One Piece: They Are Closest to the Last Poneglyph!


To get to Laugh Tale, a pirate must find the Road Poneglyph. The Road Poneglyph is a great guide for those who want to go to Laugh Tale, because on the Road Poneglyph there is a way to get to the last island. So, it seems natural that pirates are willing to do anything to get the Road Poneglyph.

There are only four Road Poneglyphs, of the many existing Poneglyphs. In the anime version, the Road Poneglyph is bright red. They are scattered all over the ocean, and not many people know their existence. Therefore, searching for the Road Poneglyph is one of the great adventures that those who want to become the pirate king must undertake.

After leaving the sky island, Roger then followed three other Road Poneglyphs. While in Water 7, Roger finally managed to get a copy of Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph. Finally, Roger himself found the last Road Poneglyph in Zou, after he discovered the existence of the third Road Poneglyph on the Fishman Island. The position itself is in the sea forest, right next to the Poneglyph which contains an apology from JoyBoy.

What about Luffy? Luffy himself has seen two Road Poneglyphs so far, one from Big Mom and the other from Zou. Luffy himself is now eyeing Kaido’s Poneglyph, and that leaves the last Road Poneglyph on the Fishman Island where its existence is still mysterious. So, where is the existence of the last Road Poneglyph?

There are two possibilities that happen, first is Neptune entrusted it to someone else to hide or someone had taken it first. However, for the second reason it seems unlikely. There are three reasons for this: first, apart from Kaido and Big Mom, there are no more powerful pirates in the ocean who are able to forcibly take the Road Poneglyph.

Second, Neptune himself didn’t say anything to Robin about his Road Poneglyph. Neptune gave no hint that his Road Poneglyph was lost or stolen or that something had happened. Lastly, a Poneglyph is something that cannot simply be moved. Logically, people would prefer copies instead of taking the whole Poneglyph.

So, whoever takes it, we can be sure that this is to maintain the confidentiality of its existence, it does not mean that Fishman Island is an unsafe place. After all, after the golden age of pirates, Fishman Island was a place that both pirates and anyone else who tried to fight against them were very afraid of. and there are some people who are suspected to be “the perpetrators.”

First, it is the Whitebeard pirate group who once made the Fishman Island their territory. maybe Whitebeard was hiding it on purpose. If they did, they might as well keep it in a hidden place. So that not everyone can look for it. Marco probably still knows where he is.

Second, Blackbeard became the one who owned his Poneglyph. As we know, like the war against the rest of Whitebeard’s crew and after Whitebeard’s own death, the possibility that Blackbeard and his crew once went to the Fishman Island and took the Road Poneglyph seemed reasonable. Blackbeard used to be Whitebeard’s crew, meaning he has a “spy” or knows the whereabouts of his Poneglyph.

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Perhaps, Blackbeard picked up on it when the time-skip occurred, which could also be another reason why Marco and the others decided to fight against Blackbeard. The third is in Shanks’ hands. It is also possible that Shanks is the figure who took the Road Poneglyph and became its protector. Shanks might give it to Luffy if the timing is right. And if you look at Shanks, it seems that he really supports the new generation and also the next Roger.

Finally, the figure of Scopper Gaban who is trusted to bring him to Lodestar Island. Scopper Gaban is believed to have been waiting for someone who deserves to become the next pirate king. So, after Wano, Luffy’s next goal could be Lodestar to find the last Road Poneglyph.

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