Citric acid diet Does citric acid have a dieting effect?

When vinegar is taken into the body, it turns into citric acid. Therefore, you can get citric acid just by eating vinegared food. Citric acid is quite useful in avoiding the summer heat.

Therefore, it is advisable to be careful to incorporate vinegared foods during the summer season actively. Citric acid not only has a dieting effect, but vinegar has many summer heat fatigue effects. The first thing you can think of is the effect of increasing appetite.

If you don’t feel tired and tired, you will lose your appetite. Everyone has experienced saliva when they eat or see sour foods. Saliva is indispensable for increasing appetite, but eating sour foods also has the effect of facilitating the secretion of gastric juice as well as saliva.

If you are not in good physical condition, your digestive ability will decrease, but your appetite may be improved without being aware of it by taking vinegar. Since the vinegared food is refreshing, it will be easy to include it in the menu when it is hot. By eating a dish that uses vinegar, you can get plenty of citric acids. If you want to take citric acid but don’t like vinegar, why not choose apple cider vinegar?

It is characterized by relatively low sourness and less irritation peculiar to vinegar. It has a lot of sweetness compared to ordinary vinegar, so it is good to use apple cider vinegar even when young children dislike vinegar. In addition, if you don’t like the tingling sensation in your nose, it’s a good idea to take in vinegar when cooking simmered dishes.

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