What does a laptop look like? Type of Laptop And Their Uses

If you are searching through the internet or doing some tech-related work, you probably heard Laptop. But what is Laptop? How does a laptop work? What does a laptop look like? Type of laptop? Such questions arise in mind. But today we will answer all these questions.

What is Laptop?

Laptops are one of the form-based classifications of a computer product, which is a product that integrates the necessary equipment into one device and folds in half to make it portable. Its original meaning means “top” on the lap and is referred to this way because it can be placed over the lap for use.

What does a laptop look like?

If you are wondering “What does a laptop look like” then here is a picture for you

What does a laptop look like
What does a laptop look like – source: pixbay

In an easy word – A laptop is a small laptop that can be taken anywhere with a battery power source. This device consists of a monitor, processor, keyboard, mouse, and battery in one device. The weight of laptops on the market is approximately 1-6 kg; it depends on the size and material of the manufacturer.

Some of the best laptop brands in the world that are in high demand from users are Apple, Dell, MSI, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Samsung, and Lenovo. Among some of these laptop brands you will indeed find it familiar. If you want more information about these brands, you can easily search on the internet.

How does a laptop work?

Like a regular desktop computer, laptops also have all the necessary software to run different programs and works.

Laptop Functions

If we talk about laptop functions, there is a lot of it, and it all depends on the user. Below are some common laptop functions among computer users.

1. Typing Documents and Data Entry

The function is undoubtedly very familiar. Many computer users use laptops to type documents and enter data both in agencies and companies. Before you can use your laptop as a writing and data entry tool, you need to add Office apps to your portable device.

2. Media presentation

Many laptop users also use this device as a presentation tool because it is easy to use. One of the software needed to make a laptop as a presentation tool is the Office PowerPoint application, which is both free and paid.

3. Entertainment media

One of the most common uses of the laptop is for entertainment. Many laptop users use this device to watch videos, playing music, and playing games.

4. Media design

There are also many functions of laptops in the multimedia world. Most laptop users use this device for graphic design, photo-editing, animation, audio, and video. Of course, computer friends need to install multimedia apps related to graphic design, photo-editing, animation, audio, and video.

5. Communication Media

With the advancement of technology, it is not possible to communicate only with cellular devices. You can also communicate very easily using your laptop. Just add a support application and access the internet.

6. Data storage

Laptop functions that are no less important are data storage media. Your computer can also store important data on this device and protect access to its use. The size of your storage capacity depends on the amount of hard drive capacity installed on your laptop.

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Different type of laptop

Currently, different types of laptops and laptop specifications are sold in the market. The specifications themselves are key components such as processors, RAM, hard drives, and video cards. However, the type is a feature of the physical shape and purpose of using the laptop.


The main features of netbooks are Small 10-11 inch display, lightweight processor / RAM / hard drive specifications, and the cheapest price for a laptop.

If you need a lightweight laptop, a netbook is a way to go. The job is so simple as browsing, email, office, so you don’t need a high spec computer.

General / Everyday Laptop

Screen sizes range from 11 to 17 inches, with cheap specifications and prices. It is more powerful than a netbook and is suitable for various daily tasks. Some types have enough specifications to run games or 3D programs with low settings. With a budget of about $ 300$-400$, regardless of model or weight, it’s suitable for those looking for a daily laptop.


It is a combination of modern, trendy, and light shapes with high specifications. The Ultrabook may be the Windows version of the Macbook Air. The screen size is 11 to 16 inches, but the maximum weight is only 2 kg. with a long lasting battery.

Prices and specifications range from super premiums like the Asus Zenbook to affordable ultrabooks like the Acer Aspire S3 and Toshiba Satellite U series. Suitable for professionals, students, or anyone with high mobility and advanced computing needs.

Business Laptop

This laptop features a more impact-resistant, sturdy design, and frame. It is highly mobile and suitable for professionals who have workplace on-site. The price isn’t cheap, but the quality and durability are clear with the durable models on the market, such as the Lenovo Thinkpad, HP EliteBook, and Dell Latitude.

Gaming Laptop

Laptops like Dell Alienware, Asus ROG, Toshiba Qosmio, or MSI GT are laptops for the latest games with the best picture and sound quality. Prices are not cheap; batteries tend to be extravagant and heavy compared to laptops in general. But gaming laptops are laptops with the best specifications. Suitable for hardcore gamers. Likewise, if you are a professional who uses the most advanced 3D or video editing programs

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