[Tips] Is baking soda all? You should know (2)

Many people are accustomed to thinking that laundry detergent has lots of bubbles to have a strong cleaning power, but they don’t know that laundry detergent will add color, bleach, fluorescent substances, etc., which can cause allergies to the skin; To strengthen its cleaning power, chemical synthesis is used. Surfactants can cause residues that affect health and even cause environmental pollution. With increasing awareness of health, consumers will make every effort to choose products without additives, and many families use pure natural baking soda as a cleaning agent. Baking soda has a high level of cleaning power, is weakly alkaline, is soluble in oil and water, and has a strong effect on removing oil stains.

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Pure natural ingredients from baking soda will not cause environmental pollution and are completely harmless to the human body. Americans and Japanese often use baking soda in their life. No matter what dirt, you can easily clean it with baking soda. .

However, the effect of washing clothes with baking soda is not complete, only if vinegar or soap is used, the cleaning effect can appear. A popular Japanese baking soda cleaning method is a washing method that involves adding baking soda powder and liquid soap. The baking soda powder has a water-quality softening effect, which can make the soap produce more foam, and can have a good cleaning effect with less use. .

However, it should be noted that there is a certain proportion of baking soda powder. If this ratio is exceeded, the baking soda powder will not dissolve easily in water, but will have an adverse effect. Human skin is weakly acidic. If you use baking soda to clean clothes but can’t adjust the ratio accurately, it can cause the baking soda powder to remain on the fibers of the clothes, which will shorten the long-term life of the clothes, and even cause skin inflammation and allergies.

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