Saitama vs Goku: Is Saitama really stronger than Goku? 2022

Saitama vs Goku: Death Battle Who Will win The Fight ? Answer 2021

saitama vs goku – If you are a huge fan of anime, then you probably know about One Punch Man and Dragon Ball. Both are very popular anime with exciting characters and story. Both anime are special and unique in their ways. Saitama and Goku are the main characters of these anime who has immense power. But who is stronger between them? People always compare and argue about it.

Today we take a closer look at the powers and abilities of two titanic characters from the anime world: Goku from Dragon Ball and Saitama from One Punch Man. Let’s go for a One punch man vs Goku match that will decide by : strength, intelligence and allies, and powers as well as determination.

strength (saitama vs goku)

How strong is Goku


When it comes to pure strength, Goku and Saitama’s are so monstrous that both characters can claim the number 1 spot. They both were very humble in the beginnings but they greatly increase their strength through intensive training and dedication. 

Saitama is much more “op” in One Punch Man than Goku in Dragon Ball.  

Goku comes from an amazing Anime where the overall level is extremely powerful. From the start of Dragon Ball Z, the series is already climbing the scale of destruction of the planets. Already from the saga of the Saiyans, we learn that Vegeta is able to destroy planets with little effort.  

With the arrival of Frieza things get worse. Let’s not even talk about Dragon Ball Super where several protagonists like Beerus and Goku Black will shake space-time or entire universes just by their mere presence. 

Dragon Ball is possibly one of the anime (if not the anime) with the highest power levels. 

However, Goku is absolutely not invincible in his universe at all. He also died twice in Dragon Ball. He is also constantly challenged by all of his major opponents although he ends up most of the time overcoming it with effort and determination. 

All the strength that Goku has acquired throughout his adventure, it was based on effort and dedication to martial arts and combat. 

How strong is Saitama


But recently, a hugely successful anime (named One Punch Man) entered the fray with a character of overpowering strength. As the title of the opm anime suggests, Saitama can take out any opponent with a single Punch . This is the principle of the character: so that he became totally jaded To this day, no one has managed to survive his iconic red gloves, not even the leader of the Dark Space Raider Guild Mater, the terrible Boros .

This is where the quid of the question is why is saitama so strong ? So far, we know that Saitama’s most powerful opponents are capable of destroying planets in and potentially the moon. 

In any case, it seems to be the best Boros can do, the most dangerous opponent Saitama has encountered to date. The one who would have made him “suffer damage” (or rather scratches) with one of his attacks.

The problem is, unlike Goku, Saitama has never been challenged by his opponents. It is therefore difficult to assume that the limit of Saitama lies in without waters. Some might argue that Saitama used his “streak of back-to-back serious punches” to defeat Boros, in our opinion this is not enough to conclude on Saitama’s limit. 

Who knows what Saitama meant by “serious”? Does he have a series of super punches? Mega punch? Ultra punch? You see where we are coming from … It should also be  noted  that Boros’ special ability of almost instantaneous regeneration required a total disintegration of the latter to eliminate him, hence the series of hits. 

Boros also pointed out when meeting Saitama that he couldn’t feel the limit of his strength. It is therefore likely that Saitama has removed his “Limiter” and that he has infinite strength or at least the limit of which cannot be perceived at the present time. 

Intelligence and ingenuity (saitama vs goku)



One wonders if the stereotype of Shonen’s Dazed Hero is not based on Goku. But how can we blame him, when he was young he fell on his head so hard that all his malice inherent in the Saiyan was removed from his mind. Only a pure and lovely heart left who knows only love nothing else. Let’s be honest: Goku is not that smart we think… and in DBS things got worse because of his neglect and overconfidence in his strength he created many problems which cost him dearly. But hey, that’s what makes its charm!



Saitama is Clumsy, distracted, he doesn’t really calculate his actions … He is so lucky that Genos is here with him to change the situation. Despite its flaws, the Class B Hero saitama is still much smarter than the famous Goku.

The allies (saitama vs goku)

One punch man

saitama and his friends

In anime, the ” Power of Friendship ” have a very important place, especially in Shonen. But now we will see that who has most loyal friends and allies between DBZ Goku and OPM Saitama.

He is officially recognize by Hero association Although saitama is not that popular among people compare to other heroes. This title means that many other heroes ( especially S rank ) such as Genos “Demon Cyborg”, Bang “Silver Fang” and Tatsumaki “Tragic Tornado” are, in theory, his allies. And how can we forget to mention King “The strongest man in the world”! But none of them seem to reach one punch man disaster level. The truth is, he’s the only truly powerful character on the show (so far). As a result, they will create more mess for Saitama than helping him.

Dragon Ball

Goku and his friends

As we know, Goku is surrounded by the Z Fighters and allies with titanic power. His team has the greatest fighters in the universe, some of them even surpassed Goku sometimes ! Among them they are Vegeta , Majin Buu , yamcha, Gohan , C-17 , Beerus , etc. In addition, all these characters fight very well as a team and they have shown it on numerous occasions.

The outcome of a fight to the death between Both

As we said at the beginning, the question is initiate and the answer is quite simple.  

If Saitama ever confronts Goku in the Dragon Ball universe,  Goku  will win and Saitama will lose. Why? Because that’s the principle of Dragon Ball. Goku wins that’s how it is (ask Jiren ). He will be hurt and maybe die, but in the end he will have won that’s how it always been. 

If Goku fights against Saitama in the One Punch universe, Saitama wins and Goku loses. As we know, Saitama’s strength has no limit. If Goku can destroy universes, so can Saitama, if of course the fight takes place in One Punch Man. 

One should not fall into the trap of comparing each other’s achievements because just because Saitama did not have the opportunity to fight the Gods of Destruction does not mean that he is unable to do so. To date, we do not know its limits.

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The final word

If I had to choose one of them to protect my family, it definitely would be Saitama. There’s less suspense with Saitama, and I don’t want suspense about my family’s health … However, that doesn’t mean Saitama would come out on top in a fight against Goku. The truth is, no one can answer that question right now. 

Indeed, it is for the moment impossible to place Saitama on a scale of power because none of his opponents have pushed him to his limit. At the same time, Goku has always been able to push his limits.

To top it off, we have here two atypical characters who probably benefit from one of the big “plot armor” (scriptwriting immunity) in anime history. 

This is probably not the answer you wanted, but in our opinion it is the most logical answer.  (goku vs saitama)

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