Good news! Found three lakes buried on Mars


The red planet, believed to be the house next to humans, is not barren, and water is also here. There are also claims that there are three lakes in the ground of Mars, which means that it’s potential to live on Mars. NASA scientists have discovered a water source on the red planet.


The debate about water on Mars has been going on for years. Two years ago, a vast saltwater lake was discovered in Antarctica on Mars and was buried in snow. However, the water was so salty that I couldn’t drink it. NASA claims that these three lakes are buried in ice, and water is available.

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Explain that the European Space Agency (ESA) Spacecraft Mars Express discovered a saltwater lake under the ice in 2018. From 2012 to 2015, Mars Express Satellite passed through the area to photograph the lake and took pictures. Three more lakes emerged during this time, and the spacecraft had to be observed 134 times between 2012 and 2019.

Scientists believe that water was previously abundant on this red planet, but because of climate change that occurred three billion years ago, its shape changed. However, according to astronomer Elna Pettinelli of the University of Rome, three more lakes have been discovered around the lake that he found two years ago. Further exploration continues.

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