One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date (New Info)

One Punch man Season 3

One punch man is a popular Japanese webcomic created by a manga artist name ONE, which was published on the internet in 2009. in 2012 a digital manga work was launched with illustrations by Yusuke Murata under the direction of ONE. In 2017 this manga surpassed 14 million copies alone in Japan. From October to December 2015, an anime adaptation of the manga was prepared by Madhouse. It was broadcast on various Japanese TV channels. At the end of 2016, the second season of the series was announced, which premiered only on April 9, 2019. This time, JCStaff was the producing animation studio. And now people are waiting for One punch man season 3.

This series is an animated series, and people are wondering about this crazy character. Fans are really waiting to see this funny character again, and they would always love to know more. One-Punch Man is a lot of people’s favorite series, so if you want to understand the details of how the series came out and the possible and expected plot of the third season, then read on quickly.

This series is adapted from the comic book of the Manga name One punch man. His quirky universe continues to create a buzz around the manga. Fans are desperate for information on the new season. But it looks like fans may have to wait a bit.

One Punch Man season 3, Saitama will return with his mysteriously strong body for the upcoming season. It has already been confirmed that this anime will be renewed. The following season will surely hit the platform.

One Punch Man Season 3 release date

Despite this lousy feedback on season 2, fans worldwide wonder about the future of the anime, which remains unexpectedly much appreciated. Indeed, in general, little official information circulates about One-Punch Man, and it isn’t easy to plan with certainty the broadcast or not of a possible season 3. The public can, therefore, only make assumptions based on a few clues left here and there. This is particularly the case with a tweet from the anime’s official account, since deleted, which revealed the upcoming return of the series a few weeks after season 2. Unfortunately, after more than a year of waiting, there is still no news of a possible season 3 of One-Punch Man.

Considering the fact that three years have passed between the first two, and that quite sharp criticisms have been emitted on the last episodes, it is not impossible that the studio responsible for the animation has chosen to take its time.

In all likelihood, if season 3 is there, it is more likely to air in 2022, although a multi-year hiatus may reoccur again.

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One-Punch Person Season 3: When it comes to anime, he has his spark and a huge fandom. There are hundreds upon hundreds of anime from every genre that you could want to watch in the world of anime. But, one particular anime that can rule over the entire anime community is the One Punch Man. Not just the anime, it’s a personality. Saitama has his fan base among kids, teens, and adults. We have all the accurate information you need for this famous anime that won hearts.

Season 3 Basic plot and scenario

The animated series’s story revolves around Saitama’s lead role. As the plot unfolds, Saitama is looking for an enemy who would hold out longer than a single punch because he was bored due to a lack of challenges.
Well, no plot details are shown as usual. But we have some ideas on what’s going to happen in One Punch Man Season 3. First, Garo is going to become a real monster. He kills his personality to become stronger. It is expected to focus on a war between the Hero Association and Monsters Association. We can only imagine what his power will be like. Maybe he’ll have enough power to withstand Saitama’s punch.

One Punch Man Season 3 cast

No new member will join the cast of a single episode of One Punch Man. The next season will have its previous cast which includes:


CharacterVoice Actor
SaitamaMakoto Furukawa
GenosKaito Ishikawa
GarouHikaru Midorikawa
TatsumakiAoi Yuuki
YMumen RiderYuuichi Nakamura

Production Team

DirectorChikara Sakurai
ProducerNobuyuki Hosoya
Sound DirectorYoshikazu Iwanami
StoryboardYoshitomo Yonetani

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One Punch Man season 3 spoilers based on the manga series

The story of One Punch Man Season 3 will mainly include the Monster Association Arc that just started in the animated series. The battle for Saitama vs. Garou has never happened in the OPM anime because, so far, they only interact in a fun way.

If we read the last chapter of the manga One Punch Man, Tatsumaki and Psykos, who join Orochi, will have a great fight. All the heroes and monsters of S-Class will join the battle, and Saitama can come back eventually to save the day. Fans are hoping One Punch Man Season 3 will have more scenes from Saitama as Caped Baldy gets almost no screen time.


At the end , no one should be worried about the One Punch Man Season 3 it will be release very soon. We expect the announcement in the 2022 or early 2023 because the second season alone took 4 years and got released in 2019 after the first season in 2015.

What is the synopsis and story of the 3rd term?

At the end of the second term, Garou was taken to the Monster Association and was Silver Fang Bomb struggling with Elder Centipede, but Saitama King appeared there and defeated Elder Centipede with a single blow.

What kind of scene will start in the third term?

Infiltrate the Monster Association

In the 17th volume of the book, Garou is taken to the Monster Association headquarters and tells Orochi to bring the hero’s neck to the boss, Monster King: Orochi.

And the story will begin when S-class heroes infiltrate the headquarters.

If there are three terms, isn’t it even the scene where Saitama infiltrates the Monster Association and fights against Orochi?

Black sperm and the homeless emperor appeared in the serialized Young Jump, but it is uncertain whether these two monsters will appear.

I think it will end in a good place, so I think it’s VS Orochi.

Highlights of One Punch Man 3rd Season

We will introduce the highlights from the young jump that has already been released.

Saitama V Orochi

The scene where Saitama and Orochi fight in episode 150 is probably the highlight.

After all, it ends up with one pan, but since I was toying with Saitama with various attacks, it is a strong enemy since Boros.

When it comes to anime, you’ll be excited to see a fierce and overwhelming battle scene!

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