Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom reveled Daughter Name

The long-awaited girl is born between singer Katy Perry and fiancee and actor Orlando Bloom! The name of the girl was also announced.

Katy Perry gives birth to a girl!

Between singer Katy Perry and her fiance, Orlando Bloom, a first-born girl was born between them.

Katy Perry

Katie and Orlando have launched a page on UNICEF‘s site on August 26th to support pregnant women and newborns living in areas where medical care is not established due to the new coronavirus , “Daisy Dove Together with the name “Daisy Dove Bloom,” he reported the birth of a girl. By the way, although the relationship with the girl’s name has not been clarified, Katie’s new “Smile” includes a single called “Daisies”.

Below is a complete translation of Katie and Orlando’s statement from the Front Row editorial department.

“I am filled with love and mystery that our daughter was born healthy and healthy.

However, we understand that we are fortunate, and that not everybody can give birth as peacefully as we do. In many communities around the world, there is still a shortage of health care workers, one in 11 seconds dying a pregnant woman or a newborn due to what could have been prevented. Due to the lack of water, soap, vaccines, and medicines that can prevent disease because of COVID-19, many newborns are at risk of life. As a newborn parent, my chest hurts and I feel more than ever before to my parents who are having a hard time.

As UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, we know UNICEF is nearby. They do everything in the field to ensure that every pregnant woman has access to skilled health care workers and quality medical care. To celebrate what our daughter might already have, we’ve launched a fundraising page to celebrate the birth of DDB (Daisy Dove Bloom). By helping UNICEF, you too can help start your (newborn) safe life and think again about a healthy world for all children. I hope that your kindness will bring flowers to your heart.

Thank you.
Katie, Orlando”


Katie, who had surprised her pregnancy on the MV of the single “Never Worn White” released in March this year, will be recorded as a bonus track on the Japanese edition and some overseas deluxe editions. The release of the new “Smile” is due tomorrow on August 28th, and it was a good news to make the fans smile, fitting the title of the album. 

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