One Piece: Is This the Origin of Luffy’s Style?


Whether we realize it or not, every attack from Monkey D. Luffy often has something to do with various things he has experienced, either a very memorable experience or other experiences. For example, the Gomu Gomu no Pistol attack. The attack could have been adapted from what he once said, “My hit is very much like a gun.”

Another possibility is that Luffy witnessed Lucky Roo’s gun as he tried to protect Ace from a bandit attack who tried to injure Shanks. How about Gomu Gomu Bazooka’s attack? Luffy at that time thought that Sabo was killed by the bazooka attack. Until the time-skip occurs, Bazooka is one of Luffy’s last moves to finish off the enemy. There were already many casualties who had been defeated by this technique.


Then the Storm attack technique, which was adapted from his experience in Alabasta, which had not rained in many years. Luffy finally defeated Crocodile by using a storm. Luffy’s Haki attacks are also taken from the experiences he experienced during the time-skip at Rusukaina. Most of the names of his Gear 4 are taken from the names of the animals he meets there.

For example, King Kong Gun, Leo Bazooka, Python, Black Mamba, and so on. Even the Red Hawk attack itself is adapted from the name of the animal which is also a form of respect for Ace. Then, what about Luffy’s new attack, Red Roc? As Geeks might realize that Red roc is not part of Gear 4 but Gear 3.

Gomu Gomu no Red Roc is the next version of Luffy’s Red Hawk in Gear 3. Roc itself is similar to Hawk, aka an eagle. Roc in Middle Eastern mythology is a giant bird of prey, which can even eat an adult elephant. However, there is a theory as to why Luffy named his attack Red Roc and this has something to do with Raizo.

Oda showed a full two-page story mentioning Raizo, which shows that Luffy hasn’t forgotten him. And Luffy also remembers how suffering, pain, and death, as well as all the things Kaido has caused to others. In theory, Red Roc had something to do with when he was tied up and kidnapped at Zou.

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Raizo is shown tied to a Poneglyph and it turns out that it is not an ordinary Poneglyph, but a Road Poneglyph. The color of the Road Poneglyph itself is red. And the Poneglyph itself is a creation of the Kozuki family. Thus, the Red Roc attack is likely an attack carried out in honor of Ace, Raizo, and all the Red Scabbards – generally all of Wano.

That might be the reason when Luffy attacked Kaido in Chapter 1000 yesterday, we saw various flashback scenes. The attack, which opened the battle, was indeed “dedicated” to all of those who suffered as a result of Kaido. And what’s interesting is that Luffy beat Kaido at the same point or part of the face when Ace destroyed Kaido’s dragon statue.

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