Japanese fruit farmers use owls to catch voles well and are environmentally friendly

Japanese fruit farmers use long-tailed wood owls to catch voles to reduce rodent infestation.

(farmers use owls to catch voles)Farmers planting crops will necessarily encounter.harmful insects or animal plague and they have to use various prevention measures. Farmers who grow apples in Japan use owls to deal with voles that gnaw fruit trees . Not only does it work well, but it does not pollute the environment like using pesticides.

The long-tailed wood owl (Ural owl) is a medium-sized, nocturnal owl . For a long time they will build nests in places, where voles are ravage and play a certain role in suppressing rodent infestation.

In recent years, Japanese apple farmers have noticed-the advantages of long-tailed wood owls in this regard and have begun to actively use them to catch voles. They not only allow long-tailed wood owls to nest in natural tree houses in orchards to encourage long-tail wood owls.

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They soon discovered that these owls greatly reduced the number of voles,thus making fruit trees and apples healthier.

A study published by Japanese scientists in 2018 showed that compared to apple orchards without long-tailed wood owls long-tailed wood owls can reduce the number of voles in their territory by 63%.

Japan’s NHK TV station pointed out in a short film it produced that a long-tailed wood owl can hunt more than 10 voles per night, which is like the guardian angel of apple farmers. And when its children grow up, they can continue to undertake such work.

In addition to Japanese orchards, vineyards in Napa Valley, California, also use barn owl (Barn owl) to catch voles.

In the past few years wildlife biologist Carrie Wendt has studied 65 artificial tree houses in vineyards here to understand how barn owls and vineyards coexist.

Winter told the Great Big Story website that in the absence of barn owls, the number of voles in the vineyard would explode, causing significant damage to the vineyard.

At present-the main method for farmers to eliminate voles is to use rodenticides, but this will harm the environment, so using barn owls to eliminate rodents is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.

She said, that the owner of the vineyard has many opportunities to strengthen the wildlife habitat in the garden,so that both parties can benefit from each other. Setting up an artificial tree house for barn owls in the vineyard is an excellent example of enhancing the relationship between the two parties.

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