Witcher 3 how to use crossbow?

Witcher 3 how to use crossbow

How to use the crossbow in witcher 3?

  • First of all, you need to equip the crossbow from the inventory to yourself, then hold down the Tab button and then select it in the appeared menu. By default, the crossbow is activated by the middle mouse button. However, the damage is extremely small and should only be used as an additional weapon, and you can do without it.
  • To use the crossbow in Witcher 3, select it from the uniform, dress it, press Tab, select in “Crossbow” menu, use the mouse (the wheel or the middle mouse button). Happy hunting everyone!
  • The crossbow is very important in the game “The Witcher-3”. For example, if you do not have a crossbow with you, you cannot bring the griffin to the ground, and its attacks from the air can be fatal. In addition, the crossbow is actively used underwater.
  • To use this weapon you must bring a crossbow to Geralt from the inventory Press the TAB key, select a crossbow from the menu. Shoot from the crossbow with the mouse wheel.
  • The one-handed crossbow is a ranged weapon. Very effective for underwater combat. You can use it as follows: you must first select a crossbow – move its slot, press tab (using the spell signs to click on it and select), then click the mouse wheel and shoot.

Using a crossbow and selecting it with the Tab key, you can shoot in two ways

:1) Clutching kolsiko of the mouse, will aim, aim is to target and releasing will be proizvedn so vystrel. Takim you can aim at opredelnnye of the opponent’s body (blows to the head and back will be critical and cause more damage).

2) The second way is easier, you have to look at the enemy (to see the scale of his health) quickly press and release the mouse wheel. A blow falls into the body.

Undoubtedly, a crossbow doesn’t do much damage and you need a lot of patience to kill an opponent with a crossbow, but don’t underestimate its usefulness. With it, you can take down opponents with the mood to attack you, useful against both people and monsters. Similarly, with the help of a crossbow, you can easily take down the enemy flying over you (garipia, griffin, wyvern and other winged creatures).

  • To use a crossbow, you must first put it, here are the functions you need to perform:

At first glance, shooting will be very unusual, especially if a long time in other games, but after a time, when to stop and immerse yourself in the game, this process causes only positive emotions.

  • To use a crossbow or bomb in a game, use the keyboard key “Tab;”. The mouse wheel controls the weapon or its middle button.The crossbow is the new weapon of the witch Geralt, it appeared only in the game “The Witcher 3”. It is mainly used underwater.
  • In the game “The Witcher 3” for the battle with flying monsters The most effective weapon is the crossbow … Such a weapon is good to use underwater – Geralt can from afar to strike on any hostile being.To use a crossbow, you need the Tab key; Tabquot; enter the spell menu where you choose a crossbow . After confirming the action with the middle mouse button or the wheel, you will see that the weapon is already in the hands of the Witcher . Now he can make accurate hits from him on the enemy.

To use the crossbow in the Witcher 3 game, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. we put the crossbow on ourselves from the inventory,
  2. Press TAB, in the menu that appears, select the crossbow,
  3. shoot the crossbow with the mouse wheel. The crossbow is not the main weapon in the Witcher 3 game, but in some cases it is not replaceable, for example to force flying creatures to descend it is necessary to use a crossbow.
  • To effectively use the crossbow in the game quot; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ”, you need to perform the following steps: in the inventory, in the hero’s equipment slot, set the crossbow, then press the quot; Tabquot ;, select the weapon in the menu (in this case, it is a crossbow), to make a shot, click on the mouse wheel.

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