[Tips] Is baking soda all? You should know (1)

Apply baking soda to remove body odor and contact with upper body dermatitis

It’s so hot this year that people with body odor under their arms are really embarrassed!

Internet rumors: “You can prevent body odors by applying baking soda powder to your armpits and diluting alcohol.” It caused a heated debate among the netizens. Is there such a magical effect?

Baking soda can certainly get rid of the peculiar smell of cleaning a house. However, it is used to remove body odor, body odor and sweat, and there is no medical evidence. Most importantly, prolonged exposure of weakly alkaline baking soda powder to the skin destroys the pH value of the skin. In severe cases, it can cause contact dermatitis. Please be careful.

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Regular hair removal and keeping your skin dry is paramount

If you want to prevent the peculiar odor from spreading to your armpits, you need to regularly remove your hair in a dry state to reduce the possibility of bacteria and microorganisms adhering to and multiplying. This is the secret to preventing and reducing body odor!

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