Armpit Hair Treatment If you Want To Wear Sleevles

If you wear sleeveless, you need to treat your armpit hair!

Armpit Hair removal- In the summer when the skin is exposed a lot, the biggest problem for women is the treatment of unwanted hair.
Especially when you wear a swimsuit or sleeveless, you are worried about the side and V line.

Therefore, I will explain how to treat armpit hair.

Correct treatment of armpit hair removal

First of all, when it comes to razor or tweezers, we recommend tweezers. Razors can cause rough skin, and people with thick armpit hair may grow lumpy that evening after shaving. Therefore, when wearing a sleeveless or camisole, it’s better to take away it with tweezers. However, if you remove the hair with tweezers, it will look like goosebumps. If you remove it suddenly, so warm your armpits with a warm towel or remove it when the pores are open after taking a bath. As a point to finish it even more beautifully, you can self-treat with a beautiful finish by cooling it with a cold towel after pulling it out and closing the pores.

If you want to be free from armpit hair treatment, choose a hair removal salon

Therefore, I think many people think about armpit hair removal at a hair removal salon.
However, there is a negative image that salons are expensive, and solicitations are persistent.
Therefore, if you are thinking about armpit hair removal. It is important to find a salon where you can go with peace of mind.

When choosing an esthetic salon, I think that what is important depends on the person. But the technical capabilities, services, and fees are of concern. “Good because it is costly” and “bad because it is cheap” isn’t equal. Objective evaluation and word of mouth are also a guide.

Hair removal method is also important

Armpit Hair

It is a point.
The needle type and laser type feel fairly severe pain. While the SSC method (smooth skin control) feels a slight pain for a moment. Moreover, it is cheap, and the time required is as short as 3 minutes on both sides, which makes me happy.
The SSC method is a method of controlling hair by the synergistic effect of gel and light.
It has a high beauty effect, and there are no problems such as burns, inflammation, and pigmentation.
Although there are individual differences, it seems that many people can feel the effect even with one care and complete it in about 4 to 6 times.

“Muse” is recommended as a salon that adopts the SSC method and has stable technical capabilities and approval ratings. There are no solicitations or additional charges, and you can rest assured that you can go with a refund system. Or any service that can be booked or changed 24 hours a day.

During August, there is a discount service for the beauty hair removal completion course on both sides + V line. So it’s a good idea to take this opportunity to try it.

Let’s enjoy summer with smooth skin without being bothered by wasteful hair. ♪

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You need to be careful when using a household epilator!

Regardless of how you use the epilator to remove hair, you should avoid removing it. If you are not feeling well, if you have poor skin, or if you have just been sunburned. When it’s easy to get sunburned, it’s best to avoid exposing the area you want to remove to sunlight as much as possible. By the way, regarding the hair removal method (laser flash) that reacts to black hair, it is not possible to remove hair in areas with moles. By sticking masking tape on the mole, you can prevent the irradiation of light.
There are many types of epilators, such as the type that pulls out hair. The flash hair removal type that is used in beauty salons and clinics, and the laser hair removal type. As mentioned above, please check various functions before purchasing. Among them, the epilator called the thermicon type stimulates the hair roots and removes hair by giving heat to the wire.

Household epilators that use this method are cheaper to buy than other types of household epilators. So it is recommended for those who want to remove hair immediately. As described in the instruction manual. Even if you want to remove hair at home, you need to use the epilator once and then wait a certain period until the next hair removal. The feeling of emptying is generally about 2 to 4 weeks. Unlike hair removal at beauty salons and clinics, there is no one who can give you advice. So make good use of the information on the Internet as well as the instruction manual. And let’s remove hair safely at home without any trouble.

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