“One dose is not enough” 22 Russians still diagnosed after being vaccinated

(COVID-19) vaccine

On november 30 russian medical said. 22 people were re-diagnosed after being vaccinate with the russian made”sputnik V”chinese communist virus but in these case only one dose was vaccinate.

According to Russian state media TASS Vadim Tarasov of Moscow State Sechenov. First Medical University said at press conference that 22 people did indeed contract Wuhan pneumonia after being vaccinate ( CCP virus ). But he emphasized that,it is not appropriate to link these cases to vaccine efficacy,because the infected person does not have enough time to develop sufficient protective immunity.

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Tarasov said that these infections only received the first dose of the vaccine. the second dose has not yet given. Sufficient immunity will not develop until the 42th day after the first dose.

Tarasov also said that the source of infection for these people cannot be from the vaccine,because the antigen used in the vaccine will not cause human infection with Wuhan pneumonia.

The person in charge of the “Sputnik V” vaccine said on Twitter. a few days ago that the protection of its own vaccine is higher than 95% and the price will be cheaper than the vaccinesof Pfizer and Moderna. It is expect to be less than $10 per dose.(covid-19)

Can immunity be form?

herd immunity refer to a pneumonia in which people recover, after infect or through vaccination number of people in a group who are immune to a certain infectious disease reach a certain percentage, so that the pathogen cannot be effectively transmitted in the group. Which protect people who are not immune to it from being infect.

It is estimate that 75% of the population is infect in order to generate herd immunity. Some scientists set this number at 50%.

Some experts believe that reaching the death toll cause by herd immunity will be a disaster.

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