How to lose weight in two week The latest strategy.

everyone who wants to lose weight in 2020

Studies on the causes of obesity, weight loss knowledge, and various weight loss diets are updated annually.(How to lose weight in two week)

However, due to the update of knowledge and the introduction of weight loss drugs one after another, the obesity rate is increasing year by year, and there is no sign that it will decrease.

As shown in the picture below, I used to be very, very fat, and I am also a person with a physique of fat.

So I can understand the voice of a fat person and I really want to lose weight

many weight loss methods without success i tried my self

I tried, ate and moved common boiled foods on the market, but didn’t lose weight until I tried other meals.

After losing weight, I started learning the essence and methods of losing weight

And write him in this article on weight loss strategies, hoping to help you.


myths about weight loss have not been repeated

1.Eat less and move more weight loss 

The phrase “eat less and move more” is actually true, but most people misunderstand it.

Many people think that everything needs to be eaten less, so they limit their calories to a very low level. It feels like they are eating a super low-calorie fairy meal.

Next, when it comes to hyperactivity, the first thing to think about is aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling, but in reality, this is a very short and easy way to gain weight.

The main reason is that overeating is the cause of muscle loss. In addition, aerobic exercise does not help muscle mass growth, resulting in a decrease in total metabolism.

this way You can lose 10 pounds , but when your metabolism slows down, you can easily regain weight.

it’ is the the fat that takes over the lost muscle and looks thicker than ever

This is what we call the yo-yo effect. Lose weight, gain weight, gain weight more than before, lose weight again, gain weight, gain weight more than before.

Stop eating meal replacements and diet pills

At this point, you may start looking for other means, such as eating a weight loss diet substitute, taking weight loss pills, and so on.

believe me, most weight loss drugs are inevitable because of body damage, especially digestive tract.

You may actually now lose your weight, but if your digestive tract is damaged, you will gain more weight than before.

In short, I still recommend reading this article on how to lose weight to learn how to eat healthy, be happy, and stay fit forever.

The key how to lose weight

see the image. This is primarily about the factors that influence the very complex obesity.

If you don’t know the calorie balance, you can imagine that our body is consuming calories (exercise, heat production, basal metabolism) and calorie intake (diet).

If you consume more calories than you consume, you lose weight, so in reality weight loss is to eat less and move more. This is very easy.

In the short term, you can really achieve weight loss simply by eating less and exercising more, but simple is not simple, because the body’s operation is very complicated.

Many believe that calorie consumption can be reduced, high calorie consumption can be achieved by running all the time, and that eating light meals (low calorie foods) can reduce calorie intake and easily reduce it. I will.

the body is like a factory,When losing weight.

For me, the keys to long-term weight loss and maintaining good shape are the hormones, the degree of inflammation in the body, and the internal environment such as the digestive system.

think of the body as a factory

.Your hormones are the managers and workers of the factory operation

.Inflammation is the condition of factory machinery and hardware

.Calorie intake is the salary and fuel of the factory

Hormones vs weight loss

Both groups of horses had calorie restriction, but one group slept 5.5 hours a night and the other 8.5 hours.

Both groups lost weight, but the group with less sleep lost 55% body fat and 65% more muscle mass than the full sleep group.

This major difference is primarily due to the adverse effects of sleep deprivation of growth hormone, insulin and leptin, and the degree of inflammation in the body, which is that impaired secretion tends to increase muscle fat loss.

lose weight without counting calories: low-carb diet

Low carbon diets, low carbon diets, very low carbon diets, ketone body production diets … all these diet styles have something in common.

it is to reduce carbohydrate intake to quickly improve blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

Approximately 450 people participated, half were low-carb diets that do not calculate calories, and the other half were low-fat diets that count calories.

We found that low-carb diets, which do not calculate calories, lost weight more than low-fat diets, which were calorie-restricted, and significantly improved data on all aspects of the body.

This is mainly because eating less carbohydrates can give us a sense of fullness, so we naturally don’t want to eat too much, and we lose weight naturally.

Therefore, our main goal in adopting a low-carbon diet is to first select the right food. The calorie count part cannot reduce body fat and you can wait until you find congestion before you start.

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