Only Clan D Can Use One Piece?

Gol D. Roger was the first pirate to make it to Laugh tale, the farthest island of the Grand Line. The island is said to be the place where One Piece is and there are also various pieces of Poneglyphs, which tell stories about world history, what happened during the lost century, and of course the story of what the spirit D.

Unfortunately, so far we don’t know what the island is like and various other information. The only known information is that in order to get there, we need four different Road Poneglyphs to serve as clues. However, even though Roger and his crew got there they were still too fast to find One Piece and find Laugh Tale.

In fact, it is still unknown what exactly this means. What is certain is that after they arrived at Laugh Tale, there was nothing they could do. And according to what is conveyed in the story, Roger’s “failure” has something to do with the figure of Joy Boy and this is also connected to Joy Boy’s long-term plans.

But, actually there is something tickling about this “failure”. We know that on the way to Laugh Tale, Roger already had Kozuki Oden and his wife, Toki, join his crew. Toki itself is not from the “present” era but from 800 years ago. He has the ability to be able to time travel.

With Roger arriving at Laugh Tale too quickly and Toki with his crew, why then did Toki not send Roger’s crew to the future when the mermaid was born? According to Sharley’s prediction, the new mermaid would be born about 10 years from the last time Roger visited the Ryugu kingdom. This is probably the reason why Wano is such a complex and crucial place and something.

Oden is desperately trying to open up the border his family has been doing for hundreds of years. According to available information, the purpose of closing the Wano border is to welcome new powers. Time travel does not seem to be the answer to this problem. Only action can solve it all.

So, in essence, Roger didn’t have time. He did not have another 10 years to wait until Poseidon was born. Even if Roger manages to time travel to 10 years later, with Toki’s strength, Roger’s time is very limited. Everything was caused by the illness he suffered from which made him unable to live for a long time.

The journey to Laugh Tale and the process of opening up the Wano frontier, which Oden had always dreamed of, must have taken a very long time. Moreover, Kozuki Oden did not want to accept outside assistance. Seeing this situation, another question arose. If Roger didn’t have much time, why didn’t his crew continue the captain’s determination or desire?

Why don’t those who time travel, join in opening up Wano’s borders and accomplishing all of Joy Boy’s ambitions? The answer is only one, namely there is no “D” figure among the crew. It is possible that only those who are descendants of the “D” clan can find, interact or have contact with One Piece.

That’s probably the reason why Shanks never intended to go to Laugh Tale, and sacrificed everything to Luffy. Shanks believed in Luffy, just as he believed in the captain. Shanks is sure that Luffy will bring a big change. He is the figure of the D clan who will be able to access the power – or whatever – from One Piece.

Luffy is currently born at the right time, where Poseidon was born and even became Luffy’s best friend. It was only a matter of time, until Luffy made it to Laugh Tale and found one piece, and realized what Joy Boy had predicted. Let’s just look forward to it, Geeks, how Luffy’s adventure goes in finding one piece.

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