How to wash your hair properly: complete guide

Washing your hair is not that complicated! We agree, but certainly you can improve your washing routine and start a much more effective care process. Read on to find out how to wash your hair with the best results while taking care of your hair.

It’s a routine, like brushing our teeth or trimming our nails, but the time has come to make a reflection about proper hair washing so you can see all the benefits it has for you. Below we provide some indications so you can see how to improve your washing process.

Washing your hair is a fundamental ritual for the hygiene of the scalp and hair fibers. Doing it correctly contributes to healthier hair. We invite you to deactivate the automatic pilot and wash your hair thoroughly

One of the important points when washing hair is to choose the right product for your hair type. Is it curly, straight, thick, smooth, oily, dry? Then follow the steps detailed in this note.

Steps to wash hair

  • Before washing your hair, it is advisable to brush it dry to remove any accumulated residue.
  • Wet your hair with lukewarm water. This opens the cuticle and increases the penetration of the next product.
  • Apply shampoo to the palm and rub it before applying it to the hair.
  • Always massage the scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion to avoid injury. This movement forms a foam and the drag effect cleans the hair extensions. Don’t forget the back of your ears and nape.
  • Rinse well, making sure there is no shampoo left.
  • Then apply the conditioner to the palm and apply from medium to tip.
  • apply the conditioner for at least 1 minute so that your hair can benefit from using it.
  • Cover the cuticle and rinse with cold water to increase the shine of the hair.
  • Remove excess water with a towel. Instead of rubbing the towel, gently press it against your hair to avoid damaging it.
  • You can now untie your hair with a comb (rather than a brush). Start from the end so as not to pull.

Tips for washing hair

How often do you have to wash your hair?

It depends on the hair type. Hair with curlers, thick and abundant can space the washes. On the other hand, people with fine, straight and oily hair need to do it daily to make it look good. Finding the right rhythm will help maintain the natural oils your hair produces, increasing moisture and maximum shine.

When is it better to wash your hair?

The question of washing your hair day or night has to do with drying. The hair fiber is most vulnerable when it is wet. Therefore, going to sleep with wet hair is not recommended, since the friction generated by the rubbing of the pillow could cause breakage. On the other hand, excessive use of the hair dryer could dry it out, so it is best to let it dry in the wind.

What is the shampoo for?

Shampoo is used to clean hair: removes sebum, styling product residue, dirt and dead cells from hair and scalp. As it accumulates, it can cause dandruff and itching of the scalp.

How much shampoo should be used?

We recommend using the same size as walnuts. It depends on the length and amount of hairs. Excessive use can be counterproductive if it is not washed well afterwards, as product residues can still accumulate on the hair and scalp.

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What is the conditioner for?

The conditioner covers the hair fibers with a very thin protective layer, sealing the cuticles after cleansing provided by the shampoo. Gives shine and softness to hair and makes it easier to break down, preventing breakage. It also helps prevent breakage and split ends.

How Much Conditioner Should I Use?

It is advisable to use a size equivalent to a golf ball. Keep in mind that conditioner is applied from the medium to the ends only. Using more products does not mean better results.

How to towel dry your hair?

Gently, friction can cause damage. Instead of scrubbing your hair, it’s easier to remove excess water by pressing lightly with a towel. A microfiber towel or even a cotton shirt is a gentler alternative to drying hair.

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