Jeff Bezos achieves over $200 billion in assets in the world

Jeff Bezos

The world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, has made a fortune again. Forbes has been tracking the wealth of the world’s millionaires for nearly 40 years, but Bezos has reached a milestone on August 26 that no one could have achieved before.

Amazon‘s stock price rose by 2% on the afternoon of the 26th, and Bezos’s assets increased by $4.9 billion. Now 56, he is the first wealthy man in the world with over $200 billion in assets. According to Forbes’ estimate, Amazon’s founder and CEO Bezos had assets of 204.6 billion dollars (21.660 billion yen) as of 13:50 ET on the 26th, making it the second richest man in the world.

Bill Gates Nearly $90 billion more than its $116.1 billion in assets. Bezos holds the largest wealth ever, even taking inflation into account. Bill Gates achieved over $100 billion in assets in 1999, when the dot-com bubble was at its peak, and became the world’s first Senti billionaire (a person with more than $100 billion in assets). The dollar is worth about $158 billion today. Amazon’s stock price has risen by nearly 80% year-on-year, backed by changes in the consumption style of the new coronavirus after the pandemic, and Bezos’s assets that were $ 115 billion as of January 1 explosively increased Became.

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Bezos owns approximately 11% of the issued shares of Amazon, with more than 90% of his assets held in Amazon shares. Jeff Bezos also operates the Washington Post and space development company Blue Origin, and has invested in other private companies. Bezos had the most expensive divorce arbitration process in history last year, which would have otherwise added to its wealth. When he divorced his ex-wife Mackenzie Scott last July, he transferred 25% of his Amazon stake, worth $63 billion in current share price.

Scott has donated $1.7 billion to charity earlier this year and is still the 14th most wealthy man in the world and the second largest in the world of female millionaires. Francoise Bettancourt Mayer, the grandson of L’Oréal‘s founder, is the only woman who has more wealth than her .

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