Study motivation: 17 surefire tips For Every Students

Study motivation is difficult to achieve for a long time in a row. At times the routine of studying can become boring, tedious and demotivating. Even with a definite goal, like passing a contest, it’s hard to keep up. It is at these times that some tips on how to be motivated to study can make all the difference.

Why be motivated to study?

Let’s face it.

It’s much easier to watch a YouTube video, scroll through your Instagram feed, or reply to a friend on Whatsapp.

However, none of this will help you pass the test and, worse, are forms of procrastination that take a long time and make you lose your concentration.

When you realize the time you’ve wasted doing nothing, you have a growing sense of panic and demotivation, and you don’t know where you left off or where to start.

These are classic signs that you are losing interest in studies and that demotivation is taking place.

In this process, the next step is for you to stop surrendering at the hours dedicated to the study. There’s nothing worse for a concurser than studying and not being able to absorb the matter!

As this is a very important topic for those preparing for contests, we have created a guide with 17 tips on how to find the motivation to study.

Get ready to say goodbye to procrastination!

so how to find motivation ? here are some tips you can use

How to get motivation to study: 17 good practices to adopt on a daily basis

1. Find out why you procrastinate

Procrastination is a complex problem that can have several different causes. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • you have convinced yourself that the content is beyond your comprehension skills;
  • finds the topic, which he should dedicate himself to, boring;
  • he is waiting for the “perfect” moment to begin his readings and practices;
  • the task has become so big that you don’t know where to start.

Understanding why you procrastinate is the first step in understanding how to be motivated.

Spend time reflecting on what makes you procrastinate. This will allow you to identify which of the following tips will help you the most.

This self-analysis is also valuable for you to be able to identify that you are close to interrupting your task. Making this problem conscious will help you to rationalize it before you give in and stop studying.

2. Divide the material into smaller pieces

One of the main causes of procrastination is having a very large task ahead, for example, studying the entire content of Constitutional Law.

So, if you want to know how to stay motivated in study, our suggestion is to divide each content into small pieces. When you finish one piece you move on to the other.

In the process, as you finish the parts, the closer you are to completing the whole.

You can, for example, have the goal of analyzing 3 pages of the Constitution, completing 5 Logical Reasoning exercises, taking a test of past editions of competitions per week.

3. Write down the tasks you need to accomplish (make a to do list)

This exercise is very powerful and effective. When we have a big workload, we can feel overwhelmed, because our working memory, the one that allows us to reason, is flooded with information. We do not know where to turn.

Write down everything you need to do to free up your working memory. This will give you a clearer vision and easier thinking so you know how to approach tasks.

4. Reward yourself to get motivation to study

Okay, now you’ve already written on the sheet your long-term goal and your goals. The time has come to set your daily goals and reward. This will help you stay motivated at all time.

The brain likes rewards, so setting them now will be an important step to build the foundation of your motivation with studies. In addition, these rewards will help you build your study habit.

5. Create a study routine

To take advantage of 100% of this tip on how to get motivation to study you will need to learn how to set up a study schedule for the contest .

You don’t have to stick to the timeline methods that define the day time and what you will learn throughout the week. Competition experts suggest that you look for a method that is less boring.

Again, the study cycle is the best option for this problem.

6. Repeat your goal for yourself it will help to get motivation to study

Studying for a contest can be very difficult, but the reward for all the effort will come when you pass an exam.

Then, when discouragement arrives, look in the mirror and say out loud why you are doing this.

Remembering the reasons for so much effort helps in the long walk to success. After all, studying for a contest is about what you want for your future.

You can even write a list of the reasons why you are trying to get a job . Wake up and read every morning.

Want another good tip? Try to get a pay stub from a tender to keep in your drawer. Whenever you are discouraged, just look at his salary and remember how much you want to earn that hefty monthly.

7. Use a mind map to organize information

If you’re like most people, chances are you’ve learned to use lists to summarize information. A classic example is task lists.

It could appear natural to use lists to summarize the information you are learning.

However there are occasions when mind maps are more practical than lists as a method of organizing information.


As a result of mind maps mimic the way in which the mind works.

When you create a mind map , you are mapping how your brain has processed a particular topic.

This facilitates control over the matter. It will also make it easier to retrieve that information when you need it.

You may create a mind map utilizing pen and paper. However if you happen to want to do that in your phone, tablet or pc, you can use an application like MindMeister .

In addition to keeping motivation high, it is also an excellent way to memorize your studies .

8. Understand the topic, don’t just memorize

One of the keys to being motivated to study is to really feel that you have understood a concept of truth.

When you really understand a law, equation or article of law, your content absorption is greater and you feel more secure. Safety is all about motivation.

Understanding a topic is much more rewarding than memorizing it. So this approach is not only more effective, it will also keep you motivated.

9. Look for gaps in your understanding

Try to make a mini-presentation on a topic that you have had the most difficulty with a friend or relative. It can be interesting to call a colleague who is also studying, so he can ask you about the subject and you can memorize even better.

In doing so, you will deepen your knowledge.

You will also quickly notice if there are any gaps in your understanding of the topic.

As Albert Einstein once mention, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

10. Create small study blocks

Research shows that we learn best when studying in short blocks.

Many theories are formed behind this, one of which is that learning involves the creation of memories.

Memories are formed through connections between neurons. For these memories to be really incorporated, neurons must be left intact for a period of time.

That is why we learn best in short periods of study . This approach gives neurons time to “establish” these new memories.

Other research also points out that after 2h30 of studying, reading or working on the same topic, you stop assimilating the content with the same efficiency as at the beginning.

After a long time in the same content you tend to be more easily distracted.

That’s why the study cycle is so good. In the study cycle methodology you create blocks from 1h to 2h30. Over time, the completion of these blocks will become a challenge and you will create a personal competition to finish the content.
In short, in addition to motivation, the technique also helps in the productivity of the study.

11. Exercise regularly also help for study motivation

When you focus on studying for a major exam, it is common to ignore physical exercise.

But as much as possible, do 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

Regular train is important if you wish to study effectively and keep motivated. Cardio exercise, equivalent to swimming, running or walking, releases endorphins, a hormone that promotes well-being. As well as, these workout routines increase brain oxygenation, which lets you think and focus higher. Research also reveals that quick intervals of light exercise, instantly after the study, improve the recall of latest information. You can also do yoga it helps to keep your mind and body fresh.

12. Remember that it won’t last forever

Perhaps this is the main tip on how to get motivated to study hard for competition.

The task may seem like an endless marathon, but it will not be eternal.

Remember this, especially on days when you feel overwhelmed or unmotivated.

Telling yourself that “it won’t last forever” will allow you to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

13. Focus on the process, not the result

How to focus on studying ?

When you are studying, it is often difficult to see the fruit of your work, especially at the beginning.

That is why you must focus on the process, not the result.

Did you complete most of the tasks planned today? Congratulate yourself.

Did you meet your goals for the day Keep your focus.

Remember, these are habits that you are trying to form.

If you get the process right, the results will happen.

14. Find a study partner for study motivation

Another thing that will help you stay motivated to learn is having friends to study with. Study friends can be in the same gang, or even just one person. The point is, you have to be able to motivate each other if you are frustrated.

But be careful, guys. Don’t look for study partners who make you joke more and hang out than studying. To avoid this, you can make a deal. For example, focus on studying each for an hour and then take a half hour break. After that, you can discuss together to review certain topics for half an hour. Repeat this method each time discussing a different class or course schedule.

15. Get rid of distractions

This may seem obvious, but it is amazing how many concurseiros and students, in general, try to study with one eye on the book and the other eye on the social media feed.

It is almost as if they want to be distracted.

List all the common distractions you face when you are studying. Do your best to eliminate each one. For example, you could:

  • turn off your Internet access;
  • put your phone in airplane mode;
  • use a study app well ;
  • silence your group chats.

16. meditation for study motivation

It is said that meditation has many benefits such as positive thinking, increased happiness, and reduced stress. Meditation is also said to be effective in motivating you.

While cross-legging and breathing slowly through your nose, you should be aware of the flow of your breath and the movements of your abdomen and chest, and perform abdominal breathing. Don’t think about the past or future, feel the breathing “now.” Meditate positively, as studying can help you grow and brighten your life. By doing so, your study will be positive and motivated.

17. Friendly competition helps to get motivation for study

The last trick I offer you if you have trouble motivating yourself is friendly competition. If you have a great spirit of competition, the trick is to get into combat mode.

Compete with one or more comrades, betting on the first one who finishes, or on the one who will get the best score. A super effective hack, which turns a “tedious job” into fun games. Money is not the only issue, it’s up to you to be creative.

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Reasons for not having motivation to study

I have to study. Or why you want to study and grow yourself, but why you don’t feel motivated ?

Let’s see why you are not motivated.

1. environment

Motivation for studying is greatly influenced by the environment in which you are studying.

In an environment where you don’t need to study, such as a TV, computer, or mobile phone, even if you start motivated to start studying, even if you start studying, you can watch TV programs that you are currently doing, such as LINE and Twitter from friends. I can’t be distracted and focused on social media. In addition, it may seem surprising, but it seems that it is easier to work on what is in front of you even if you do not intend to study, even if it is a study-related material or book, so that you can continue to concentrate. This is the same whether you are a working adult or a student.

2. fatigue

When you are tired, you cannot be motivated. No matter how hard you try, it won’t last long. Not just for studying, but for everything.If you’re tired of club activities or work, you may need to get rid of that fatigue before you start.

3. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is your motivating enemy. No matter how motivated you are to study, due to lack of sleep will not be motivated. It also increases the risk of getting sick and accidents. I think that if you take a good sleep and work with a bright head, you will be able to concentrate on your motivation.

4. Too much for perfection

Don’t seek perfection in your studies. Seeking perfection is inefficient, time consuming, and difficult. I am trying to cover everything and I am addicted to the spiral that I can not see goals and study forever. The same applies to notebooks and word books. Too much for perfection in making perfect notes and decks, the goal is to make perfection. If that happens, it will take time and the results of your study will not improve. It’s no surprise then that you don’t get motivated.

5. I can’t see my future goals after studying

If you don’t have a clear idea of ​​what you are studying for and the goals you are studying for, you will not be motivated. In particular, junior high school and high school students, in addition to motivation, often learn without knowing how this will be useful in the future. What are you studying for, what do you want to do with this study, what do you want to do… The same can be said for working people, but if you do not see your goals to some extent, you will not be motivated.

6. I don’t know how to study

I have no motivation to study” if you are saying this to yourself you should stop. It effect you mentally and reduce will power to focus on learning.

In the first place, there is no motivation for people who do not know how to study.

I have to concentrate. I want to learn that subject. However, if you don’t know how to do that, you can’t achieve it, so you don’t feel motivated.

App that helps you to get motivation for study and improve your concentration

Here are some useful apps that will help you motivate and concentrate on your studies. By making good use of it, your motivation will increase and your study will be supported.

Here are some apps that you should know EvernoteiStudiez Pro Legend ,Quizlet Go, Todoist, My study life, and SimpleMind etc.

study motivation images

study motivation
study motivation
study motivation

study motivation quotes

“Let’s live as if you die tomorrow. Learn to live forever. ” – Gandhi

“Failure kills more dreams than ever before”

“The limits are in the heart.”

“The secret to staying ahead has begun.”

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

“Aiming for perfection, not progress”.

“Ambitionless intelligence is a wingless bird”.

“It doesn’t grow when things are easy. It grows when it faces challenges.”

“No pressure, no diamonds”.

“Dreams don’t work unless they work.”

“Why fits when born prominently?”

“It’s so good that they can’t ignore it.”

“My eyes are in front. I’m focused. Heart Lady Game On, World.”


The main tips on how to be motivated :

  • organize your time and work
  • know how to use your mind effectively.

As you have seen, the tips we suggest here are not difficult to put into practice, on the contrary, they have enormous potential to make you a successful student who does not procrastinate.

However, don’t expect to be motivated all the time.

Oddly, one of the best ways to deal with lack of motivation is to stop expecting yourself to be motivated all the time.

The fact is that no one feels motivated every day . Therefore, this is not covered.

Sometimes the motivation just won’t be there. Be realistic.

That’s why you need a study plan that will organize your routine and, at the same time, allow you to be more productive and efficient.

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