One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

One Punch man season 3: release date, info, trailer and spoilers

One Punch Man is a featured Shonen comic anime that is also one of the most popular around the world. So why isn’t there a sequel yet and will one day be entitled to a One Punch Man season 3 ?

In this article, you’ll find the latest information available on One Punch Man season 3: release date, trailers, spoilers, and much more.

One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date

So when is one punch man season 3 coming out

One Punch Man Season 3

The creators of the series have not yet officially renewed the anime. Due to the growing popularity of the series, season 3 is sure to premiere.

Hopefully, season 3 won’t take as long as season 2 to stream online. Considering the current coronavirus situation, a delay for the broadcast of season 3 is undoubtedly foreseeable.

Some sites talk of a broadcast for the second half of the year 2021. The first season of One Punch Man aired on October 5, 2015, followed by season 2 on April 9, 2019.

The four-year lag between these two seasons makes it difficult to predict when One Punch Man will be released. According to source, One Punch Man season 3 will be out in 2022.

The first information will surely be given in the second part of the year 2021, with presentation trailers as well, and more information about the story or the number of episodes. It will also allow us to take stock of the scenario that will be taken from the manga.

The plot of One Punch Man season 3

One Punch Man Season 3

Like the previous seasons, the next edition of One Punch Man is expected to feature various scenes of fights and battles. Other than that, the series must maintain its comic calling in one punch season 3.

The next season will present the different activities of each superhero with their partner. Once again, the series will amaze you with stunning visuals. Good news for fans of the series, Saitama will finally have an opponent worthy of the name.

There are many reasons to think that he will oppose Garou, who through various ingested supplements will be able to face him! The first season of One Punch Man that aired in 2015 adapted volumes 1 to 7.

One Punch Man Season 3 release
The second season covered volumes 8 to 16 of the manga.

The second season covered volumes 8 through 16 of the manga. So volume 17 of the manga continues after the anime, giving us 6 volumes that can be used for OPM season 3.

We can expect that season 3 will adapt several volumes in a first part of 12 episodes, and then return a few months later with a second part, as we have been accustomed to in recent animes.

The casting

One Punch Man Season 3
The casting

So far, the producers have not confirmed anything regarding the cast of season 3 One Punch Man. However, the cast members from the previous season are expected to return and reprise their respective roles. Here are some of the artists and their respective roles.

  1. Makoto Furukawa as Saitama
  2. Kaito Ishikawa as Genos
  3. Ueda, Youji as a worker with glasses
  4. Shota Yamamoto as the bearded worker
  5. Nobuo Tobita as Sitch
  6. Hiromichi tezuka

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