How to do a backflip 5 simple Ways to learn it faster

How to do a backflip – Backflip is considered a basic skill in gymnastics because it is a movement that requires a lot of special skills to be able to do it. Backflip is not an easy step to learn, if you want to know how to do backflip jump, you can read the tricks in this article.

how to do a backflip for beginners

Once you are able to perform these backflip jumps then you have reached one of the important milestones on your way to becoming a high-level gymnast. Yes, considering this backflip jump not everyone is easy to do. Want to know what the trick of doing backflips is? Find out the answer below.

How to do a backflip easy 5 Steps

Here’s how to do a backflip jump, in 5 easy steps. But first, make sure you feel that you are ready to learn backflip. Why is that? Because it is not a skill to try.

2. Learn How To Set Up

The backflip jump is called a “set” or “lift.” In order to successfully complete the return, you must learn how to set it up properly. To learn how to adjust this you can try the following exercises:

a)  Begin to stand with your back to the mat or spotter and your arms over your ears.

b)  Then, swing your arms down and behind you, bending your knees.

c)  Finally swing your arms up and try to jump as high as possible.

Keep your head neutral and not turning your head. Try to look straight ahead. Your jump should be up and back a little, onto the mat or trampoline. Your arms also need to stay straight.

3. How to do a backflip on a trampoline

If your gym has a trampoline, this is usually the best place to try backflip jumping. The trampoline will give you the height you need so you can concentrate on the technique or how to do a full backflp jump.

Using a spotting belt is also an easy way to start the training. Try to have your friend or trainer help pull you up into the air and get you high enough until you finish the flip.

However, there are also some trainers who prefer to do hand exercises over spotting belts. With this trampoline, it will be easy for you to work out the backflip jumps as high as possible.

In addition to practicing with spotting belts, try practicing backflips with arm techniques. Gymnastics trainers prefer to teach their students to use their knees during the backflip movement. When using your knees for training you should keep your arms up or down with your feet without reaching for anything.

Once you start flipping, take a look at the trampoline. When you can see the trampoline, then it’s time to start thinking about your landing. Try landing with your knees bent slightly and your hips tucked under you.

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4. How to do a backflip on ground

After you have successfully completed it on the trampoline, then try to move to practice jumping on the floor. You should be able to feel comfortable jumping on the floor even if you are not used to it and it can hurt especially if you are just starting out. However you must have the ability to complete the backflip jump. Remember to follow the correct technique, and you will be able to learn its skills much faster.

5. Perform Routine Backflip Jumps

The way to do the last backflip jump is that you have to start doing the this movement regularly. To be skilled at doing backflip jumps, you have to go through a gradual process and it’s not easy.

Many gymnasts find it helpful to try backflip jumps on a pedestal if a trampoline is not available. However, you better do this movement in a place that is smooth and can bounce. The bouncing base gives you extra height for bakflip hops. You’ll also want to train on a soft base for landing, right?

It is a difficult skill, and can take a long time to master. But don’t give up! Once you get the hang of it, this move will become an interesting thing for a professional gymnast to have.

Well, you need to do the methods above carefully and safely. Gymnastics is a very risky sport and you must be sure to take the necessary precautions. You can prepare several drugs and the right dressings. Doing backflip training comes with risks and you are on your own.

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