What is airplane mode ? When And How to use It ?

What is “Airplane mode”?

What is airplane mode

The airplane mode is a function that is used to cut off the communication of the smartphone on the airplane, and is a function to be used when the passenger’s wireless communication use is restricted such as when taking off and landing on the airplane. It is also known as flight mode.

The following four communications are mainly stopped by turning on the flight mode.

・Data communication by carrier
In the usual way, these functions need to be stopped individually in order to cut off all communication with the smartphone , but in-flight mode allows you to stop them all at once.

Now, let’s take a look at how to use airplane mode by dividing it into five scenes.

What is the benefit of airplane mode 5 ways to use

1. When you want to save data communication amount and battery consumption

For example, at the end of the month when you want to save data traffic. If you use flight mode, you can use Wi-Fi only without using data communication, or enjoy music with Bluetooth while saving battery .

At first, I explained that “airplane mode cuts off smartphone communication”, but in fact, you can set it to use only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth during flight mode .

[Common to iPhone and Android]
1. Set airplane mode ⇒ All communication is turned off in this state
2. Turn on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth only ⇒ This allows you to use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth while blocking other communication

[If you want to use only Wi-Fi]

What is airplane mode

[If you want to use only Bluetooth]

What is airplane mode

2. Instant communication ON/OFF

For example, when you want to stop notifications of incoming calls and email applications such as before the movie starts or before important meetings at work , you can use one-touch airplane mode without turning off your smartphone . With the push of a button, you will not be notified of phone calls or emails, and you will be able to immediately resume communication. It is much easier than turning the power on and off.

What is airplane mode

3. Reset communication status when mobile data communication or Wi-Fi connection is difficult

Even though the smartphone’s antenna mark is on, it should be in the Wi-Fi area, but for some reason it is difficult to connect to the Internet. In that case, try turning ON/OFF the airplane mode once. The communication function may be reset and reconnecting may make the connection more comfortable .

4. Increase the charging speed when charging your smartphone

By setting the flight mode to reduce power consumption due to data communication, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections, battery consumption is reduced and charging speed is improved .

Of course, you can’t communicate while in airplane mode, but it’s a useful feature for those who want to charge the battery as fast as 1 second .

What is airplane mode

5. Battery saving during mountaineering

Not only for mountaineering, but in remote areas such as in the mountains or on the sea where there are few base stations, the smartphone is constantly looking for a base station for data communication, and the battery consumption of the smartphone may be higher than usual. is there.

In order to prevent the smartphone from running out of battery in an unexpected situation, battery consumption can be reduced by setting the flight mode in places where there are few base stations, such as mountain climbing.

However, while climbing, some people may want to use GPS (location information service) to know where they are. You can still use the GPS function in flight mode (offline), but map apps such as smartphone standard maps and Google maps acquire map data from the Internet, so you cannot access the data when in flight mode. , The map cannot be displayed. GPS apps for mountain climbing such as “Geographica” can be downloaded in advance and saved on the smartphone, so you can use your GPS to find out where you are even in in-flight mode. it can. If you want to go mountaineering, you can install these apps in advance.

Disadvantages of airplane mode

  • 1. No incoming calls or SMS…
  • 2. I can’t use the internet…
  • 3. It is necessary to download the offline map in advance when using the map application…

Here, we will introduce the three disadvantages of airplane mode. Let’s check each one.

1. No incoming calls or SMS…

The first disadvantage of Airplane mode is that you cannot receive incoming calls or SMS. So, of course, there will be no ringtone or incoming call screen.

When you cancel airplane mode, you will receive an email notifying you of an incoming call while in airplane mode.

If you connect to Wi-Fi, you can receive incoming calls via LINE, etc. However, since normal calls do not come in, make sure to turn off airplane mode if you have many opportunities to use it for work.

2. I can’t use the internet…

As I explained at the beginning, you cannot use the Internet in the airplane mode because the communication is blocked. In other words, you cannot use LINE, which requires internet communication, as well as apps such as InstagramFacebook, and Twitter .

Therefore, the latest information from the app will not come in while the airplane mode is set. However, you can browse the message because the application itself can be started.

Therefore, if you want to use the Internet in airplane mode, you need to connect to Wi-Fi.

3. It is necessary to download the offline map in advance when using the map application…

If you want to use the map app in flight mode, either save the “offline map” in advance in the online environment or install the map app that can be used in the offline environment .

This is because even if you are in airplane mode and you can find your current location with the map app on your mobile phone, GPS may not be displayed correctly. In addition, you cannot search the map because you are not connected to the Internet.

The above image is the offline map download method of Google Maps. Although the functions are limited compared to online, downloading the offline map is convenient because you can browse the map and search the route even in airplane mode.

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Airplane mode in iphone

What is the purpose of airplane mode on iphone?

When flight is enabled, the airplane mark will appear in the upper left of the iPhone/iPad screen, so it’s easy to think of it as being used on an airplane.

Airplane mode is a function that was originally installed for the purpose of being able to board an iPhone/iPad without turning it off when it first appeared on an airplane.

1. Turn on airplane mode
2. Turn on [Settings]> [Privacy]> [Location Services]

For Android

1. Turn on airplane mode
2. Turn on [Settings]> [Connections]> [Location Information]

Is airplane mode safe

Using a smartphone in Airplane Mode on an airplane is safe. However, once again, it is better if we comply with the regulations of the airlines used if we are told to turn off the smartphone. Also control yourself not to use a smartphone!

Comfortable smartphone life with “in-flight mode” that can be utilized in various ways depending on the idea

Above, I divided the five usage scenes and listed how to use the flight mode. There are probably many people who know the existence of flight mode but have never used it, and many people have never turned it on. I would like you to try it out in your daily life.

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