One Piece: Will This Character Beat Big Mom?

Big Mom

Big Mom is falling in the wano right now with Kaido. Apart from Kaido and Big Mom, the Wano arc tells the story of a new era that transcends the old era. The rest of the crew from the Rocks pirate group is speculated to be crushed or crashed in this arc. And this speculation itself has some clues that appear in the story.

As shown so far, the battle in Onigashima is the culmination of the Wano Country arc. After the successful attack on Onigashima, now five members of Worst Generation, namely Luffy, Zoro, Kidd, Killer, and Law, have to face two Yonko at once. The five Worst Generations do have “history” with the two Yonko, especially Kidd and Big Mom.

What’s interesting is that fans speculate that Kaido and Big Mom will not appear again after this Wano arc, or they will be defeated by the Worst Generation. The reason is, there is no reason for Big Mom and Kaido to become the main antagonists again after this arc, because their era will end in Wano. Luffy will be the cause of Kaido’s downfall, and Kidd is believed to be the cause of Big Mom’s destruction.

There is a reason why Oda Sensei showed the dispute between Kidd and Big Mom long before the Wano arc, to be precise since Fish-Man Island. Kidd is known to destroy one of the Big Mom groups. In fact, the dispute between them got worse in the Udon warriors when we learned that Kidd stole something from Big Mom’s territory and injured one of his commanders.

After Luffy and Kidd took down the Yonko from the old era respectively, the next arc will focus on Shanks and Blackbeard. The Yonko from the new era will come into conflict with the Yonko from the present era – namely Blackbeard and Shanks. This has also been given a hint by Oda Sensei, where Luffy clashes with Blackbeard’s figure. Meanwhile, Kidd clashed with Shanks.

The two Yonko will be the “next ladder” for Kidd and Luffy. Oda continues to present and create storylines from the conflict between Kidd and Luffy and the Yonko for a reason. Kidd’s success in defeating a Yonko in the same arc as Luffy will be proof of a theory that fans have been talking about, namely Kidd is Luffy’s rival.

If Kidd wants to be a figure close to the pirate king, then he must face and become a rival for Luffy. This becomes a proving ground for Kidd, and facing Big Mom and defeating him is the way Kidd can do it. Kidd might not kill Big Mom, but after this Wano arc Big Mom will most likely lose her power or power.

In addition, the Morgan newspaper will also acknowledge the figure of Eustass Kidd as a figure “responsible” for the defeat of Big Mom. And this will raise Kidd’s reputation in the eyes of the world, especially with regard to being Luffy’s rival. We are just waiting, geeks, how then will Kidd beat Big Mom.

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