Oda’s Hints for Zoro’s Haki!

zoro's haki

Chapter 1010 of the One Piece manga series finally confirmed something very important from Zoro, namely that he did indeed have the ability of Conqueror Haki. However, the fact that Zoro possessed Conqueror Haki was basically not that surprising. The reason is, so far Eiichiro Oda has long provided clues regarding this matter – which has led to many theories and speculations about it.

Zoro, to Luffy, is like Rayleigh to Roger. He was a very close crew figure, following because he believed not because he was weaker, a right-handed figure that had almost equal strength. Rayleigh himself is a user of Conqueror Haki, so with speculation that there are similarities between Zoro and Rayleigh, it means that Zoro also has this Haki.

As mentioned above, the fact that Zoro has Conqueror Haki is a confirmation of what fans have previously speculated. Oda has also been giving hints about this for a long time, mentioning Zoro’s “very strong aura”, “killing intent”, and Zoro’s very strong “demonic air”.

As Rayleigh put it, Conqueror Haki is “the power to conquer.” This is in accordance with what happened to Monet, when he was “killed” as a result of Zoro’s slash. The moment when Zoro was about to attack Monet, Zoro looked so serious with his gaze. And what’s interesting, these expressions and gazes are in accordance with what Conqueror Haki users usually do.

At the start of the Wano arc, Urashima – the sumo champion – tries to kidnap Kiku but he doesn’t do it. That was because Urashima felt the terrible air from Zoro. Zoro’s willpower is truly very strong and extraordinary, to the point of even being able to create an illusion from his body that seemed to multiply like a demon.

On the other hand, the Worst Generations felt how extraordinary the atmosphere of killing Zoro was. In chapter 997, Zoro was angry with Queen, and shouted that he didn’t have time to play around and spend time on the games he was playing. At that moment, it was seen how Queen was intimidated by this. On the other hand, Kaido was the cause of the earthquake in Onigashima, because he raised his island.

However, many people thought that the earthquake was caused by Zoro’s Conqueror Haki. Brook even believed this too. Even though at first it might just be a joke, we come to know that it is not a joke. However, it is interesting, because people thought that the earthquake was caused by anger from Zoro and also Conqueror Haki that he had.

Although there is no confirmation yet, when Zoro tries to control Enma so that his sword doesn’t absorb Zoro’s Armament Haki, there is a possibility that Zoro is unconsciously using Conqueror Haki. That is the reason why later he was able to “control” Enma. In fact, there is also a theory from fans that Zoro uses Conqueror Haki in Logue Town to get his luck trying to get Sandai Kitetsu.

The Databook from One Piece also states that Zoro’s level of fighting strength is considered the same as Luffy. However, the reason why he wants to follow Luffy is because of his trust and respect. At the end of the series, there is a possibility that Zoro will become the right-hand man of the strongest pirate king after Rayleigh. And of course Zoro will succeed in realizing his dream as the best swordsman.

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