16 Most Amazing Facts About Goku You Don’t even Know

Right now, Some fans of the Dragon Ball Amazing series are trying to figure out all the facts about Black Goku, but how familiar are we with the real Son Goku? And when you’ve looked at some hundred episodes of the DBZ series and looked at the entire Dragon Ball movie, is there still something about that to surprise?

Here are some facts about Goku

1. Toriyama didn’t like drawing the tail of Goku


Goku’s tail is as symbolic as his hair. Kid goku has it as a child and is only four out of six arcs of the original Dragon Ball. Because of such an integral part of Goku’s early design, it’s hard to understand why it disappears so quickly from the series. But there’s a good reason for that. Toriyama didn’t like to draw tails. Toriyama claimed that the tail did not get in the way of the action, but the logistics behind it bothered him enough, so he finally decided to cut the concept completely. By the time they return to the Saiyan Ark, he may let Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta wear them like belts and avoid the same artistic frustrations he felt in the early days.

2. Goku Wins Only Once in the World Martial Arts Tournament

2. Goku Wins Only Once in the World Martial Arts Tournament

Basically, the Dragon Ball anime is about fighting. In total, Dragon Ball Z alone has as many as 187 fights.

At the beginning of the series, one of the main stories of the anime is the World Martial Arts Tournament which brings together many powerful fighters from all over the world.

Kakarot himself has participated in this tournament six times. Interestingly, he only managed to win one of them, precisely the 23rd championship after defeating Piccolo.

3. Dragon Ball Character Name Inspiration


The names of Dragon Ball characters are drawn from many diverse inspirations. For example, the Saiyans were inspired by the name of the vegetable.

Goku’s real name, Kakarot, was inspired by carrot aka carrot. Vegeta is inspired by vegetable which means vegetable and Raditz from radish which means radish.

For fighters from Earth, it is named after food. Examples include Gohan (rice), Yamcha (dimsum), Tien Shinhan (fried rice), and Krillin (chestnut).

In addition, the mantra of the best Disney cartoon Cinderella is also the inspiration for the characters Babidi, Bibidi and Buu.

4. May 9 is Goku Day in Japan

It’s almost every day when it’s a day of celebration. Not except Goku Day. This character has become one of the most popular anime stars ever made. It’s the same as May 4 with Star Wars because some of the game says, May 9 is Goku Day because of the same reality.

In fact, in Japan, the numbers 5 and 9 can be informed by the sound of “go” and “ku”. So May is the 5th month, and on the 9th day of the 5th month, until it becomes, “Goku”.

5. His hair keeps changing shape

5. His hair keeps changing shape

As Goku’s hair is symbolic, it doesn’t actually have a consistent shape. Anime promo art tends to keep Goku’s larger hair spikes on the right side of his body, but cartoons constantly change the position and shape of his hair. At an early stage, Kakarot’s hair is much more bushy and less clear than what most fans are used to. By the time the 21st martial arts meeting begins, his spikes will not actually begin to take their own shape. But at the same time, his hair has a sensual nature at an early stage and does not exist later.

6. Goku Only Killed 3 Enemies In All Of Dragon Ball

In his childhood, He killed Piccolo Daimao with his fist “Oozaru” (he had concentrated some of his energy in his fist). Nevertheless, the Piccolo Demon was able to create a child in his image (a kind of copy of him) before he died, but we still count his death.

When Babidi had his warriors fight against Goku’s gang, Goku killed his big monster Yakon who sucked in far too much energy from him.

Goku had to use a Genkidama by collecting the energy of all the Earthlings in order to kill Buu.

7. Dragon Boy is the original Idea of Dragon Ball


Before the success of Dragon Ball, among other comics of Akira Toriyama, was Dr. Slump; Which became the original theme and the Dragon Ball concept then (given the title Dragon Boy).

Dragon Ball was originally given the name Dragon Boy. It follows a boy named Tanton that is capable of making a dragon. The character of the Tanton was later created in Dragon Ball, Son Gohan (son of Goku).

Tanton is not a common man as well as Son Goku. The Tanton has a pair of dragon wings hidden in the inside. The acceptance of Dragon Boy’s works was reprocessed into Dragon Ball and produced a year later.

8. Both of Goku’s parents and their resemblance to Superman


Goku was a pure Saiyan, meaning both his parents were Saiyans. His father was Bardock and his mother was Gine.

Bardock was one of saiyan’s great fighters. In fact, he is not afraid to confront Frieza despite his far-right differences in strength.

While her mother was a kind and gentle woman, very different from the general character of saiyan people who liked to fight.

Uniquely, many fans likened the story of Goku and Superman. They have been both dispatched to Earth by their parents to survive the destruction of their planet.

Both characters are also among the last of his race and become Earth heroes thanks to his great powers. In fact, the father-of-two also has similar traits.

Since Superman was born earlier than Son Goku, is it true that Akira Toriyama as the creator of Dragon Ball was inspired by him?

9. Goku, Goten, Gohan, and Bardock are dubbed by the same person

Masako Nozawa (Photo: Screen Rant)

Goku is portrayed as a male character with superpowers. But did you know that Goku voice is filled by an 80-year-old grandmother?

The characters Goku, Goten, Gohan and Bardock have the same sound pitch. It’s only natural that all four characters are dubbing by Masako Nozawa. The woman has been dubbing all four Dragon Ball characters more than 20 years since the first series of Dragon Ball. One of the members of the boy’s family he didn’t want was Raditz.

10. Goku may actually be three years older than he thinks


Dragon Ball Minus retcons are some of the biggest ones in the franchise, but they don’t get as strange a hand as Goku. For years, his backser story included him being sent to Earth as a baby, but Minus changed it to allow him to be sent to Earth at the age of three. This change not only doesn’t make any sense to the story, but it also questions Goku’s age throughout the series.

Roushi says his grandfather Gohan found Goku as a baby, so do you think Gohan knew he was three years old or just thought he was a newborn? By the other hand, does this mean that Goku is three years older than he thinks? Or does that mean That Roushi’s comment is turned off? In the former case, He took quite a long time to reach puberty. The latter case, what was once an important comment from Roushi will be the disposable line. In any case, Dragon Ball Minus causes all the confusion.

11. Afraid of needles


As saiyans, it is clear Goku and Vegeta are one of the strongest anime characters of all time, even when compared to characters from other anime.

Even so, that doesn’t mean they don’t have fear or phobia, gang! They both have it too, loh!

He is known to have a fear of needles. When he had to be hospitalized, he screamed loudly when he saw the syringe! Oh yes, He is scared of his wife too!

On the other hand, Vegeta the prince of saiyan is afraid of a weak creature called a worm! This is seen when he and Goku get into Buu’s body.

12. Son Goku’s body cannot handle super-instinct


Ultra Instinct, introduced as a decisive technique of the gods, is at risk of naturally powerful Goku. Tournament of Power tried this concept by mastering it to Goku and revealing that you can’t trigger it later, but it’s clear that he’ll use it again. Thankfully, the 130 allowed Ultra Instinct to reject Goku’s body without a clear solution, so that Goku Ultra Instinct always full of risk , put him in incredible danger and continued to strain the fight. In the future, every time you use the UI, some of the initial impact will be preserved. Even the transformation of the Super Saiyans may not be able to cope.

13. Mental weakness

Goku family

Although Goku is a hero in Dragon Ball Z, he also has weaknesses. He is so concerned about his desire to be a strong hero that he ignores his family. In fact, Piccolo is a better father than Goku.

Vegeta is also aware of Goku’s attitude in Dragon Ball Super when Goku is confused as to why Vegeta wants to stay with Bulma when Vegeta’s second child is about to be born. It is said that this is actually the soul of Akira Toriyama himself who splits with his career and family.

14. Goku Kills (and Is Killed) Only 2 Times


In the Dragon Ball Z series, Kakarot as the main character is known to have killed only two enemies, Kid Buu and Yakon.

By comparison, his son Gohan has killed 15 different enemies.

In fact, in the Dragon Ball series when He was a child, he killed many people who were mostly monsters and Red Ribbon troops.

Ironically, it was also he who killed his adoptive grandfather, Son Gohan. However, he did so when it changed to the shape of the Great Ape and accidentally stepped on his grandfather.

On the other hand, Son Goku is also counted as dead twice. The first was when Piccolo pulled out his signature to finish off Goku and the first enemy in Saiyan Saga, Raditz.

The second is when He sacrifices himself by carrying Cell’s body to blow himself up to destroy the Earth.

15. Goku intended to be a straight monkey


Before Son Goku becoming Son Goku, it was Son Goku of The West Yuki. Monkey King himself was Toriyama’s inspiration for both Dragon Ball and its main character. Toriyama finally settles down to the boy with the tail of the main character’ monkey, but he originally painted Goku as a straight replica of Son Goku.

His influence on Sun Wukong is one of his best elements, but to make him a complete monkey is also a little on his nose

This miniature monkey has been our hero for many years to come, but Toriyama will redraw him to match his dear Goku, whom we all know. To be honest, it’s the best thing he’s changed his mind about. Goku’s San Turmeric influence is one of his best factors, but to make him a full monkey is also a bit of a nonstick for a series like Dragon Ball.

16. Toriyama regrets making Son Goku so macho

goku super saiyan
goku super saiyan

Have you ever wondered why anyone lost so much muscle mass with the advent of Dragon Ball Super? With the release of the Battle of God, Toriyama revealed in an interview that he didn’t understand what macho and mas masque sky looked like by the end of the series. As for the Battle of God, this was primarily intended to make the Super Saiyan God slimmer, but by the time DBS appeared, all the characters in the series had a much lower tone and gave the series an inherently young tone. There was a lot of controversy about a redesign, but they are a central part of Super’s overall identity. However, when I think of the teaser for the new movie, Toriyama‘s desire for young people is ignored.

Here are some common question about Goku

How old is goku

At the end of the anime series and sequel to the animated film Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku is physically 32 years old and spiritually 39 years old.

How tall is Goku

145 cm (15 years old) while adult He is now 175 cm.

How many times has Goku died

Although he is the main character, he has died multiple times. He total number of deaths was two. Son Goku first died in a battle with his real brother Raditz. And the second time because of Self-destruction of cell.

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