Attack on Titan Confirms Armin and Zeke’s Status!

Attack on Titan

Although the Attack on Titan anime series is currently entering its fourth season which is also its final season, for the manga version itself there are only a few chapters left. After the heartbreaking death of Hange Zoe, the series creator, Hajime Isayama, keeps fans curious about what happened, and who would be the next victim in the Rumbling incident.

In chapter 135 yesterday, the manga seems to give us the answer to that question. In the chapter we see how Armin, who is the successor of Hange, becomes the next victim. He was captured by one of the predecessor Titans and he was also seen being eaten by the Titan. However, a surprise then appears in the next chapter.

Chapter 136 yesterday, entitled “Devote Your Hearts,” provides an explanation of Armin’s status. Not only is Armin still “alive,” but the strange situation he’s in right now makes him realize that he’s not alone. It turns out that Zeke Jaeger also experienced the same thing with Armin. They are all trapped in the Paths world.

Attack on Titan

After their plan of attack to destroy Eren’s Founding Titan form fails, the remaining allied forces – Levi, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, and Reiner – are forced to flee from all attacks by Ymir Fritz, who orders the Titans to defend and continue to attack them. who tries to interfere.

Luckily, Falco’s Winged Titan managed to save them and bring them to safety. However, they realized that their comrades were still left behind. Pieck Finger is still trapped in the middle of the battle with Cart Titan’s form, while Armin cannot be found after he is eaten by one of the predecessor Titans.
Armin’s own condition is confusing, it is not known whether he is dead or just unconscious. To be sure, his “spirit” could still see his lying body. Armin also knew that it was the Path world and he realized that maybe this was what connected the minds of the entire Eldian population.

In the midst of frustration, Armin then saw Zeke’s figure. Eren’s older brother was last seen in chapter 122, where Eren betrayed him by successfully taking over the power of the Founding Titan and then carrying out his plan to destroy humanity through the events of Rumbling. This was “agreed” by Ymir Fritz.

The last time the Beast Titan figure was shown using his throwing abilities to destroy all air attacks that led to the Titan Eren wall. However, it was revealed that all of this was in fact controlled by Ymir Fritz. This made fans doubt – at the time – that Zeke was still alive. At the end of chapter 136, Armin and Zeke then talked, and Zeke himself said that they were “eaten” by Ymir.

Although Mikasa and the other allied forces may eventually find Armin’s body, it is up to Armin – and Zeke – whether they want to return from the Path world or not. It is still unknown how the two of them managed to get out of there.

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