he meets a mysterious girl named Emilia and learns something shocking. Every time he dies he is resurrected, much like in a video game. This opens up many possibilities for him, but also causes great suffering. His adventure continues in the second season of Re: Zero, which aired on Crunchyroll until about a month ago. But what about season 3?

Re: Zero – When will season 3 be released?

Re: Zero season 3

At this time, little information is known about a third season of the series. It’s pretty much certain that will show up, as not only is the fantasy story always very well received by fans, but executive producer Sho Tanaka has already indirectly confirmed a sequel in an interview with Crunchyroll:

“I’m sure when you see this (Season 2) you’re all going to be screaming for a third season. Look forward to it. “

One can only guess when the new episodes will air. If season 3 takes as much production time as the previous one, a start before 2024 is not to be expected. We consider an earlier date to be more realistic, perhaps next year. If your patience isn’t enough by then, you have no choice but to read Tappei Nagatsuki’s novel *

How does the animated series unfold?

Watch out, spoilers follow: After defeating the Army of Bloodthirsty Rabbits in the Season 2 finale, Subaru, Emilia, and Beatrice now face a new challenge. In order to assert Emilia’s claim to the throne, political intrigues must be broken. As the staunch knight of the supposed future queen, Subaru is of course again in the foreground.

Fans can also look forward to the return of other well-known characters such as Rem or Beatrice. In addition, new adversaries, especially those of the witch cult, are to be expected. It remains fascinating.

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