U.S. Air Force to commercialize “flying taxi” by 2023 flight in Texas

flying taxi

In August 2020, the US Air Force unveiled in Texas for the first time a demonstration of an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) named “Hexa.” Hexa is a one-seater electric vehicle and cannot operate. The private sector is also developing an eVOTL called a “flying taxi.” Some people may find the term “flying taxi” uncomfortable, but it is also called “Flying Taxi” or “Flying car” in English, and is operated as a single-seater. Is unnecessary and will carry you to your destination. Hexa of the US Air Force also has a tablet and a joystick, and you can fly by operating the screen.

flying taxi

Hexa of the US Air Force was developed by Texas-based LIFT Aircraft. “We thought flying cars were just a story in Hollywood movies, but they’re becoming more realistic,” says U.S. Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett. It will be like this.” In the future, we will repeat test flights to reduce technical risks and aim for practical use in 2023.

 Hexa is for mobile use and does not seem to carry missiles to attack. It’s not clear how Hexa will be used on the battlefield. Only one by one can ride, but will it be used to transport injured soldiers on the battlefield? Small unmanned drones are better suited for reconnaissance of enemy territories from the sky and intelligence activities.

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 The video shows Hexa is quite large and makes a lot of noise in the flight, so it is conspicuous to fly over the enemy land. Also, since there is no door in this demonstration, if a person is on board and is attacked by the enemy from the ground or from the sky, the person on board the Hexa is likely to be killed immediately. It will be efficient and convenient because it can be speeded up and shortened in time to use it for moving above the battlefield, but how will it be used above the battlefield?

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