Dog breeding: How to Breed Dogs Successfully easy Tips For All

Dog breeding should be carried out for the purpose of improving the dog quality of dog breeds and improving the constitution of dog breeds and in order to do so, it is necessary to strictly comply with the following matters at a minimum.

dog breeding

1. It’s important to have a superb understanding and understanding of the standard of dog breeds.
2. To understand the pedigree content, the type of dog breed, and the character.
3. Investigate good or bad mating and hereditary diseases of breeds, and do not carry out unplanned mating to prevent the onset.

4. To be well-known about the reproductive physiology of female dogs.
5. After giving birth, take full care of the puppy and check for anthelmintic and osteogenic genetic diseases before transferring it.
6. Puppies with malformations or disadvantages should never provide to others.
7. To promptly register the pedigree of a born puppy.

Selection for Dog breeding

The purpose of the selection

The selection and breeding of dogs generally has four purposes.

The first is the genetics of body type, such as bodybuilding body type, bones, beautiful hair color and wool and other characteristics of preservation;

The second is the personality of genetics, such as gentle temperament, loyalty to the owner, easy breeding management and teaching;

The third is the performance of genetics, such as good police dogs, guard dogs, hounds and so on hope to pass on their good performance to the next generation;

The fourth is the transmission and expansion of the number.

How to choose a species

Choose a breed of dog if general choose a good shape, strong physique, fast growth and development, strong resistance to disease, nerve-type stability, non-degeneration phenomenon and high fertility of male and female dogs as a species on it. By professional standards, there should be three ways to choose:

First genealogy selection, that is, blood selection.It’s relatively obligatory to check out household history, genealogy appearance is good or bad, varieties are pure and incomplete, there is no genetic disease.

The second is the appearance selection method. That is, look at the dog’s appearance, directly from the appearance of the individual to choose a breed of dog.

Third, the descendant selection method. Also known as descendant assay, on the basis of conforming to the above two selection methods to further observe whether their offspring have the same good characteristics.

I sum it up by looking at my ancestors, at myself, at future generations.


Depending on the purpose of keeping a dog, the selection criteria for breeding dogs are different. Generally choose good body shape, strong physique, fast growth and development, strong resistance to disease, nerve-type stability, easy to breed and breed high male and female dogs as breeding dogs.

Breeding male males to be strong, in the breeding can catch up with the female dog, frequent urination, reproductive organs without defects, clitoria tight, energetic, mild temperament. Because a male dog can match 6 to 7 female dogs. Therefore, male dogs have a greater impact on the breeding of offspring than female dogs. So it is necessary to examine the s*men of male dogs and even according to the quality of offspring to evaluate and decide the choose between male dogs.

The choice of female dog mainly depends on its body shape and whether it produces more cubs, lactation and ability to take cubs is strong. In short, good motherhood the main criterion is in the pre-birth nest after giving birth can be timed to feed the dog. The dog crawled out of the nest can use the mouth to title it back and the dog has a strong desire for protection.

How to choose For Dog breeding

The selection is to enter the breeding period of the breeding dog consciously and planned for its selection of the best mate to achieve the best combination, in order to obtain the work of good offspring. Choose from the following:

Homogeneity optional

Matching good breed dogs with the same or similar performance and consistent expression is to make the good characteristics of the parent firmly passed on to the offspring. In the same sense, both male and female dogs have common shortcomings can not mate if mating will make the shortcomings of both sides more consolidated.

Conductive options

In the case of insufficient good breed dogs one dog with one advantage can be selected to mate with another dog with corresponding disadvantages with advantages to overcome shortcomings. Matching male and female dogs with different characteristics or different performance is intended to enable this parental weakness to be improved with the advantages of another parent Or to combine the advantages of two parents to obtain a new good individual.

However, it should be noted that the concave back can not be used to transform the concave back can not use the “X” limb potential to correct the “O” limb potential.

Kinship options

There will be kinship between the male and female dog individuals the advantage is to consolidate the good character as long as there are excellent individuals in the dog group can implement kinship matching. It also helps to eliminate individuals with harmful symptoms.

Age options

Refers to the age factor when breeding, the best match is “strong match” followed by “strong match less, young with old”. That is to say, in the selection, there must be strong dogs involved, try to avoid aging with old age. Dogs (virgin dogs) over 5 years of age who have never been breeded before are not suitable for breeding.

In addition, when choosing pay attention to the male and female dog body size should be appropriate so as not to cause harm. Inbreeding (within three generations) is strictly prohibited except for special needs.

Dog breeding age

Generally speaking, when a pet dog is normally in love for a second time it should be able to breed. But strictly speaking, male dog breeding can wait until about 2 years old. While female dog breeding can wait until about 1 and a half years old.

Normally, dogs will be born 6-8 months old when the first love but at this time can not let the dog breed breeding. Because at this time the dog is only sexual maturity and did not reach physical maturity so can not breed breeding. By the time the dogs get emotional for the second time (about six months later), the dogs are already adults and can breed.

However, these newly grown dogs are not the best breeding age the breeding of dogs can wait until the dog 2-3 years old. When the dog is young and strong the body is the strongest and strongest time. So that this age of the pet dog breeding, for the offspring of dogs is also very good.

Best time to match

Based on v*ginal bleeding

Confirm that the v*gina of the female dog has swelling redness see the first drop of blood counted as the first day. The first day of mating of the newborn dog generally on the 11th to 13th day, the first mating of the delivery dog on the 9th to 11th day. For every 2 years of age increase or 2 additional nests, the first mating moves forward by 1 day.

Based on the emotional period

The best time for a dog to mate is within one to two weeks of the on court usually after 48 hours to improve the success rate of the dog’s breeding.

The dog’s emotional performance is roughly divided into 2 periods, that is, the pre-emotional period and the emotional period. The pre-emotional period is a period of time before the mother dog’s official affair begins. At this time, the female dog’s vul genitals are red and swollen and blood and mucus flow out. This time about 7-10 days, and then into the emotional period.

Use the male dog test

Some female dogs’ blood-like secretions can last until the emotional period or even for several days after the on-emotional period so that the dog cannot determine the breeding date by observing v*ginal bleeding or not. At this time, the male dog can be tested. The female dog is willing to accept the male dog mating after 1 to 3 days for the most suitable breeding period.

Prepare before Dog breeding

Take care of the pet dog. To prevent the love mother pet dog from being stolen by an unselected male dog which affects the quality of offspring, nor to allow the male pet dog to go out looking for the loving dog. Otherwise it is prone to infectious diseases or to be bitten by other male dogs due to competition for a spouse.

Be sure to make sure your dog is a timed insect repellent and vaccine before mating. If there is no insect repellent for a long time, once the love and willingness to match the dog’s parents should be as soon as possible to the dog deworming, otherwise the dog mother’s stomach has insects and the baby will grab nutrition Oh.

Choose a good mate for the mother dog before they get emotional and let them go out a few times and get to know each other.
Take care of the dog mood. Breeding should choose a quiet & clean place to choose a place familiar to the male dog. Because the unfamiliar environment will make the male dog nervous, rather than with the dog.
Take care of the mother dog’s emotions. Breeding day, you can choose to lock up the male dog first. Let the female dog familiar with the environment relax the mood and then put the male dog out.

Note: when the environment with dogs is more important to choose a quiet place. In addition to the owner do not have outsiders to watch. Do not have other dogs to avoid distraction.

(And the male dog must be quiet when he is ready to climb up, the cell phone must be turned off)

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The mating process

dog breeding
Introduction to the process

The mating behavior of dogs is very different from that of the average domestic animal. Mainly because the reproductive structure of male dogs is special. General livestock p*nis does not have p*nis bone and male dog p*nis bone. Mating without an erection can be inserted into the v*gina of the female dog. After the p*nis is stimulated by the v*gina located in the front of the p*nis bone turtle head sponge body immediately filled with blood and rapidly expanded. The weekly diameter than the original increase of about 1 times so by the female dog’s v*gina stuck locked so that the p*nis can not be removed. The degree of locking, it is often difficult to separate the male and female dogs.

At this time, the male dog turned and slid down back to the female dog and the female dog tail-to-tail special posture. When it appears that the male dog and the female dog like buttocks glued together the connecting dog. Mating time is about 10145 minutes. When the male dog eja**lation is complete, the p*nis sponge body shrinks. The p*nis can be taken out so that they separate.

Note to the master in mating

After mating, the male dog and the female dog will be connected to the tail. At this time do not let the female dog move, so as not to hurt the male dog. (they even after the owner of the female dog is best to hold the dog, because some dogs will be painful there will be the impulse to turn his head to bite the male dog, especially when inserted must hold the dog)
If the female dog has drooling, it means it is ovulation and need not panic.
During the need for more comfort, encourage the female dog, the owner is best in the female dog’s side to appease.

Precautions after mating

After mating can not immediately pull, drive, should let the dog slightly rest. Especially male dogs must not exercise vigorously after mating. After breeding should rest for 2 to 3 days, and strengthen breeding.

Pregnancy confirmation

About a month after sexual intercourse, call a veterinarian or experienced person to see if the female dog is pregnant. If the dog’s pregnancy period is 63 days. But there may also be deviation more than 59 to 65 days if the number of days deviated from this please bring to the doctor for diagnosis. At the same time deviated from the expected date of birth the greater the chance of survival is also lower.

About a month after being pregnant the female dog’s abdomen will begin to bulge. The nipples will grow larger and the p*ssy will swell as usual as the emotional period. And there may be fluid flow out the female dog will often lick its p*ssy.

Pregnancy care

dog breeding
Eat less and eat more, high in protein

The mother dog will have a slight vomiting image. But also because the stomach is oppressed by the fetus will make the female dog’s appetite worse than usual. So should eat less and eat more meals as a good. At the same time make the food easier to import, such as dog food soaked add canned food to feed together and to give high protein food (turn to puppy food). Can also give cheese, eggs, calcium powder and other supplies.

But be sure not to increase feeding substantially, resulting in obese female dogs, easy to give birth.

Exercise in moderation to avoid fighting

When a female dog becomes pregnant it becomes more normal and unwilling to move. But moderate exercise such as walking is necessary to help the female dog give birth later. But too intense exercise should be avoided and care should not be taken to push the female dog’s abdomen and the pregnant female dog will be more common. Therefore, if the female dog meets the companion but also to watch carefully on the side lest there be fighting scenes and so on.

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