What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal : 7 Best Soft Foods

There’s no better time of year to extract a tooth than summer. The kids are on school holidays, so they won’t have to miss a few days of school after extracting the wisdom teeth. But if you need to extract a teeth, it’s often easier to take time off this season because business slows down and you’re already more relaxed.After scheduling the surgery, you may wonder what you can eat after wisdom teeth removal. As you might imagine, soft foods are ideal during the first days of recovery.

What diet to follow after wisdom teeth removal ?

The extraction of wisdom teeth is indicated when the patient is between 16 and 18 years old, because in this age group the first dental roots are in formation and the tooth is not yet born. With this, the extraction is simpler and the post-surgical has better recovery.

It’s a relatively simple surgery, but not mandatory. Dentists claim that extraction is indicated only for cases where the wisdom teeth is causing damage to the dental arch. If there is room for it to be born, without compromising the alignment of the other teeth, there is no reason to remove it.

If in consultation with the dentist he concluded that tooth removal is recommended for your case, you will have to follow a diet after wisdom extraction, basically based on liquid, pasty and ice cream foods. We’ve ready a particular post with a number of suggestions. Good reading!

Care after wisdom teeth removal

The removal of the wisdom teeth, however simple, is still a surgical procedure, and therefore requires postoperative care. Until one day after extraction, it is indicated to brush your teeth gently, without applying force. Prefer ultra-soft bristle brushes so as not to hurt the region. Ask the dentist if you can use mouthwash.

Swelling is common in the post-surgical period, but there is a way to improve. As soon as you leave the clinic and get home – and up to the first 24 hours – you can make cold compresses for 5 or 10 minutes every half hour. The next day, switch to hot compresses, using a damp towel in the swollen region.

Do not consume alcohol postoperative, as it may interfere with the efficacy of the antibiotic. The patient should return to the office after seven days to remove the stitches and for the dentist to evaluate the healing process.

when can i eat after wisdom teeth removal

After tooth extraction surgery, your mouth and jaw may still feel numb due to the effects of anesthesia. However, usually the influence of this anesthetic will disappear on its own within a few hours. So take it easy, you can still eat after wisdom teeth removal.

Even if you can eat a few hours afterwards, you should still be careful about choosing the food menu. Because, certain foods and drinks should not be consumed until weeks after you have tooth extractions.

If just one or two teeth are removed and there are no serious complications during surgery, you may already be allowed to eat a rather densely textured diet within 24 hours the following. However, since each person’s case varies, it is best to ask your dentist directly about the best treatment after tooth extraction.

what to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Many people ask about diet after wisdom teeth removal. many teenagers said that the first meal after surgery was the infamous noodles. It is true that instant noodles are easy and quick to prepare. However, it is a food that has been pre-fried, is full of dyes and preservatives, glutamate, salt. Some brands even contain sugar. These ingredients all make this type of food highly inflammatory. That is, it will not help to fight pain and swelling. So if your desire is to eat noodles prefer the bi fum – a very thin noodle made of rice. It also cooks super fast (about 2 minutes). Add to it anti-inflammatory seasonings such as turmeric powder, chives, coriander, sage or thyme.

Some people don’t feel much appetite after surgery, but it is important that you eat something to have energy and nutrients that will help in healing. Other people feel quite hungry but don’t tolerate anything hot. Below you will find options for all needs and tastes:

Things to eat after wisdom teeth removal :

1. Soups

It could be cornmeal soup, soup or vegetables. The important thing is to consume easily intake foods in the first few days after surgery. And the soup fits that description well.

You still have the possibility to use various ingredients not to get sick of a single flavor.

But watch out! Keep an eye on the temperature. In no way should you consume hot foods after extraction of some tooth, as this can cause pain, bleeding and impair healing.

2. Ice cream

Unless you have sensitive teeth, ice cream is at the top of the list of what you can eat after wisdom teeth removal, especially in summer. It is icy and creamy, so you can ingest without problems even when your mouth is sensitive. As the ice cream is cold, it helps to minimize any natural swelling that may occur in the mouth.

Choose the ice cream carefully, though. Creamy is ideal right after surgery, since it does not require so much of the mastication muscles when eating. You should also avoid solid toppings or confectionery on top of the ice cream. And remember to have the ice cream in a glass, not in the cone.

3. Juices and vitamins

So colorful and nutritious, juices and vitamins are a success for your well-being and recovery after extraction. Better yet, you can vary, mix the flavors and drink them well gelled. In addition to refreshing, it will relieve the pain and swelling of the operation without causing pain.

“Some patients have difficulty opening their mouths for as long as they have been open. In some cases, they present the so-called trismus, which is the restriction in the opening of the oral cavity or mandibular mobility”, explains the professional. But rest assured, in these cases you can make use of a straw to ingest liquids.

4. Vegetables

After a few days you will be ready to devour more solid foods. And nothing better than going back to the routine with vegetables. In addition to nutritious, these foods are great to be ingested well mashed, as if it were a puree. Try making with pumpkin, potato or manioc. It’s delicious!

5. Gelatin

Gelatin is another perfect option for those who have just performed the extraction of the system. After all, it is cold and easy to ingest. To get a more liquid texture, a fundamental tip is to prepare the dessert with more water than normal.

So, did you learn what to eat after the wisdom teeth removal? Finally, remember to keep oral hygiene and follow all your dentist’s recommendations to recover from surgery quickly and quietly, right?

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6. Avocado, banana, papaya

Fruits with soft texture are a great option, and can be consumed pure, beaten with milk or in the form of mousse (see recipe here). Avocado, for example, contains vitamin E, phytokydites (astragaline, quercetin, phytosterol, catechins), glutathione, magnesium, monounsaturated fats, fibers, which combined give this fruit a super anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power. Bananas and papaya can also be consumed pure, crushed with honey, beaten with milk or yogurt, within the form of ice cream or mousse… Banana provides energy, potassium, many vitamins, magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc, iron. It is also a source of tryptophan, an amino acid that regulates mood and decreases irritability. Papaya is rich in carotenoids, which fight free radicals. In addition, it is rich in fiber, water, papain that improve digestion and favor intestinal functioning.

7. Very soft cheese

Cheese will also be a great supply of probiotics and protein. You should be able to swallow small items, and grated cheese or cottage is a good addition throughout the recovery process

Other important precautions after wisdom teeth removal

– For the first 24 hours, rest with your head a little tilted.

– Don’t make mouthwash for the first 12 hours.

– Make an ice pack.

– Avoid exposure to the sun.

– Do not make an effort or any kind of physical activity.

– After the second day, rinse with a rinse.

Cláudio says that each patient has a different response to surgery. “There is no right time to return to normality. The inflammatory response of the body goes up to 72 hours, what we can say is that there will be no healing before this period.”

What not to eat after wisdom teeth removal

there are several foods that should be completely avoided to speed recovery after the tooth extraction process. The time required in each person’s recovery process will vary. Some only need a few days, some reach a week in the recovery process. Therefore, you should avoid some of the food and beverages below until the gum and tooth conditions are completely restored.

Spicy and acidic foods

You might like to put some hot sauce on the foods you eat during the day, but after extracting a tooth, the best thing to do is to put the sauce aside and take it easy. If you’ve ever felt the burning of a pepper, you know that spicy foods can irritate your gums and mouth. And since external irritation is the last thing you want to feel while healing your mouth, it’s best to wait until the dentist says everything is fine before enjoying your favorite seasonings. Like spicy foods, acidic foods can irritate the mouth after tooth extraction and should also be avoided.

Food and drinks which are too cold or hot

Temperatures that are too extreme, be it too cold or hot, can make gums painful. Because, after dental surgery you will usually become more sensitive to food and drink with extreme temperatures.

So make sure your soup, porridge or tea isn’t too hot. Also pay attention so that your water is not as cold as ice.

Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks

Do you like beer or coffee? It’s best to avoid it until your teeth get better. Because, alcohol and caffeine content can hinder the recovery process. Both will also make you lose a lot of bodily fluids because they are diuretic. In fact, you need enough bodily fluids to heal faster.

Sour food and drink

Acidic foods and drinks will cause the area of tooth extractions to become painful. Therefore, once the tooth extraction process is complete, avoid foods and drinks such as oranges, vinegar, tomatoes, mangoes, and kimchi for some time. This is to maintain acid levels in the teeth thus preventing tooth decay.

Crispy foods

Biscuits, snacks, chestnuts or grains should be avoided in the first few days. As they are brittle, they can be difficult to chew without hurting the cut or without getting stuck in place.

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